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Default Please help my nighttime snacking!

Do fine all day long, but what's with the nighttime? Need to stay focused Any suggestions?
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I Use To Eat All The Pies
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Night time snacking does not have to be "against the law"... what plan are you following? I am a calorie counter and I know some evenings I will fancy a snack with a fave TV program or something..so I will just make sure that I leave myself enough calories for it as I go about my day

There are ways and means around everything!
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I also leave calories for an evening snack. But when I feel my snacking could get out of control, I find that making myself busy and/or active really helps. Sitting around watching TV or reading makes me want to snack, but talking on the phone, taking a walk, playing wii, or getting involved in some project in the house make me less likely to snack.
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I have the same problem. What I usually do is have a bag of 94% fat free popcorn and a tall glass of water to help fill me up. Or I munch on berries like Blueberries or raspberries. I've also tried either a cup of hot tea or decaf coffee because it fills me up and keeps me from feeling hungary.....only problem is that I have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! haha.
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Frozen grapes! It satisfies the sweet tooth and the hunger pains..and it's fruit!
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I'm all about the frozen grapes too! However, sometimes, I want to eat uncontrollably, so then I have some gum. I'm also a calorie counter, so that helps me a lot, but when I'm pre-menstrual, it's like a binge monster takes over my brain and nothing seems to fill me up. I do my nails, I brush my teeth, I floss, I have a Halls cough drop (yes, it's weird, but it works for some reason due to the strong flavor of sweet and yuck all at once!). Sometimes I do push-ups or my weighted hula hoop. I go on this board and read as much as I can. I also sometimes look at before and after pictures of people who have lost weight. I sometimes go into my closet and think about which clothes I might fit into pretty soon. Yes, it's all crazy, but so is this addiction so desperate times call for desperate measures. Oh, I forgot to mention laughing cow cheese. It's very good (I get the low fat one) and it's only 35 calories. I might have it with some low cal rice crackers, while trying to still stay within my calorie range.
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Turn the lights of in the kitchen to signify--kitchen closed.
Brush your teeth.
Chew gum.
Get in bed and watch tv or read a book.
Clean your house.
Find something to occupy your hands so they can't put food in your mouth

I know all of this is easier said than done

Good luck
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Same problem for me, too. I do keep a few spare points/calories for the evening, but it is like a compulsion. Last night I had 3 rice cakes, a bowl of raw veggies, a couple of peanut butter crackers, and several handfulls of dry cereal. Probably only a few hundred calories, but I was still disappointed in myself. I'll go for a long walk today!
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Here are a few good ideas for night time snacks:

-Frozen grapes (I agree with the majority here!)
-Smart Pop Mini Bags - they are only 100 calories and have A LOT of food for that amount!
-1 oz pretzel sticks... usually there are 40-50 sticks per ounce and at around 105 calories, that's a lot of crunching
-Celery with any type of low fat cheese (a few sticks of celery with Laughing Cow light cheese = yummy!)
-A cucumber with 2 tbsp light dressing or dip
-An apple
-An apple with 1 tbsp peanut butter - that's around 200 calories, but it is satisfying with the fiber and the fat
-Puffed cereal usually is around 50 calories a cup
-Wasa crackers have around 25-35 calories each
-Sugar free jello is only around 10 calories per serving
-Sugar free pudding is around 40-70 calories per serving
-1 cup watermelon only has around 60 calories
-1 cup pineapple has around the same
-A plum has 30 calories
-Yoplait fat free yogurts are delicious and 100 calories each
Also... if you can find light canned pumpkin (40-50 calories per serving), sprinkle cinnamon, add Splenda, and nuke it, it's pretty yummy! Add Cool Whip if desired. Just make sure you measure it.

Of course, you could also just distract yourself, chew gum, brush your teeth, look up pictures of fit people online, exercise, or call your friends every time you're hungry, but those are some solutions to appease your inner fat girl without killing the thin one dying to emerge
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One Day At A Time
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Wow, Shane, what a TON of great snack ideas!!!!

I'll second the notion that snacking is not off-limits if you budget the calories correctly,etc.....

But I have found THE answer for me. I drink that South Beach Tide Me Over packets. As with all drink flavor packets, I don't see how you can mix those things in a regular-sized water bottle! I'd think they're too strong, so I mix mine in the 1-liter bottles and the flavor is PERFECT. 30 calories, 3g Protein, 5g Fiber....it really does fill me up and staves off the binges. Maybe it's all in my head....if a pack of gum promises you'll feel full til your next meal, I'd probably buy into it. Mind over matter? Maybe, but it works for me! Plus, there's a liter of water to add to your total. Yes, I get up during the night to go to the bathroom, but I fall back to sleep easily enough.
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This thread subject comes up all the time - you are not alone. Personally, I'm an afternoon snacker. I trace it back to my childhood as a latchkey kid. Came home from school, not allowed outside, NOTHING to do but watch TV and eat (I used to sprinkle white sugar on sandwich bread and eat it - anything to distract from the boredom).

Just a little background so you know that I do understand the cravey/munchy/must snack feeling, no matter what time of day it is.

Many of the above posters have given you some great advice! I would also say to:

1. Make sure you are eating enough during the day. A lot of gung ho dieters say they have "perfect on plan days" and then lose control at night. A hungry body that needs nutrition will try to get it. So, just make sure you are eating an amount during the day that will keep your body satsified - sometimes this takes trial and error to find the sweet spot where you can still eat as much as possible while losing weight. Also - healthy fats tend to get overlooked during weight loss (good for you, but high in calories), make an extra effort to make sure you are eating healthy fat during the day.

2. Save calories to have a snack at night. Lots of great options above for healthy after dinner snacks. My personal favorite is a baked apple (cube an apple, throw it in a bowl, microwave it for 5 minutes. Take it out, sprinkle frozen blueberries on top, cover with saran wrap, nuke for another minute, top with a little crunchy granola).

3. Declare the kitchen closed after a certain point.

4. After you're done eating for the day, brush/floss/rinse. Who wants to eat when their mouth is all minty? Who wants to go through the hassle of brushing and flossing AGAIN?

5. Change your habits. If you have the habit of munching while watching TV, figure out something else to keep your hands busy (knitting, Soduku, brushing the cat, whatever).

6. I drink a lot of herbal tea to stave off the munchies, something about moving my hand to my mouth satisfies a craving.

7. Stay busy. Call your mom, write a letter, organize your closet, post here, join a book club, etc etc.

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Default Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such wonderful advice! I deeply appreciate all of your input. Continued good luck to all.
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