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Default What is your reward for when you reach goal?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if you have something extra special planned for yourselves once you reach your goal weight or goal body shape? I do have special rewards for mini-goals. Every 5 lbs. I lose, I treat myself to a manicure or pedicure...or a new pair of (cheap) jeans to get me through to the next size. However, as far as when I reach my final goal, I don't really have anything special planned only because to me, the reaching of the goal sounds incredible enough! Still, I got to thinking about how I'd like to do something to reward myself because lately, I'm starting to like myself more and I want to give myself something for doing such a gosh darn good job! So, any ideas? Or, do you think it's better to just focus on the success of reaching the goal?
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Little Miss Random
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ive been struggling with this all the way through my journey....
i havent a clue what to do...
but chances are it will take a lot more work yet....
i plan to drop my goal by a possible 14lbs....
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My goal will be enough reward in itself Then, it'll be time to set a new goal.
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Like above...meeting my goal and then some was enough of a reward for me...Now it's definition goal!
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I don't use clothing as rewards. I figure I deserve to feel and look my best at whatever weight I am, so I buy clothes as I need them. My reward for hitting 10% was a tattoo... and my reward for hitting goal will be the other half of the tattoo. Mini goal rewards have been primarily CDs, but I think I'm going to start rewarding myself with (healthy) cookbooks and exercise stuff... since both of these things will help keep me on-track and lead to even more goal rewards
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Well, my mom and I are both losing weight at the moment, so we said when we got under a certain number (190 for me - almost there!) we'd have a spa day, because neither of us are very into pampering ourselves normally.

But for me, since I spent two years buying "goal clothes" without ever getting into them, now when I lose 5 pounds, I go through the drawer and I'm always able to take out a couple of things that now fit me, which feels great.
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I also got a tattoo when I hit 1/2 way to my goal and I'll get another when I make my goal.

But other than that I have no particular reward in mind. Getting there will be reward enough, I think.

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here we go
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This is sorta weird but when I reach my goal I'm getting a boob job! I had my kids pretty young and now they need a little lift:.)
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The Radiant One
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constant trier
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the rate i am going by the time i reach my goal weight they will be carrying me in a smaller coffin cos i will be dead .Hope i get there soon!!!
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One of my rewards will be a really super duper fancy designer dress from Neiman Marcus for New Year's Eve.

At that point I'll have been on plan for a year, although I don't know if I'll be at goal weight (I have secret aspirations of being there or really close although I know in my heart not to assign a date to goal)!

My husband's jaw hit the floor when he saw the price of some I was looking at but I justify the huge price tag with the fact that my wedding dress was under $100.00. I want a really fancy dress just one time in my life and I'll have worked really freaking hard for it.

I've had some great rewards along the way, I firmly believe in rewarding myself and don't know what my ultimate goal reward will be. After I hit goal weight I'll continue working towards a goal BF% and muscle laden physique. Since I'm weight training and it will take a long while to reach my goal physique I'm thinking of something outrageous, like an old Corvette Stingray. I love old muscle cars. What better reward than a muscle car for a muscle girl?

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I'm treating myself to something every 10 pounds and for my final goal I'm dying my hair red (I've always been blonde) and a day at a spa. Looking forward to both!
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I haven't thought about it. I haven't treated myself at all through the whole 43 pounds so it never crossed my mind. I think I'll have to come up with something special because by the time I'm done that will be a HUGE accomplishment. Hmmm......
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Let's salsa!
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Just like Lynsey, I really haven't thought about it. I do plan to buy a nice (expensive) pair of jeans, but I will need them. So far, I haven't really had to buy jeans because I have had a good supply from the past. Unfortunately, I am now on my last pair because the other ones that I have are in a style that is no longer in, so I may have go shopping for jeans soon. However, I don't consider that a reward, that's a necessity.

I don't really need a material reward. I am doing this for myself and for my own health; and I am already being rewarded by the compliments that I am getting from my friends and co-workers and by my more slimmer and toned body. I still want to take it to the next level so that my BMI is less than 25, and my secret goal is 20% body fat. That in itself would be enough of a reward for me.
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Hug a Tree!
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weight loss goal - probably a laptop computer (if we can afford it)

body shape goal - carribean vacation with my hubby (we had better be able to afford it, haha)

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