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I hate to put everyone off cos i think you are all doing a great job but i can't be the only person who looks at half of these 'So i can do this' reasons and thinks but i do that anyway regardless of my weight.
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wow...i was off with number 41... SORRY. I don't know how I did that.
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To fly like Nadia again
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Originally Posted by roobear View Post
I hate to put everyone off cos i think you are all doing a great job but i can't be the only person who looks at half of these 'So i can do this' reasons and thinks but i do that anyway regardless of my weight.
Some people can't physically do the things they put down or they're not mentally there yet to do it. It takes different people different circumstances so they can do what it is they want to do. Plus this is supposed to be something to motivate them to keep going with their journey and if that's what it takes for them to do it then by all means. Maybe you're one of those lucky ones that don't need this kind of motivation but some people do and there is no need to dampen their spirits and making them feel bad about it when you yourself can do without it.
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I totally agree with Gymlee - although many things listed could technically be achieved now, psychologically weight can be a barrier to doing so much. Having already lost 5 stone I know that weight loss has brought many benefits to my mental wellbeing. The list is meant to motivate people and remind them at times where they may be tempted to stray from their healthy lifestyle that much is to be gained from sticking to it. Many will experience this and will need some positive encouragement at such times. Roobear, I am pleased that you don't but I think you are in the minority.
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I totally agree with # 52 that's perfect for me....
105. To be at a restaurant or just out anywhere and assume that when someone is staring you down, it's because they think you're beautiful,not soo fat they can't believe you actually come out in public looking like that in the first place because they just couldn't bring themselves to do it....
Some of us don't weigh 156..and some of us that use to weigh 156 once upon a time still probably thought we were the fattest cow on the planet(talking about myself).gosh I haven't weighed 156 since after I got married!!LOL and I can't wait to weigh 156 again!!!!,roobear,I'm not picking on you...obviously you want to lose weight,or you wouldn't be on this site....and that's what this site is for and all about...just like this thread...it's for support.....this weight loss support thread may not be for you,but you know what? then again,maybe it is because it's all about SUPPORT......we are all in the same boat,maybe some are treading the water a little more than others but we are all here for one reason and one reason only,to lose the weight so we can ALL feel better about ourselves....and I definitely want to do that don't you?
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