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Talking I am celebrating my 6-month anniversary

on 3FC - I signed up at the beginning of February.

Here are a few thoughts that I wanted to share on my birthday (this past Saturday) but I was busy all weekend.

I just turned 49, but do you know what? I think this it the first birthday in the last 10 years when I actually don't mind how old I am and I feel perfectly happy with both my body and my age. Not that there is not any room for improvement (in terms of the body at least, can't do much about the age, obviously ) but I am working on it.
When I signed up in February, I hoped to lose 15 lbs by my birthday. I know it was a conservative goal but I had no idea how quickly I would be able to lose and 15 lbs over 6 months would a loss of bit more than 1 kg per month, which was fine with me. Well, contrary to all expectations, here I stand 30 pounds lighter. I am getting compliments from all directions and I have not felt this good about myself in AGES.

Now I also know that my original long-term goal, to lose 33 lbs was good enough just for a start, so I am changing my target goal from 175 to 160 (another evaluation will be in order then).

Of course, none of this would have happened without 3FC. I cannot thank you enough - all of you - for providing so much motivation, inspiration as well as advice.

And the best thing of all - two years ago, I had to be put on medication for high blood pressure. My BP was around 154/90 or even 95.
Now, I am no longer on any medication and my blood pressure is consistently at 127/80 !!

Oh, and my weight loss impressed two of my coworkers (both are about half my age) so much that they both signed up with a gym and come to me for advice about exercise and dieting. How cool is that?
Plus, there is a lady in the neighbourhood who will probably become a chick very soon.

Just wanted to share with you and here is a collective to you all.

Last edited by Tomato; 08-11-2008 at 12:08 PM. Reason: Oh, and a P.S. for JayEll - now I regularly eat only half an apple and leave the other half in the fridge for later. <wink>
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Happy birthday! And you've made huge adjustments to your life that have paid off. Well done
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Awesome work, Tomato! You have achieved some major things, and feeling comfortable in your own skin is a big one and such a struggle for so many. And you're an inspiration to others! How wonderful is that!

Happy belated birthday, keep up the awesome work!!
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Michelle the Vegan
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Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS! Your post (and achievements) are SO INSPIRING!!!!

You should be so proud of yourself!
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Congratulations on your wonderful achievements during the past six months! I find your weight loss inspiring but your state of mind even more so.
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Congrats on meeting your short term goal times 2, that is so awesome! Also wanted to say Happy belated Birthday!
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The Radiant One
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and happy birthday
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YAY Tomato! You've been doing great!

And hey, I'm still eating those half apples!

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...and congratulations on your wonderful achievements! You're an inspiration!
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Happy Birthday Tomato!! Your health changes are fabulous!

I know I have really enjoyed having you around 3FC. You are always so encouraging and kind. I'm glad you are here!!!
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needs constant reminding
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Hey tomato, great post. Thanks for sharing your great news and accomplishments.

The end of this mnth heralds my 6 mo.anniversary too!
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Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I have been here 7 months and feel likewise. I tell everyone I know about 3FC! What an accomplishment. Your BP is so good!
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I am glad you are happy here!
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Clawing my way back
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Congrats and Happy Birthday!
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