Everyone Weigh in 07/11/08

  • It's time again for the 3FC general weigh in thread. Everyone is welcome to join, just jump in whenever your official weigh in day rolls around. Good luck, everyone!

    Me: 182, down half a pound from last week. Better than I was expecting, but still not what I would call great. I know that I'm eating more than I should. I wish I could get some sort of willpower transplant or something!
  • Still @ 156.5..........same as last week but it is the "time of the month" so I am just glad its not a gain !!!
  • I was 128.8 this morning, down 0.6 from last week.
  • I'm back up a pound, 156.8, I did see a low of 154, but I did too much overeating to maintain it. I really don't want to see that big stomach again, but its amazing how easy it is to gain weight back. Hopefully I can pull myself out of the slump this week.
  • 161 - down two pounds from last week - and I've passed the 10 lb. mark!

    I also got my ticker this week, so this is the first time I've gotten to move it.
  • Down 1 pound this week. I was hoping for more since I've worked really hard, but it's better than nothing.
  • 206, which is another pound and some change. This also makes 80 pounds total. Getting there, slowly but surely!
  • Down 2 more pounds this week. A few awesome things happened. First I'm in the 250's. (A two hundred and fifty something pound woman doesn't sound as bad as a Three hundred something pound woman...LOL). Secondly, my wedding ring will finally fit on my left ring finger , (not my pinkie anymore) and the gorgeous Ruby ring my DH bought me for our 15 wedding Anniversary will now fit on my right ring finger...instead of becoming my "new wedding ring", then a right hand pinkie ring! I mean WOW, that really is exciting. I know I could have had them re-sized, but to make them larger weakens them...Yippee.

    Last but not least, I was at the dentist office the other day and while I was in the waiting room, I realized I had my legs crossed...OMG, I can't remember the last time I was able to cross my legs, (especially unconsciencly without a embarrassing struggle). Yea for me!
  • Lori Bell, Congrats on all those milemarkers!
    Last week- 379
    Now- 337.25
    Loss of 1.75 lbs.