Everyone Weigh In 08/15/08

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  • Started the week at 71.4 kg and now down to 70.5 today

    Txsqlchick - how was your date?
  • Quote: I thought it went well but then again, I came home at 11:15pm on a Friday night. Bleh. Didn't get a kiss either.

    Wouldn't be surprised if I didn't hear from him. I'm doomed to be single and lonely forever.
    oh that is sooo not true
  • Quote: It is. I don't know why I bother.
    Because if you didnt bother, then it really would be true
  • The scale read 176, but I feel like it should be lowerrrr. Today I actually had fluctuation the scale said 178, then it wanted to settle on 177.. I think its time for me to invest in a more accurate scale. lol. I refuse to move my ticker until i'm LESS than 176!
  • Quote: *shrug* Sometimes I feel like I may as well save myself the effort.
    sometimes i think we all feel like that. even guys
  • well my weigh in isnt until tomorrow, but i always weigh less on sundays anyway, so i might as well just use that weigh in >.< This week i am down to 78.3kg from 79kg last week yay!
  • I'm 175.1 this morning, down about three pounds from last week. That's my biggest weekly drop so far and I don't know how it happened because I'm not exercising due to recent surgery. Hope I'm not losing muscle, but I like what the scale says.
  • Down to 218! I don't have an official weight in day. I check every day. The scale says 218, but my mom said the scale is off by 2 pounds. Because when she goes to the doctor its always too pounds less then what our scale says. So that would put me at 216, but I don't want to get my hopes up. So I am sticking with what it says.
  • 145.4
  • Hey everyone! Looks like people are doing great - hang in there!

    On my end - i went on a vacation with my bf's family for about 5 days, and i didn't stick with the diet at all. I tried to just do stuff like not finish my entire sandwich or something, and eat lots of fruit, but otherwise, it was a lot of greasy beach fare. Still, somehow i lost 1.5 lbs! Oh, who knows.

    Still, back on the saddle, starting today. Especially for exercise. Oooof!
  • So I'm back from vacation, where I must have eaten my body weight in lepinje and cevapi (Croatian bread and sausage). But I stayed on plan most of the time and made sure to do plenty of walking and swimming at the beach. I weighed myself this morning on my usual scale, and...


    Officially! I can't believe I've finally gotten here... I haven't been this weight since about 1994. I still have some ways to go, but I think it might be time for new photos in the mini-goal album!

  • way to go drina!
  • I'm new to the 3FC site, but I really like the encouragement from this weigh-in thread. I weighed in on 8/18 at 225. Oh, to be in ONEDERLAND. Congrats, Drina!
  • Thanks you guys!
  • slow, but steady
    207.6 today. Still biking, lifting and doing the soft cal. count.