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2cute2Bfat 05-11-2002 02:11 AM

300+ and Ready To Try Again...#168

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins / Wacky/ Way to go
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.


2cute2Bfat 05-11-2002 03:15 AM

Howdy, howdy, howdy....
Good day friends.
I should be in bed asleep. We are leaving early in the morning for the graduation... but I fell asleep on the couch earlier this evening and slept an hour... so I am wide awake now. :rolleyes:

Do any of you have this site in your love notes or favorites?
If you do... and we start a new thread like this one...
You can open the old thread.. then hit this site again thru your love notes... and have the new thread up at the same time.
That way you can respond and have the old thread in front of you while you write in the new one.
Did any of thatt make any sense. :?: LOL
As Roseanne on Saturday Night Live used to say....
..."Never mind" :lol:

Kat... You are soooo funny. :lol:
I suffer from your same illness... it's not easy being me either. LOL
I can analysis a thing to death. LOL I drive my husband bonkers.
I still have not decided on the candles over my new bed because there are so many options to do them as. Solids, floral, mixed, tall, short, mixed, .... the list goes on and on. :dizzy:

Also.. I am so happy "we" talked you into going to the gym. ;)
Now will you talk me into doing some sort of weight lifting or something. I am soooo proud of you.

Did I hear you say something about an echo echo echooo ??? LOL

Arielle... Welcome Welcome welcome. I think I hear that echo too. LOL
Yes my oldest daughter and I VERY close. My younger daughter is "in love" so I don't rank as high with her. LOL We get along pretty good... but also have some stressful times too.
I have been blessed with 3 GREAT kids. My son and his dad are very very close too. We are a pretty tight family. :love:

I don't know who exactly to address this next section to. ???
I know Kat and I think Malia. Maybe even Michelle.... BUT ...
You all are SICK !!!! LOL
I watched "Sponge Bob" to see what I was missing.....
You all need to get out more.!!!!!! :lol:
Now that I have said that.. I will continue. LOL

Syn...It is always soooo good to hear from you. We all wish you would post more often. There is no need for you to go through all of this alone when we are ALL missing you so much.
I LOVE my time alone... but I also NEED this bonding time here.

Mis Meliss...What did you change your major from and to??
My daughter has several of her friends that did the same thing and will be back next year. She is going to be a TA (teachers assistant) so she will be helping a couple of her friends next year.

Michelle... did you have fun playing outside with your son??
It has been much later now... so come back and post some more.

Luckylady.... LOL ...would you like to know more about my body?? LOL I just colored my hair. It wants to be grey.... but I refuse to be grey this young. Time will come soon enough that I won't be able to color my hair by myself and I will be stuck with it... but until then.... LOL. The last time I colored my hair... I accidentally squirted the solution on my bathroom door. :eek: I couldn't figure out who made such a mess. LOL. Then I realized... it was me. :o I am sure glad I did not accuse anyone else. I would have had to eatten my own words. LOL

mary... It sounded like you don't have a manager at your library either... or did I misunderstand?? I would not want to drive 30 miles everyday either.

Tina, theresa, susie, baylee, thin, malia, and everyone else missing... come out , come out , wherever you are.

prism 05-11-2002 06:20 AM

Hi everyone--T.G.I.F. & Happy Mother's Day,

Welcome Arielle. Love having you join us. As for sushi, we dip it wasabe (like hot mustard) & soy sauce. So the taste is disguised. I like the seafood salad and california roll (seafood & avocado), I drink miso soup or somen noodles as a filler upper. But as you guessed I'm severly bloated today. Argh. I had to drink gallons of water.

Syn, I was sooo happy to hear from you. We're here for you to listen, laugh, or cry. I've been running in place, but haven't regressed, not really. Still thinking of the "goal".

"What saves us is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but we have to take it."--Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Mary, it took awhile but I think I caught on to the flexibility feat of yours. As for 2cute's comment about being naturally blonde. I don't have a clue. too much spongebob--3rd grade reading level.

2cute, congratulations! You have a bright girl there. Lots of celebration this weekend. Thanks for reminding about the "dye job". I color my hair a light brown and it comes out a medium reddish brown. My roots are a mix of gray and dark brown. Time for a touch up. :^:

Lucky, hope you feel better soon. Do you have allergies? Because I'm allergic to many things, one of them is dust. With every storm system or shift in wind direction. I'm sneezing out of control. I hope yours is a post nasal drip thing.

Kat, guess what? I put up a royal blue spongebob & patrick jellyfishing shower curtain. Awesome. Did you see the hooking episode? Patrick and bob go to the "carnival" and ride the hooks up to the surface. It's one of my favorites.

Mel, your comments about the airplane seats cracked me up. My worry is the gondola ride in Venice. I'm afraid I'll sink the ship or lose my balance or something. I hope to lose weight by then, but I'm not consistent about anything.

Michelle, you're not alone, I'm barely on plan too. I got home from work today and wore my fitted peasant style dress. took pictures of myself in the yard. I feel like I lost weight, but I'm huge. It was very disappointing to see the true reality. 20lbs is about 20% of my excess weight. I'm going to pin up the picture to remind me of my weird self-conception.

I didn't do very well this week. We got a surprise cash audit today. Thank God my cash came out perfectly. Whew! What a way to start the weekend--with stress.

Enjoy your weekend,

MichelleK 05-11-2002 06:48 AM

OK so later ended up being the next morning! That little boy wears me out! I was so tired last night I was in bed by 8:30 and fell right to sleep!!

Malia...I know what you mean about not really seeing the loss. I lost 97 lbs and I NEVER saw it. I knew it was gone because my clothes were smaller but in the mirror or pictures I was still FAT! That is one aspect of weightloss that I have to work on! The image!!

I won't have time to respond to you all right now...but I want to say KAT weigh to go on going to the gym! I wish I had your motivation!

I have to get this house picked up and clean the bathroom then get me and Andrew dressed and take him to gymboree....its the least I could do since I forgot to take him last saturday for the second time! We made the class up on wednesday but he knows the kids now in the saturday class.


Grannie39074 05-11-2002 08:06 AM

I'm running have to work today then I have a meeting this afternoon. Busy Busy Busy:dizzy:

No we don't have a manager at our library. But I can't apply for it it requires a 4 year degree. They need to just leave things like they are with us splitting up the duties between us we all work well together. I don't know how a new person will affect us. well I'm out of here. Later

katrinabgood 05-11-2002 10:20 AM

Good Morning!
Another beautiful, sunny, cool day...I LOVE this weather...it doesn't usually last too long before we ZOOM right into summer and those hazy, hot and humid days...:p Thank God for air conditioning...

I am devoting today to planting. My mother's day gift will be a couple flats of flowers and a day in the dirt. Tomorrow will be raining...:cry: so today is just for me...well, after a few errands this morning and the pick up and drop off of my nephews...by noon, I expect to be up to my elbows in dirt! I was going to go to the gym or to Curves this AM, but I figured I'll be getting plenty of exercise in my yard.

I'm on one of those "up swings" in my dieting cycle...food and water great, exercise consistent, attitude sky high...now, if I can make these "high times" last longer than the "low times," I'll be set! At least, my recovery from the low times is much shorter than in the past...I can nip a bad day in the bud and start anew mid-day...in the past, I'd wait til tomorrow or Monday or til the next phase of the moon...whichever came last...I am improving! :lol:

Malia, fellow spongebob devotee...don't listen to 2cute, she just doesn't "get" him! ;) :lol: As for your shower curtain...WOW! What a great way to shower! I'd be chuckling through the whole thing! I love the "hooking" episode...seen that one a few times...actually I think we've seen 'em ALL a few times by now...

2cute, have a wonderful time at the graduation, you must be so proud...bring lots of tissues! I DID understand about posting in one window while reading the other...found that out the hard way after losing TOO MANY long posts by going back and forth...

Michelle, glad you're back...I hear ya on the whole body image thing...mine is very distorted...I have to learn to rely on how I feel, how loose my underwear are...and they are a bit looser! A good thing.

Uh oh...I'm being summoned...I guess I'd better go...don't mean to snub anyone...I'll catch you all later...

Arielle 05-11-2002 11:14 AM

It's yukky here today. All dreary and overcast and rainy. To heck with it. I'm not doing anything today. But I may be on here a lot. I can already feel the urge to you know what.
I couldn't sleep again. I stumbled going up a movable stairs last night and I think I injured my sciatic nerve again, because it feels exactly like it did when I injured it before. It woke me up before 4:30 this morning. Hurts like a son-of-a-gun in the cheek of my butt and down my leg. It hurts like crazy to walk and even worse to sit. I laid down for about an hour and it let up some, but as soon as I bend my knee it hurts in my behind and hip.
I'll take ibuprofen over the weekend and if it's not better by Monday, I'll go to the Dr.

Mary, it's no wonder you lose weight. You are on the go all the time. Smart lady, you!

Kat, I hope your 'upswing' rubs off on me. Actually, I've done really good this week. I would like to be out there planting too, but, I now have the rain and storms that you'll be getting tomorrow.

Michele, be sure to come back. I'll probably be on here, ...if I can sit in this chair long enough. Keep at it,....

Malia, I suppose that about now you're picking up cans and papers along a highway. I hope you're having better weather than I am.

Theresa, are you ok? Drop by and say hi so we know you're ok.

Thin, where are you? Come on and play.

2cute, today is your big day,:D
And your daughters' too, of course. You should all be proud, and I'm sure you are. Celebrate, but be healthy. Congratulations to you all. She wouldn't be such a good person without the right ingredients to make her.
I didn't understand the windows thing,....I don't think. But, I'll go back and study it.:?:

OK Tina, you just get yourself on here and tell us what you've been up to. Inquiring minds want to know.:lol:

Susie and Duckie, where are you guys too? Hope you're doing ok. I'm curious as to how you did, Susie, on your weigh in. It doesn't matter if you lost or not, just wondering how close you are now.

Lucky, are you feeling better?
Did you get your snow? Or did it come as rain?
My dafodils are open and so are my white lilacs and the purple ones are just starting to open. My rhododendrons are open too. Beautiful, hot pink.

I'll see you all later. I have to go lay down & get off this hip.:love: to all. Arielle, :wave: :wave:

katrinabgood 05-11-2002 08:42 PM

Like a bad penny...
I just keep turning up! I have some nerve sitting here at the computer...I still have dirt under my nails...actually, I'm on my way into the shower, just thought I'd stop and see if anyone is around.............................
helloooooooo out there
.......hello... hello... hello ...................
oh well, I guess not!

I've had a great day, keeping busy, cutting the grass, planting, watering, avoiding the chatty neighbor (unsuccessfully, I might add) but most of all...staying out of the kitchen!

Well, I'm off to the shower...my son and I are going to watch "Liar Liar" with Jim Carrey...so funny! Have a great night and a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mothers out there... and to those of you who have mothers!

so that's everyone, I guess!


LuckyLadyBug 05-11-2002 09:12 PM

I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Sponge Bob yet.

I don’t know if I should tell you this, 2Cute or not, but you do sound like an accident waiting to happen!!:lol: One thing after the other....So, you shouldn't drive, cook or color your hair!!!! What else?

Malia, no I don’t have any allergies. It’s just a virus of some sort. Drinking Nyquil all afternoon hoping it will clear up for tomorrow…we MIGHT get some sun.

It has been cold, rain all day here. We went to Syetten de Mai and ran in the rain from event to event. One of my nieces and one nephew played in basketball games so we watched and cheered for them otherwise the day has been laying on the couch.

I have to find some motivation to diet and exercise. I wonder where it is?

Grannie39074 05-11-2002 09:40 PM

Here I am

where is everyone else. Work went good today not real busy. genealogy meeting went well too. We had leftover grilled chicken and rice-a-roni (DH loves it). I had a bk veggie for lunch. news is short think I'm going to bed DH is watching boxing and I simply hate it.:?:

SusieH 05-12-2002 05:53 AM

Happy Mothers Day!

Well, yesterday was weigh-in and I stayed the same. I was really bummed, as I thought for sure that I had at least lost 1 pound. The only thing I could think of was the fact that my hands were swollen, so I may have been retaining water. I don't know but at least it wasn't a gain.

Yesterday was also pig out day. I was crazy. I just ate and ate and ate. Today should be better, but we are going out for a Mother's Day Brunch, so we will see.

I plan to journal again this week, just to see if I can find my main problem. Other than the fact that I like to eat. Nights have become a problem again for me so I think I need to change my routines a bit. Maybe we need to start our after dinner walks again.

The rest of this month is going to be extremely stressful (even more so than usual), so I am hoping that I can cope. I just need to do the best that I can each day, knowing that I am definitely not perfect, but if I try, I can succeed.

With that being said, time to go on the exercise bike.

Grannie39074 05-12-2002 09:05 AM


I called my Mother yesterday and told her I was not coming today but I would come later. ILove her but it's my Mothers day also.
I am going to church and DH is cooking for me.

Have a good day I'll be back later

katrinabgood 05-12-2002 10:33 AM

Good Morning...

Well, it's raining here...but a nice soft rain...I'm going to post and then go curl up on the couch for a bit of a read on the Sunday paper...My family woke me with the smells of breakfast...coffee, french toast and sausage...:T They gave me some very sweet cards, and then we all (the 4 of us, PLUS the dog!) snuggled in my bed, watching "Looney Tunes." My kind of Mothers Day!

Here are my "Top Ten Reasons to Stay Home for Mothers Day."

10. No shower required.
9. Don't have to fuss with the hair.
8. Bra optional.
7. No lines.
6. No "NO shoes, NO shirt NO service" signs anywhere.
5. Pets allowed.
4. No tipping.
3. No screaming kids at the next table.
2. The cook doesn't mind if you kiss and fondle him.

And the #1 reason is........................


:D :devil: :smug: :dizzy: :s: :rolleyes: :smoking:

Have a wonderful day, all!

MichelleK 05-12-2002 10:48 AM


Kat I love your top 10! You sound like you had a nice morning!!

This will be quick because we are going to go look at a Little Tykes Log Cabin for my son for outside. My neighbor's friend has one she is going to sell for $50. They cost $299.99 in the stores so $50 is right up my alley!

I have made a big decision here....I decided to stop WW for the time being with all the cookouts, weddings, vacations we have coming up. I would only get discouraged at weigh in and quit and eat myself into oblivion. BUT>>>>>>I am going to still follow the program at home and weigh myself each week. I dont' want to gain any and if I lose some then more power to me! Then afterwards, I will rejoin WW again. I am going to need you all to keep me out of the kitchen so you all better come out here and post and keep me company!

I will be back again TODAY to check in with you all.

TTFN Michelle

Arielle 05-12-2002 11:00 AM

Good morning all,
I hope ypu're all having a wonderful day today.
One of my sons called last night, and they are arriving today some time to make dinner for me because I don't want to go out in public to eat . Can't fit in the chairs and bench seats a lot of the time because my stomach gets in the way. ICK!
Anyway, I wanted to watch the kids if he wants to take his wife out for dinner, but he says no, so who knows what they're up to.

My hinder isn't much better. But, I'm sure you didn't want that much information.:D

Susie, that's good that you stayed the same instead of gaining. Although, I'm sure you wouls rather have seen at least a 1-pound loss, but what the hey! there's always next week.

Kat, it sounds like you already have had a nice day, and it's not even a third of the way done yet. I love your top ten reasons to stay home.

Mary, what's the Mister making for your dinner? Lucky you. I'm sure your mother understands.

Lucky, if you find some motivation, package some of it up and send some to me.

Well, one of my sons just called and they are on their way to my house too. I guess I better get spiffed up just a bit. See you all later! Have a great, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Baylee

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