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Default not exactly an emotional eater...

While I'm not an emotional eater I do tend to go off track when I'm in physical pain. I slept wrong on my neck Wednesday night and I've been indulging in comfort foods since. I haven't been to the gym since and feel bad. I know I'll be back on track when I feel normal again... just needed to vent my realization.

Does anyone else go off track when in physical pain? How do you cope?
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Hm, it doesn't occur to me to eat when I'm in physical pain... Eating is more associated with emotions like feeling stressed out, for me.

When I'm in physical pain I use ice packs, rest, pain relievers, etc. I sure hope you feel better soon! Do you have a chiropractor, osteopath, or M.D. you can see?

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Oooh, I do that! The worst for me is menstrual cramps... if I'm crampy, I just want to eat ice cream and chocolate and cookies all day long. Recently I had some really nasty tooth pain, and every time I thought about it, I wanted a snack.

Also makes it REALLY easy to justify skipping exercise, even when there are plenty of things you can still do... like when my tooth hurt, I said "oh well, I can't run, I won't do anything" instead of going out on my bike or lifting weights or whatever.

I have no advice, other than to use the best painkillers you can so that you don't have to think about the pain!
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Oh Taurie, I can definitely relate... I've been going through some tough medical stuff lately, I'm in a lot of pain and I'm exhausted. It was hard to stay OP, my good habits were weakening and before I knew it I was back eating crappy, and in turn feeling even crappier... I needed comfort in any form I guess. I'm recently single, so I had no one here to comfort me, I wasn't taking pain pills so there was no escape there, but the food was there... I ate poorly for awhile but I turned it around. We all work so hard to change habits and I couldn't bear the thought of 'wasting' my efforts; then I would be in both emotional and physical pain then... no thanks... ! BTDT. It is getting easier to win the battles with myself between what I want, and what I need....sometimes I want to eat crap, but I know I need nutritious foods and exercise... Good Luck... Don't let the guilt monster in !!
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