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Default Does your SO know your actual weight?!

Just wondering if I am the only one that hasn't told my DH my actual weight. I carry my weight well and look like I weigh less than I do. My DH thinks I weigh somewhere around 160-170 and I let him think it lol. Of course when I reach goal I will be telling everyone my weight!
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Yeah, my fiance and I diet together and sadly gain weight together as well, so I'm pretty honest with him about my actual weight. I'm not totally sure what it is at the moment, it's been a rough year, but I'm here and I'm hoping to get back on track.
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Nooo way. At my highest I weighed more than him. I never told him. Thought those kinda things were better of unsaid!! ;]
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Mine does but I'd rather he didn't, he's 4 inches TALLER than me and weighs a good 7lbs less ... I might be old fashioned but I want to weigh less than my much taller male partner.
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no, not yet. I have promised that when I reach my goal weight I will tell him how much I weigh. He knows how much I have lost, so he can figure out what my highest was if he wants to!
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My dh teases me by trying to "guess" but I won't tell. His numbers are always much lower, but I know he is just trying to be nice!
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Yep. Wify knows my weight, she is a very important part of why I am able to continue to lose weight.

165 pounds down in 2008 and I will hit ,my goal in 2009!

As Ever
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Absolutely! It doesn't bother me to tell him. I know his weight (which is a good 30 pounds lower than mine) and he knows mine- he's always in the room when I weigh in!
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Now that I have lost about 9lbs, I did tell him my highest weight yesterday. (around the first if Dec I weighed 200lbs)He had a very minimal reaction, I know he would have never guess it. He is 3 inches taller than me and weighs about 15-20lbs less than I do. I felt he need to know the importance of why I was losing weight.
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Not so much! It will be easier to admit it when I weight a few pounds less...although latley he has been calling himself a "chubby chaser" so maybe he does know!! lol
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Yup he knows. He went to every prenatal appt with me through both pregnancies, kinda hard to hide. I try to not let it bother me, he weighs much less than I do though (he's 5'10'' 120lbs). I don't think I'll ever weight less than him, but personally I feel that he is underweight.

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All Angie has to do to see how much I weigh is to look at the journal I keep, next to the scale, where I weigh myself every morning.

She has never asked how much I weigh. When I hit "milestones" on my journey down from 201 I would tell her but other than that it only comes up when I mention it.
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Yes, and I know his.
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For years I didn't know my weight, let alone my DH. Once I started this journey, I told him. That way he could help celebrate my milestones with me. He has been such a blessing on this journey - It would have been much harder without his help!

Weight is just a number. It doesn't define who we are. It is what it is and just like every other aspect of my life, sharing that info with my DH is a natural part of our relationship.

LOL - now EVERYONE in the family knows my weight. We got a wii fit for Christmas. So every time I do my body test, my BMI and weight flash on a giant screen in my living room (we use a data projector for a TV).

Honestly, though it was hard to admit to folk I weighed 215 lbs, I'm glad I have been open and honest about it. Otherwise, I could never publicly celebrate losing 90+ lbs. I tell anyone who asks what my starting weight was. If I can help anyone else on their journey - it is worth it.
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I scream in joy every time i reach a mini goal so im sure he knows what my weight is
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