need some ideas and tips.. HELP!!!!!

  • I am looking for some help and tips. I weigh 230 right now and am trying to bet to at least 200 by August. Does that seem like a dream or what, there's mo way I will ever make it. Can you help me??? I feel unhealthy and VERY unhappy. I would like to make sure that my 5 children have a mother around when they have their own families. I have tried various kinds of diets and exercise, with no results. HELP!!!!!
  • Since you ask ...
    Motherof5: Hello! When I see a phrase such as "there's no way I will ever make it," I am reminded of how I often feel about lots of things. I wish you would come and post on the "Positives Only Daily Affirmation Thread" some of us have recently come up with and on any of 3FC's great support threads where you can be cheered up and cheered on in your weight loss journey!

    OF COURSE YOU CAN LOSE 30 POUNDS!! Oops, sorry, shouting!

    Truly, I have no idea if you can lose that amount in three months but it sounds pretty doable to me. If you consistently apply whatever eating program you are on (no starving, please), talk to your doctor or nutritionist to be sure you're on the health track, have a cheat day every now and then, take a daily walk (make the kids go with you, that'll keep you moving!), post daily on 3FC (it's a very friendly site), keep a positive attitude (hard, I know), drink lots of water and NEVER GIVE UP, you should be at least in shouting distance of your August goal.

    I think life is not a dream but a reality we have to deal with each day we are alive and life at an uncomfortable weight is no fun (I know from personal experience). So I wish you the best and know you can succeed if you believe that you can.

    Why not?
  • I'm new & want to join the 4 wk loss!!!
    :^: Hi Gen, I've read all you guys posts and I would very much like to join in on this 4wk loss. I'm new and in need of some much needed support. I happen upon this thread and thought wow, this is exactly what I need to get me back on track with my weight loss.

    Anyway, I started my weight lostt back in Jan, 2002. My beginning weight was at 261 lbs. and today I'm at 236lbs. I'm must say, I'm very happy with my loss so far. I haven't really been on any special diet plan, I just cut back (a little) and started walked 30-45 min. daily on my treadmill. So far so good, but for the last 2 or 3 weeks, I'v slacked off tramendously.

    Now even though I've been slacking a lot, to my surprise I have not really gained back any of my weight. I think because I was walking every day 30 min in the a.m. before I go to work and 30-45 min every evening when I came home from work for 2 months straight. I really did build a lot of muscle in my legs, thighs and arms (from using my hand weights while walking the treadmill).

    Anyway, I'm ready to start back on my weight loss journey and fill your program is just what I need for my newest motivation. I'm just have a few questions. Are you beginning a new 4 wk plan or just continuing on every week. I like to start this week on Monday 5/13, but not sure if I'm coming in to a new month or later part of this month. Please let me know in a new post from you Gen.

    If I can start now, my goal weight for 1 month would be 10 lbs. My current weight is 237 lbs.

  • Just wanted to jump in and repeat... YOU CAN DO IT !!!!
    Our bad eating patterns can be changed into good habits.
    Think positive and act accordingly.
    It will not always be an easy road.... but follow the rules of the road and you will be at your destination in no time.
    Good luck !!!
  • Motherof 5
    I don't know if you can loose that much by August, but you have to start somewhere. What ever you loose by then has got to be a plus. Take it one step at a time. Start by making a lifestyle change in the way you eat. Eat healthier, lowfat, serving sizes, watch the carbs also, eat lots of veggies. Exercise 3-5 days a week.

    I watch a cooking show called cooking thin, it's on foodnetwork, the hosts has lost about 76lbs herself and teaches a lifestyle change as well. She teaches baby steps. This way you can keep it off.

    Good luck and God bless