Okay all you lurkers!!

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  • Time to come out!

    I post on and off... I'm more of a lurker than a poster, and I want to make an effort to start posting more.

    So, any other lurkers out there ready to start contributing more with me?
  • I lurk more than I post, too. And whenever I feel my motivation slipping, I come back and lurk some more.
  • *remains in the shadows*

    *rustles behind the garbage*
  • i post some, but i lurk way more often
  • I read more than I post too
  • Hey! Just post, Chickies. You'll be adding to the great support on this site.
  • how do you lurkers do it?
    i have to restrain myself from commenting on everything!
  • Eeek - get out of my brain, lovelypurple!

    Seriously. I've been back for about two weeks, mostly lurking while I'm getting back on track. But you're right, it's time to be more active again. If I learned anything in the past year (apart from the many practical and eye-opening advice I got here) it's I need to be here. At 3FC. This is my number one support and it's time to make full use of it again and try to give something back in the process.
  • How are we supposed to get to know you and help, if we don't even know you're there?!?

  • ....crawling out of the shadows...

    I've been lurking awhile, yesterday I made my first post on the featherweights board. I receive so much inspiration from the chicks here that I figured I had to try to add my voice to support others too!
  • I do read more than I post. I have been posting more lately though. I just feel everyone has so much better advice than me. Oh well I'll get over it.
  • Look at how much weight we've all lost! There's no reason why we shouldn't post. We obviously know how to do this, so we should be there to offer advice to those who are just learning.

    Lets challenge ourselves to post at least 5 times every time we log in. The games in the General Chat don't count, either!
  • Ok, Melissa. I accept your challenge. 5 posts every time we log in. Let's go....
  • You can post little victories, great food and exercise ideas, a pat on the back for someone who is doing well, a little sympathy for someone who isn't , questions, tips ... The possibilities are endless. Like the threadkiller thread.

  • hahaha i saw this thread and though "i'm the opposite! i'm brand new and you can't shut me up!" :P