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Progress..not perfection
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Default 300+ and Ready To Try Again.........#162

We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.

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Progress..not perfection
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Unhappy I have a confession to make

This is my post from the end of the last thread. Thank you so much Baylee and Lucky for responding to me. But I still feel like I am sinking lower and lower and wanted to re-post it on the new thread. I need your support so much.

My post at the end of the last thread:

I have been hiding from my friends. Why? I don't know. Ashamed, I guess. I don't know what happens to me. I feel like a psycho. I'm going along........just fine.......willpower is at an all time high........SOO on program....and then boom.....I stop dead in my tracks. I have been off program since last Sunday. Not bad off program.....just off kilter. You know, it's kinda like when you are out of church. (Hope I don't offend anyone.....I'm not really getting into religion, this is just the way I feel) You go to church regularly.....every Sunday. And then one Sunday you think, "I'm really tired today......I'll go next week." But then, something comes up, (or so you think) and you miss the next Sunday. Then before you know it, six Sundays have passed and your totally out of church. That may sound wierd to some of you, but that's kinda how I relate it. I'm going along.....44.5 pounds gone off this massive body, nearing the 200's, and I completely blow it and I have no idea. And don't get me wrong....I haven't gone back to my old eating habits. Days of eating a 20 piece Mcnugget meal......a big mac and a strawberry shake......I have still been drinking water and believe it or not, journaling. But I've not really been keeping an eye on the points and I'm sure I have been going over my limit every day. I like being back on first shift, but this has been my first week back and it has been horrible. At least on thirds, eating OP seemed so easy to me. I came home from work and went to bed (if I was lucky) but seldom really felt hungry. I was really eating an average of two meals a day. I would eat one meal at home before I went to work and then eat at work. This week, I've been taking my lunch and doing really good with my eating at work and drinking my water, but when I come home, it all falls apart. DH has switched to 1st shift too, and now we are home together in the evenings. At first I was delighted with the idea, but now I'm not so sure. We have eaten out 3-4 times this week. And I keep telling myself, "Well, I'll just eat what I want today and will get right back on track tomorrow." But you know what? Tomorrow never comes. I can feel all my progress slowly sliding backwards and I'm scared I'm not going to stop. It's like my willpower has went right out the window. And I've asked my DH to help me.....that I can feel myself sliding. And he does say a few positive words to me and make me feel like the next day will be a better day.....but then I come home and he says, "Let's not cook tonight.....let's go out and eat." And it starts all over again. When my willpower was in full force, eating out was not a problem. But here lately, it has been a total downfall for me.
Also, another thing that is affecting it is.....when I joined WW, I pre-paid. I paid $108.00 for 11 weeks. Well, my last week was last week and it was time to continue this week. And this little devil in my head keeps saying, "You've run out of weeks, take a week off and then start back next week." And I know that's stupid and crazy.....but it's happening. I'm on a downward spiral, and I feel like I keep reaching out trying to grab hold of something.......of anything, that can keep me from totally going under. But everytime I grab ahold, I'm able to hang on for a few minutes, but then my hands start sliding and I fall another 100 feet or so. In the back of my mind, I keep telling myself that I've worked so hard and I just can't undo all the good I've done, but the strength of my willpower is so weak......it scares me so much. I have been down this road so many times. Losing 40-50 pounds (more or less) and then at some point, I just lose the strength.....the power........the "fire".....and then I go back to my old fat ways. Girls, I can't let this happen again. I can't give into all the old feelings. Even at 302 lbs, I have almost felt light. I have been able to breathe better, sleep better, feel better, move better.......live better. And now I'm starting to feel that old bloated, sick, fat and flabby feeling again. And truth be told, (and I haven't weighed, so I don't know for sure) but I don't think I've gained more than 5 pounds....if that. I don't know. Can you gain more than 5 lbs in a week? I am so stressed out. And to come on here and admit all these things makes me feel like a failure. And I know I shouldn't. I know you have all been where I have been and some of you still are. I know you are my friends and love me just the way I am. Yet even knowing all these things does not make me feel any better. And the fact that my family can eat anything they want and do.....right in front of me.....does not help a thing. (DH is sitting right behind me now eating pizza) And don't feel bad towards him and say that he should be more loving and supportive and not be eating that in front of me. He should. He does not have a weight problem anymore and he should not have to alter his life because of me. I want to be so strong that him eating pizza in front of me will not bother me. I want to be so strong that nothing will bother me. And even as I just typed all that, I just called him an insensitive pig and told him he shouldn't be eating pizza in front of me. See what I mean?? I'm going crazy I think. Well, I guess I've strained your ears for long enough. I have to go now. I will be back. I will not leave you guys. I don't know what I will do when I get off the computer. I pray I will be strong. I pray I will not eat. For those of you that pray............pray for me. For strength......for my life. I do love you. Just being able to talk to someone about my true feelings this week has made me feel a little better.
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Angry Welcome home Tina....

I was not going to read any posts tonight... and I have not read the last thread completely. But with only one post on this new thread... I had to read Tinas. We have all missed her so.
So now I HAVE to reply to you Tina before I share my post. Let me rephrase that... I WANT to reply to you.

yes... you are right. We have all been there.. and we have all done that. And yes... we will all still love you unconditionally !!!!
Tina... we are creatures of habit. You said so yourself... you have lost 50 lbs before... and then WHAM... you go off course.
That is a "learned" habit. And if you learned it... you can also "learn" new habits.
Tina... we are all "learning" how to live a new way. So you haven't learned it YET.... so what.!!! YOU WILL !!!!

Go back and start with those baby steps again.
You say you are still drinking your water... great !!! You are learning the importance of water.
You said your will power is soooo weak. Well let's "build" those muscles.
Start with baby steps ... and then "SING YOUR PRAISES of GRATITUDE"
If you go out for dinner....then praise the fact that you did not eat dessert!!!
There is always something to be grateful for.
You said you are slipping away... well slipping is a gradual decline.
Well TODAY you are going to INCH your way back !!! A gradual improvement.

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is GRATITUDE !!!!
That ranks right up there.
Attitude is everything.... Attitude of gratitude.!!!

STOP focusing on what you are doing wrong....
And start focusing on the baby steps you are doing right.

You don't expect one of those race car drivers to just come in and win the first race he runs. He keeps "learning" the tricks of the trade. He usually learns the most from his "mistakes". LOL

Tina... the race is NOT over... and you CAN and WILL cross that finish line!!!!

Now that I know Tina and I are going to be just fine ... I will start another post... cause this next one is longgggg. LOL
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Dancing those pounds away
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Talking Glad I am here to write this one.

Well friends. Again I have to apologize for not responding to everyone but I have had one of the luckiest and unluckiest day.

I may be MIA for a few days. But then again... I may be here often to just talk about what I am going through.
I find it strange how I mentioned that we should share phone numbers because ... God forbid ... we could die and no one would know what happened to us.
Well... today I almost did.

I was driving 35-40 miles per hour and had a HEAD ON collision with a large Yukon or some type of SUV.
My husband and I are very very lucky to be alive. It sure has made a believer out of me on the use of seat belts. If you don't wear one.... START !!! It saved our lives today. That and duel air bags.

A young 15 year old driver with only his permit "attempted" to make a left hand turn in front of us. He was cutting across instead of a normal turn I guess... because we hit head on.
My husband had to go to the hospital. He was treated and released. I still can't believe how fortunate we are. My car is probably totaled. It is funny to say how lucky we are... when you are involved in that serious of a wreck... but there is no other way to see it.
I guess "blessed" is a better word.

My husband looks like someone hit him in the face with a 2x4. We thought his nose was broken... and his back is really bad. We are both bruised up pretty bad. I feel guilty even mentioning my aches and pains when you see how bad my husband is. He is REALLY going to be hurting tomorrow and the next week for that matter.

No one in the other car was hurt either. Thank you God.!!
Even though the wreck was not my fault .... I still feel bad.
And if someone had been seriously hurt... I don't know how I could cope.

I still have not cried.... but I feel it all welled up inside.
I don't feel as bad about what happened ...as I feel about what COULD HAVE happened.
So many people are killed in car wrecks everyday. We hit so HARD.

You may have to listen to me whine about my injuries... because I feel so guilty whining around my family when my husband was hurt so much worse. I kind of feel like... "what do you have to whine about... look at dad".
I KNOW they would "never" say that to me... but it is still how I "feel".
Maybe it is guilt because I was driving. I don't know. Maybe I am afraid people will think I am self centered if I talk about my pain when he is worst.
I just don't know... I only know.... I will probably be using all of you as my shoulder to cry on. And yes.... I am now crying for the first time. That is probably a good thing... I don't know that either. LOL
For a darn "know it all"... I don't know much tonight.

I do want to share one more thing... and I PRAY that it remains true tomorrow.

I have NOT eaten over it. When we finally go home from the hospital a little after 9pm we still had not eaten dinner. I ate an on program light meal. I drank my water... and when I accidentally found a package of chocolate frosting by mistake and had that moment thought "gee.. chocolate... that would taste GOOD".... I immediately said "NO". I stuffed it back into the back of the cabinet and it still sits there as I type.

Ladies... I WANT to stay on program. I want it bad.
And I pray thanks that I had the courage to not use food as a sedative tonight.
I did not overeat... I did not eat that container of chocolate frosting. And best of all... I am GRATEFUL for that progress.

Well friends.... I am not going to feel guilty for not reading nor responding tonight.
I am going to be grateful for my cyber friends/family who will give me time to heal the emotional wounds I received tonight as well as the physical ones.
Seems funny to write "emotional wounds" ... but I do feel my emotions are bruised just as bad as my body. This has been a very traumatic day.
LOL...Before the wreck I was going to write about all my other "traumatic" events in my life the last two days ... but they seem so trivial now.
Facing what you see as your death ... does change your attitude about a lot of things.
But one thing it did not change... and that is my "appreciation" and "love" for all of you.

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OMG...2Cute...I am so glad you are OK and your husband too! That is such a tramatic thing. When I was hit leaving work back in October that was tramatic for me because I was never in an accident before...but to be hit head on...that is scary! I am sooo glad you are both only suffering aches, pains and bruises! And you can come whine here anytime you want....you can whine on the phone to me too if you want!!

And TINA I'm sooo glad you came back and posted with us. That is one step in the right direction on this lifetime journey! You will NOT give up...that tomorrow WILL come again...you must stay here and post with us whether you are having a good day/week or a bad day/week. I have been off program for 2 weeks and this past week I set my mind to start over fresh this week as if it was my first week. Forget the 45 lbs you already lost. Start fresh with what you weigh now as if it was the first week and aim for a small goal. You will be able to get this weight down and we are all here for you! You have been doing tremendous...you know you have the strength to continue...you are a strong person! And as far as going out to eat...just tell your husband that you would rather not go out to eat alot. What I do is plan our dinner out on a Thursday night. I weigh in on thursday mornings and allow myself to eat what I want on that night. MOst times...9 out of 10....I choose something on program within my points range because after weigh in and losing I don't want to undo it if I can help it. Don't get me wrong...I do have bad days and weeks but this time I am NOT giving up...eventually as 2Cute said...I will learn the new habit of eating just as I learned the bad habits! Honey...we all love you and will be here for you....please don't NOT post...we all need to post when we are having a problem..that helps us get through it. Just being able to vent is a tremendous help! So...Tina my friend...pick yourself up by the bootstraps and slap a smile on your face and march forward..I am right behind you to catch you if you need me!

Baylee...that was cute! LOL

I need to go back to the past thread and catch up! I didn't realize this was a new one. So...for sure I will eventually be back!

Have a great day ! Michelle
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Geez, 2Cute, I have to agree with Baylee, you sure know how to get our attention. Happy you and your "new bedroom sharing" hubby are basically okay. I think about it when I drive sometimes, how all these cars are buzzing around and you don't know how "good" of a driver the other guy is. Also, here in snow country we also have many accidents that are no ones fault but still just as scary and, possibly, sad.

About 20 years ago, in an icy street I was hit on the front right of my car and spinned around in circles..(luckily hitting no one else) My boyfriend came to get me, he and the copy pulled the fender out from the tire and he said, "okay get in and drive and I will follow you". My knees buckled and that was the last thing I wanted to do. Because of the weather and shock I was in I did get in and drive home. When we got there I was upset with him that he made me do that but he said, "If you didn't you might NEVER have gotten behind the wheel again". He was right.

Good thing your cooking injuries cleared up before this happened.

Tina I think 2Cute has hit it:
you have lost 50 lbs before... and then WHAM... you go off course.
I have done the same with but with 20lbs. It's like my body says, "Okay, done now". I don't know why it happens but if you will
Go back and start with those baby steps again.
I will too. Let's break our barriers down!!!! :sheep:

Baylee I was thinking of starting a quilt this fall - could you help me pick out material?????
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2Cute: {{{{{HUGS }}}}}} to you and your DH. I so glad you were not seriously hurt. My son has had two bad wrecks and has climbed out of them alive that makes you know someone is watching over you. Pleas keep us informed about how you are feeling and feel free to e-mail or call me.

Good Morning to all the rest of my friends.
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Quilting...did someone say quilting? I LOVE to make quilts! I have been having the urge to make one for my son for the past month...and now that we are on the subject of fabric...yes....Baylee would you mind getting me some too? LOL You are the best! I have been smiling still picturing you young girls with bolts of fabric in your bags!

Ok girls...I have been challenging myself with each meal...I have decided to see how much food I can get in for 6 points at each meal. That way I can have lots of points for low point snacks too. I have been very successful and filling myself up for those 6 points...its amazing! This morning I had 1 pt mini bran muffins (4 pts) and an orange. For some reason the muffins did the trick along with the orange. Must be the fiber. I also had water and John brought me a cup of dunkin donuts coffee which I added 1 pt of cream to. I didn't think that would fill me up as much as the veggie omlets I have been eating but it really did. I still have some veggie soup left so I will have that for lunch today to start...and then who knows what else I will find to fill my 6 points with. It has been working for me for a couple of days now..I have been making the right choices and getting in the fruits and veggies that really work to fill me. I may have two of those mushrooms I made last night. Thats 6 pts and the soup 0! And water water and more water!

TINA my friend...I want to see you posting here today whether you are doing good or NOT! I need you here...I really do! You have inspired me to keep going...and even though we fall or stumble we can make it the rest of the way. It takes time...we didn't gain all this weight in one day or even one year...so it won't come off that fast either...lets do this together!

Lucky...isn't being in an accident scary! Even if you dont' get hurt..which I didn't. I didn't want to drive again but John made me do it too. I drove his truck and his friend let him use his car. I guess after driving the truck for a couple of weeks I felt safer in it and when we got the car back I was a little nervous about driving it again. I'm glad he made me do it!

I need to get out of here so Andrew will take his nap! I will be back again later!

I love you guys! You are all the greatest!!

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Happy Sunday!

Well, Miss 2cute, I am so glad that you and hubby are "OK." Geez, how scary is that? And what the @#$% are 15 year olds doing with permits? Is that really the driving age?? I'm having a hard time reconciling the fact that my 16.5 year old is getting behind the wheel. It scares the you know what out of me.

Please rest and take care of yourself and your sweetie. And feel free to come here and whine if you need to and don't want to unload on your family...come and cry your eyes out if need be...you sure got ME crying! I am SO proud of you for not eating in response to your trauma...and I thank God that you are all right.

Now...Tina...Tina...Tina...what the heck am I gonna do with you?? I'm not going to tell you that you are wrong...but, girl...instead of focusing on ALL the "bad" that you have done, just stop and think about how much more "good" has been accomplished....Darlin,' 44 lbs is nothing to sneeze at! And IF you gained 5 lbs this past week, so be it...are you going to chuck everything because you had a bad week??? I hope not. You even said yourself that you're just "off kilter." So maybe after how many weeks of doing great, you just went a little crazy...SO? Get back on track...think of it as having had a vacation. It's over. As for eating out...it doesn't have to be bad...I LOVE to have someone else make my salad for me...or grill my chicken or fish or veggies for me...just as you can eat well at home, you can eat well when dining out.

I know you've been here long enough to see that every one of us has had a "bad spell." We also have good and even GREAT spells...as have you! So, come on, jump back on the bandwagon...we are ALL here to catch you, as you would be for any of us...that just made me think of something...read your letter over as if one of us had written it. How would you respond?? Actually respond to the letter with your best advice. Would you be as hard on any one of us as you are on yourself? I think not. Look at those numbers under your name. that is a significant amount of weight to lose. 5 lbs does not undo that...it can if you let it though...{{{{{{{BIG HUG}}}}}}}} Feel better.

Baylee...that was cute...sounds like somethng MY Kaitlin would have said...and speaking of my girl...she came in from work last night and handed us $150.00. (No, she didn't steal it...she got paid!) We had a great talk, the 3 of us, dh much calmer than I had given him credit for...he gets all blustery over the silly things but is pretty level headed when the situation calls for it. I feel that I can safely say that this will NEVER happen again.

Michelle...never got a chance to make the mushrooms last night, dh and I went out to dinner...so they are on tonight's menu! We went to an Irish pub...listened to some great music while we ate. I had grilled salmon, a baked potato, steamed veggies and a salad...oh yeah...and TWO pints of Killian's Red! giggle giggle We were going to go to the movies but there is NOTHING playing that either of us wanted to see, so we rented two movies from Blockbuster..."Serendipity" and "Spy Game." We watched Serendipity... totally predictable and silly, I thought...and I love John Cusack...just not in this movie! I hope Robert Redford and Brad Pitt don't let me down tonight!

Well...I have rambled on...time to get the body moving...I'm going to take a walk to get the paper...even in the rain! My baby should be home from camping soon...I miss that little rascal...I'm planning a nice quiet day for the four of us, all home together...I like that.

Take care all...
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Hello everyone. Thank you for all of your support.

This will be short. I am just not much in the mood for writing but I wanted to let you all know I am doing okay. My chest and stomach (and you all know how big my stomach is... ) are a deep dark blue, red, and purple bruise from the seat belt holding me in. They ache pretty much too. I wonder if the fact I had so much padding helped reduce my injuries. LOL . If you think about it... if I wasn't fat... that would have been my internal organs taking all that contact. My internal organs hurt even with the padding.

My lower arms are bruised and swollen from the stearing wheel cover of the airbag hitting them.
My left ear is still ringing and echoes when I talk. I assume the airbag hit it also.
It drives me nuts when I try to talk. Everything sounds like.... hello-lo-lo-lo-lo-o-o-o-

I got out and drove today. I was not intimindated at all. I was cautious... but not intimindated. I went and saw the accident location. You could see my skid marks... but he had none. GET THIS... he was driving EAST and said the sun blinded him. LOL. The sun sets in the WEST... and it happened at 6pm. What an excuse.
We tried to go see my car.... but it was locked up and we could not see over the privacy fence. The insurance company has called and accepts all responsibility and liability. That is good.

I am going now. My food is still good today. I hope soon to read all of your posts from this and the last thread.
I just can't focus on much right now. All of my love.... 2cute.

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Good evening everyone!!

I had a very good day food wise and will be banking more points before the end of the night. I still have 6 points left. I may have a skinny cow for 2 points then bank the rest! I made a low fat banana bread today. I had a few bananas dying a slow death. It was kinda on the dry/bland side but I put a spoonful of light cool whip on the top and it was really good. Even Andrew ate it and John too!

I didnt' get much done today. Seems like all I did was dishes twice or three times today....and cook. And wash laundry but never folded and hung it yet.

Baylee you are way to funny! You make me laugh! And a big CONGRATS on the 9 lb loss. That is magnificent! You go girl! I want 9 lbs gone this week!! But I know its not feasible for me! ANy loss at this point would be wonderful for me! You keep up the good work!!

Kat you made a good choice with your food. That just proves we can eat out and still stay OP. Its hard to do when you are faced with all those choices...but we can learn! I still have a hard time...we are going out with John's dad again on Thursday but I weigh in that morning so I will try my best to be OP that night but it will be my treat for the week!

2Cute...glad to know you are feeling OK...the weight thing surely did help...when I was 21 I was hit by a car crossing the street and the ligaments on the inside of my right leg were ripped in half. They didn't think I was going to walk again. Well the doctor said that if I didn't have the weight on me my bones would have snapped like chicken bones! Ouch! Well I fooled them all...I actually fooled myself. I used my crutches to get to my room to get my latch hook I was working on and I put the crutches down and picked up the kit and started walking down the hall to the living room and forgot my crutches...I was limping real bad but I was walking! So there is something about the padding saving us from more serious injury! You come back when you feel up to posting, we will be here! Take care!

Well I should go get some laundry folded...I will catch you all in the morning!

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Well, I haven't even visited the boards in weeks. I debated on even posting at all, except that I saw my name in Baylee's post, so since she noticed I was missing, I thought I'd reply. I don't think I'll ever be a "regular" here again. Here's what happened to cause me to give up again.
If you recall, I was really pushing to lose some weight to go to my DH's boot camp graduation, which is now only a week away. I had been doing so well, and then I stopped losing. Then after two weeks of that, I gained a pound, and the next week 2 pounds. I journaled, drank the water, stayed in the calorie range, and exercised. I lost no inches. I wasn't doing anything wrong. I even looked back through my journal to make sure I wasn't lying to myself, but I was not. I had done everything I was supposed to do. I figured what's the point. If I'm gonna gain weight, I might as well eat something I like. I haven't gone back to eating as badly as I did in the beginning, but I'm not doing great.
I'm so sick of everyday being an obsession with weight, whether it be how much I've gained, or trying to lose. I'm a size 18. That's what I am. I can't shop in the normal section, but it's not the end of the world. There's nothing wrong with being an 18, though the world would have me think otherwise. So in the end, I've only kept 5 pounds off since my DH left. I hope he isn't dissapointed. I'm sure he won't care, especially after not gettin' any for 10 weeks lol . Anyhoo, that's pretty much the story with me right now. I'm not going to stress on it every minute of every day and let my weight rule my life. I think after so many years of yo-yo dieting that I've reached a set-point, and that I need some medical help from a doctor. I haven't been to a doctor in over 10 years, except to have my two kids, and having been in a bad car wreck (So I know what you're feeling 2Cute and I'm so glad you're OK). I will be able to see a doctor when we get stationed in August. I'll have free medical care at the base.
So I guess that's it for me for now. Perhaps I'll pop in again later,
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Jen: We do miss you please don't give up we all have off periods just continue eating op and it will come off. take baby steps one at a time. Drink your water and exercise. sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel but I promised myself I was ging to lose this weight if it took forever. Just remember we are all here for you. {{{{{Hugs}}}}

2Cute: Glad you are feeling better.
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Hi Everyone

I've really had a busy day!!! It was just gorgeous here today...a little cool (62 degrees), but the sun was shining, and I got my big butt in gear, and cleaned out my closet (Wonder who gave me that idea? ) , finished up some laundry, then headed outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. I one of my dogs on the leash and away we went. I only made it about 1/2 a mile though...but hey...that's better than not going at all!!!

2cute-Wow sounds like you had quite a scare!! I'm so thankful you and your hubby weren't seriously injured!!! Does make you wonder about the "padding" doesn't it? I'm so glad you were wearing your seat belt! Unfortunately, I learned the hard way about seat belts. Last July a friend and I were on our way back to work from lunch, and was in a serious accident. Just the opposite of yours...an 82 year old man pulled out in front of me, and I couldn't stop..and I was only going about 35 mph...I hit him on the driver's side full frontal on my car....Neither one of us were wearing our belts, and so the air bags did a number on both of us..I had a broken left thumb and a terrible air bag burn on my left forearm...and I had a fractured right ankle from hitting the brakes so hard...The EMT's laughed and said "nobody could say I didn't try to avoid the old man" ha ha....I understand what you are saying about the "guilt" feeling because you were driving....to this day, I still feel terrible that my good friend was hurt....she suffered 2 permanent injuries,,,one is like you describe with your ear...the air bag went off close to her ear, and she has a constant ring in it.....(By the way....I DO understand about ears!! ) I was thankful the old man was honest and said he didn't stop at the stop sign..it made the insurance stuff much easier to deal with. Anyway,,,,sweetie...you take care of yourself...and hubby of course.....we are here for you!!!! We want you around for a LONG LONG time!!!

Tina-Wow...that could have been me writing the way you feel!!! I can relate totally to you!! Thanks to all the wonderful ladies here, I've learned that the past is just that...the past. Don't keep eating yourself up sweetie!!!! Let yesterday die, and start today and every other "today" fresh! We need to learn to stop being our own worst enemies....(I can tell we all have that in common!! ) I want you to know that although I'm very new to this group, your words are very inspiring to me..and that I hope you continue to post, and let us know how you are!! That's what we're all here for...We care,,,and we love you!!!

Baylee- Thanks for the cute little story!!! It brough a chuckle to me, and I had to read it to the hubby. He liked it too! CONGRATULATIONS on the 9lb loss!!!! Are you on a certain type of diet? Or are you just trying to watch calories? I haven't really started any type of diet per say....I am trying to eat sensible, and drink my water....and of course move my rear off the couch more than usual!! ha ha

Michelle-Has Andrew still been getting up and laying by the door? That is adorable!! You give me so much inspiration!!! I read how you challenge yourself.....and it gets me so motivated to do the same!!! By the way....when you get your laundry folded and hung, want to come on over and fold and hang mine?

I'm sure I've missed some of you and believe me it's not intentional at all!!!! You all mean the world to me!! My time is dwindling down. My son has an assignment he needs to finish, and yep...you guessed it...he needs the computer. I'm heading back to work tomorrow, and actually looking forward to it!! My 4th anniversary for work was actually yesterday, so tomorrow I will get my anniversary flowers from my employer. Every year on your hire date, you get than number of roses and a Happy Anniversary balloon...so I'm anxious to see what color my 4 roses will be...What a reason to be anxious to head back to work huh?

I will see you all tomorrow!!!

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YIKES! It used to be on the weekends I could count on being nearly the only one here. Now that's not the case anymore and I better get my butt here just as often or here I am 20 posts and another thread behind again!

I'm still handling food pretty well. The scale is still down from last Monday's WI (not Wisconsin) so I'm looking forward to tomorrow for the real WI (not Wisconsin) once again.

I have cooked at home every night this week. Maybe that really makes a difference. I've overworked good old George (Foreman, that is). Gosh, I love that guy!

Theresa: I'm so glad you got your hearing back and didn't need that trip to the hospital.

Baylee: 9 Pounds!!! Woohoo!!! You must have pulled those material bolts out from under your shirt when you WI this week! That's wonderful!!

2cute: OMG, girlfriend! I am soooo glad you are alive!! [[[hugs]]]
What a trama!!!! I'm so glad it's not much worse. You and DH will be feeling this one for awhile. Take care of yourselves and let it all heal. Prepare yourself before you go see your car. When my youngest was in his head on accident as a senior in high school, I held it together through getting paged to the hospital, seeing and being with him and all that....until I saw his car. I couldn't move. I just sat there and cried and cried and cried. The idea that he actually was alive and his car was big time dead just got me.

Michelle: You are doing so great. Keep bringing us all those great meal plan ideas.

Katrina: Big decision about the prom, but it does only come around once. I'm sure you'll come up with punishment that will make it's point. * Eating out is definately my downfall. I can't get past eating 'my favorites' at my favorite restaurants when I go out. If I'm eating someplace new it's easy to order a grilled chicken salad, but the other places it's pretty tough.

LuckyLadyBug: Hang in there kid. We'll all get back on track.

Jen: So glad to see you again. Don't feel so down about the weight issues. We love you whether you're trying to lose or not. Just come and visit with old friends once in awhile. We won't press you about the weight, talk about something else, what's going on in your life. [[[hugs]]]

Tina: WOW! Have I been where you are! I lost 85# with WW since I started in May of 1998. I'm currently only down 40#. Even though I saw the south side of 300 and vowed to never see the north side again.......it happened. I have to tell you though, I never stopped going to WW meetings. I was afraid if I did I would gain it all back. I have 'maintained' here for about a year and a half, I'm not proud of it, but at least I put a stop to the climb. Now it seems that things have 'clicked' again. They will for you too. Just try maintaining instead of gaining for awhile, you'll have to do that eventually anyway. You'll get back on track......hopefully it won't take you as long as it did me. [[[[hugs]]]]

Mary: You are one busy lady and it sounds like May will keep you even busier.

Well girls, I think it's time for dessert. I made a pineapple angel food cake and a strawberry pie today and they're calling me. See you all later.

"Power is the ability to do good things for others." - Brooke Astor
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