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Default to be or not to be ~ Shakespeare & the treadmill


I came home today just SPENT (my job's physically demanding & I'm on my feet all day). I got part of my breakfast & lunch ready for tmr at work (I eat my 2 meals there) as in frozen veggies and a salmon patty for lunch.

I couldn't cook an egg-white omelet for tmr's breakfast as I finished up storing the frozen veggies for breakfast/lunch tmr since the kitchen was busy with other family members then.

So, since I didn't have a choice, I went and napped for close to an hr and still felt "night of the living dead" when I woke up. (As in "no way am I rising from slumber for the rest of tonight! )

I thought, there's no friggin' way I can walk on the treadmill & cook my omelet for tmr and not drop before evening chores are done before bedtime.

My simple idea to motivate myself to get onto the dang treadmill? (*I started going on the treadmill 2 days ago when ice/snow weather conditions forced me to stop walking several miles outside after work). I simply told myself, well instead of a level 5 incline, go to a level 4 incline. MPH? Go down from 3.6 to 3.4 mph. Because if that was the only way I'd exercise tonight at a lower level, then so be it

I did it! Had a new book from the library called "food & loathing" by Betsy Lerner and got thru the first 50 pages (admittedly with checking the exercise clock every 5 minutes or so, lol hey nobody's perfect here!) before my thirty minute walk (not counting warm up/cool down) was over.

I then was able to nuke my grilled chicken/asparagus dinner in the microwave. And later finished my evening chores.

Yippie! I did it!

Some days, it gets so dang hard with all the pre-holiday craziness, errands, chores, and exercise to actually G.E.T. it all done

Just oneeeeeeeeeee day at a time!

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That's great success! You're mentally in such a different place than if you had just skipped it.

I had a similar mental battle this morning. I hit the snooze once (not my habit). Dragged myself out. Have cramps, so seriously considered making coffee and sitting in a hot tub instead of doing yoga (another reason this would have been so sad - it wasn't even a "go-run-in-the-cold" morning). But I didn't. I'm still thinking about how good it would have felt , but I'm glad I exercised, and when the scale goes down again, I'll be even gladder!
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Yay for you! Something is better than nothing when it comes to exercise. Some days I'm not in the mood, either--but I get to the gym and at least do SOMEthing.

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