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aka Sarah
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Default What are you in denial about?

We all know what denial is about--many of us were in denial before we started actively trying to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, be healthier. So, some denial must fall away before beginning this journey, since it can't truly be undertaken without honestly facing the truth and owning up to the fact that changes need to be made.

But, I find that pockets of denial continue in my efforts, and mess me up. Currently I have two areas of denial, where I can see the truth, but I'm actually feeling very negative about the changes I think (from an honest evaluation) that I really need to make:

1. I'm not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Getting enough sleep requires that I go to bed and actually fall asleep about 2 hours before I want to, and before the time that's natural for me to do so (I'm a super-super night person). I hate this fact. I hate it, I resent it, I loathe it. I try to squirm out of it. But trying to escape it doesn't change it. Not getting enough sleep sabotages my weight-loss and health efforts, and isn't good for my work or life performance, either. Sure, I'm doing better than I was doing 3 or 6 months ago, but I'm still not doing well enough.

2. I think I'm overeating on things that are "allowed" on my food plans, but which I truthfully know really are not great things for me personally. Just because dark chocolate is a Superfood and it's allowed on South Beach doesn't mean that -I- should have it as often as I am. I'm resentful about this right now--so resentful that just the thought of using cocoa powder instead of dark chocolate itself is annoying me. I could switch to cocoa powder in my treats instead of the dark chocolate and therefore avoid the associated fat and sugar, but dangit I DON'T WANT TO! *foot stomp*

Anyone else want to share things they are currently in denial about?
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The sleep one is a big thing for me. I am also naturally a night person and so is my guy. He lives several states away from me and so a lot of times at night, late, is the best time we have to talk and reconnect. We spend a lot of time on the computer chatting and on the phone. And as a result I don't get to sleep until around 3 or 4 a.m. most nights.

Which would be fine if I could sleep until 11, but I *have* to be out of bed at 9 and in my office at 10 - I have to keep regular office hours for my clients.

So I'm winding up getting 5-ish hours of sleep a night, when I really should be getting around 7 (that's my optimal amount of sleep where I wake up naturally and feel refreshed).

And I'm in massive denial about needing to go to bed earlier, because I'm functioning *fine* on 5 hours and besides if I go to sleep earlier, I lose out on time with my sweetie.

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One Day At A Time
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I like this post!

I'm in denial about a few things.

I believe I can have an ice cold Bud Light (or three) every night to unwind, because "I've budgeted the calories for it"....it's just not a good habit!

I believe I'm sooooo sexy because of all this cleavage I sport. Ok, so it kind of is....but I'll sit at a poker table and believe that I can distract the male players by leaning forward a bit then I check my self in a mirror and just think I look like some ridiculous big girl trying to stick her chest out.

I'm in denial believing I'm working out hard, when I turn the treadmill down below 3.0 mph, going slower on the elliptical, reading magazines while doing cardio, lifting lighter/ less reps if I'm just having a lazy day, then getting mad when I'm not seeing the results enough. "Well I go to the gym, like, five days a week!" Not to mention my body-dysmorphic belief that I'm getting so tight and my abs are getting rock hard when I'm really working hard. You start to believe you are an athlete....then catch myself in the mirror. Nope, still big girl. Still.

I don't mean to sound like I'm putting myself down, its not like that really!

Oh I like what you said about believing certain foods are "diet" foods, or are even OK to eat, even if you know they really aren't. I'm all about that with PRETZELS and baked chips. Yes, I know you can eat them within budget, but there are just BETTER side dishes or snacks.

Good thread~!
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Originally Posted by NurseMichelle View Post
I like this post! I believe I'm sooooo sexy because of all this cleavage I sport. Ok, so it kind of is....but I'll sit at a poker table and believe that I can distract the male players by leaning forward a bit
I don't think you're in denial about that You as a person may or may not be their cup of tea, but yes, you are distracting them. If you want to be really effective, also use the opportunity to drink from a straw or lick something from a spoon
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I like this thread too!

I'm in denial when I say it doesn't disappoint me when I don't see a change on the scale everyday. I wake up every morning with a hope that it will be at least a pound. Realistically I know that I can't lose a pound a day and need to be happy with decrease weekly or more as long as I'm doing what I need to.

I need my mind to get that this is a lifestyle change not a diet.
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my girls
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im in denial about this lapband i have. it is not tight enough. i have had a lot of loss in the last couple of weeks and i am eating like crazy. i need to go to the dr and get it tightened. i feel like i should be strong enough to stop it, but im not. and i do need the crazy dr. i need to talk about all of this stuff that urks me. i dont need to stop at a convience store and buy a little debbie, a bag of chips and a chocolate milk. hello, can we say denial and sadness
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*Courtney Rae*
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Im in denial about a lot of things. Mainly im in denial about eating healthy. Yea im cutting calories, but im not really eating healthy. I eat mostly carbs, fats and meat. Trying to work more veggies and fruit in, but until i have to i think im doing just fine.

Thinking that i am thinner than I actually am. Looking in the mirror i know im over weight, BUT seeing myself in a picture. OMG is that really me? do i really look that bad? UGH

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lost in translation
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I'm in total denial about exercise. Not only should I be doing it for fitness-related reasons, but it also helps a lot with my depression and anxiety. Yet, I still talk myself into thinking that walking a 1/2 mile to the metro station or taking a lunchtime stroll means I don't need to work out.
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The Radiant One
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I am in denial about my food portions at times. Fudging here and there on the scale. Or eating a couple crackers as I am portioning out my serving (and not counting those). Like they don't count if I ignore them!
~ Lori

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I'm in denial that my body is changing as I age...and not for the better.

I'm in denial that to make the changes I want takes sacrifice...no magic is around.

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ONEderland here I come!
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i am in denial that i'm in control of my finances
i am in denial that i'm sleeping enough
i am in denial that i eat enough dairy and fruit but not that i'm eating too many carrots and hummus
i'm in denial that 6 oz of salmon is JUST right when i really need maybe 4 oz
i'm in denial that i'm still hungry when i just want to eat stuff on plan because it' tastes so good.
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I'm in denial about the extra calories that the creamer in my morning coffee adds to my daily total. I've never measured it and I know I should, but for whatever reason I don't really want to know. I guess because if I did I would feel guilty about my coffee, and that's pretty much the best part of my day, so I don't want to ruin it.
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Default My denial...

Hot sauce has calories?? lol

Oh and I undercalculate the calories in bar b q sauce and ketchup!

Another denial: I eat enough vegetables ( truly alot) so it is okay that candy takes the place of my fruit

284 3/17 by

Long-term goal:
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I'm in denial that I don't have "enough time" to get as much exercise as I would like to. I could work in an extra half hour, or an extra day a week.

I'm in denial that eating out a few times a week is doable when I'm trying to watch my calories.

I'm in denial that it won't be tough to stay on plan living in a house where no meat is allowed, beginning August 1 (chicken and fish have been staples for me so far).
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Journey to New Self!
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Good post WarMaiden. I can relate. I can relate to you too NureMichelle.. I'm in denial about..

1. Doing enough exercise to lose weight. I know I can do more than 30 mins every other day, but I cheat myself and say 30 minutes is enough and make excuses like "well at least I burned some calories today, it doesn't really matter how many, it's better than nothing"

2. Eating right (at all times) in order to reach my weightloss goal. Here and there while at work I'd go to the snack machine and get something sweet.

....and sometimes I wonder why I'm yo-yoing and/or not losing as I think I should.. :/

I'm in denial about what I need to do to lose weight....it just so hard sometimes to eliminate old habits.
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