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Default Really wanting to hang in there.

First I will say I am new and most of you don't know too much about me yet.
My real name is Jamie and I have been struggling with my weight for a very long time... I look back on pictures from before I was 12 years old and see how thin and cute I was. Now obviously I don't want to do this for just looks. Most of us are girls here right? Lol... well I've had a few things come up that are related to my weight... For one... I don't get my period regularly and I'm lucky if I get it 3x a year. Also I'm on high blood pressure medicine.

The whole period thing has really worried me because I've heard people can get cancer or something like that if their body isn't menstruating properly. I also want to eventually be able to conceive children and this is on my mind a lot. Now obviously there is options if I can't like adoption... but I want to have my own if I can. I try not to worry about it for now since it's not time to anyway. Good news is I took the pill for a couple months and I'm off it now for 2 months and I got a little bit of something each month... I guess something is better then nothing... I know it's a weird thing to talk about I am just excited it seems like my body is doing what it's supposed to.

My dad has also had a history of heart problems and has had heart attacks. He is still alive today but also has heart disease. He got to be well over 300lbs... the most I've weighed was 265 and at that point I knew I had to make a change... I have been eating healthier and exercising when I can, I've dropped 30lbs... I'm excited to go to the gym to see my progress.

I have written in this section because I really like the idea of being able to talk to people about this. My biggest problem is that I am an emotional eater and also before that I would eat HUGE portions and eat late at night. Also, most of my diet previously consisted of carbs, and I didn't at all have balance. My dad last night had bought some chocolate bars and put them in the fridge... it was so tempting to grab one last night but I'm very glad I didn't.

I don't want to stop caring and eat because of feeling, I want to eat because my body needs the fuel. I get so uptight sometimes looking at myself in the mirror... I can tell my clothes feel looser, but I still see myself as the same even though I've lost weight... maybe it's just me? Some days it's very hard. I felt like I had a fever earlier and I didn't feel like eating anything. I just had some toast because it's light and I had felt a bit nauseous. I took some tylenol and I'm feeling better now.

I'm trying to take one day at a time and not to feel too bad if I fall down and mess up but to get back up again. I feel very glad this forum is here. I will try to be as supportive as I can to others as well.
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Oh Jamie honey, so many things! No wonder you're distressed. Yes! calm down and take it simple.

When all is said and done ... at this moment in time ... you just need to get healthier, right?

Tell us what you've been doing to lose the weight that's already gone. We'll help you move along. OK?
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Welcome Jamie,
You have come to the right place for support. Sounds like you have done well on your own so far....Congratulations on the 30 lbs! Know that you are not alone in your struggle.
As for having children, My sister didn't even get her period until she was 17...and then only about 2X per year. She had a hormone imbalance that the doctor was able to rectify quickly, She has 4 health children and 4 grandchildren...so It didn't slow her down or cut her life short. Hope that helps with part of your worries...The key...Talk to your doctor...assuming the worse can be very hard on your diet.
Good luck!
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Very true girls thank you for the motivation. I try not to worry about it. My doctor was going to have me go for an ultra sound to get things checked out a while back but I did not go. He thought I had poly cystic ovary disease and I talked to him about that.

So far to lose weight I have been doing a few things...
I haven't been going to the gym as much as I would like but I try to go at least once a week at the moment. Would like to go 2-3x though. Sometimes it's so crazy between work and going to church so many times a week.

Most of my weight has been lost through eating healthier. I have been eating things I don't ever remember trying. I have tried to balance out how many Carbs and Meat I eat, because before that's pretty much all I ate and I had almost no fruits and vegetables.

Now I'm eating things like Zuchinni and Eggplant and tonnes of carrots and eating yummy fruits like bananas, watermelon and asian apple-pears. I have never liked these things in my life but whenever I eat I try to make sure I get a little bit of everything for balance.

I'm trying as much as I can to have lots of water at least 6-8 glasses but thats one thing I don't always succeed at every day Also I am eating 5-6 small meals/snacks through out day. And ALWAYS Making sure I eat breakfast (Which I never did before, always made me sick... but I suppose thats cause it wasnt a regular thing)

Anywho I'm hoping I'm doing well. I will report to you guys my progess the next time I'm in the gym. Thinking ill go tomrw night maybe. I'm getting an ipod tonight. So excited to take it to the gym!!!! ^_^
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Hi Jamie,

Congratulations on taking positive steps to improve your life.
30 Lbs lost is fantastic!!
You are getting healthier and fitter the more that you move your body and choose to not fuel it with junk.
Sounds like you have made good changes that will help your health issues become non-issues in the future.

You are doing great. Keep up the good work.
Just remember--slow and steady wins the race. Positive changes that you can live with will be your success.

Best wishes
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You have come to the right place! every single one of us has been overwhelmed with the challenges that lie ahead & we have all wanted to steal that chocolate bar out of the fridge! It happens. And even if you had grabbed it, the big thing is to jump right back into trying to eat healthy, you have to learn not to let your slip ups ruin your motivation! We all have them. The other night I had one of my daughters Funny Bones. Why? I dont' know, cause I wanted it. Should I have had it? Certainly not! But I did, and I got right back to being healthy afterwards. :-) Even if you can't see the difference it's there, and most likely, other people are seeing it. We are our worst critics and it's hard for us to admit that we have lost weight & we do see it. It will take some time before you can look at yourself objectively enough to see the difference.
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