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Default Have you had a "yes" moment?

Backround: Dieting since my 2nd was born (9 years ago) but only getting serious the past month, and hitting the gym at least every other day for past 3 weeks.

I walk into work yesterday at caught my reflection in the glass door. This is usually when I divert my eyes and mentally beat myself up, but not today. What did I see, a belly not protruding as much and holy crap....a waist
I then realized that the t-shirt I grabbed was my tight one, and it was now snug, the way it was supposed to be.

My dinner celebration? steak fajitas, no tortillas, and a hand full of chips, that I separated from the basket (asked for a plate) and moved the basket to the other side of the table.

I have glimpsed the new me, and I think I'm gonna like her

So tell me, when did you realize that it was all worth it and working?
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For me I saw a video of myself when I'd lost nearly 20 lbs, and when the video was taken itself I still felt quite big and in desperate need of weight loss. But when I saw the video... hey I actually looked pretty good! And a lot thinner. I think for me that's when it really hit me that I have the control to get where I want and it's not just some foreign thing I see on tv and in other people
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Having a "skinny" day instead of a "fat" day!!
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I think my biggest eye opener was the goal photo album on this very site.. after spending about a hour looking through all the before and afters and reading the story's -- it set in that people CAN and DO lose lots of weight ALL the time!!! and because they stuck to it and didn't give up .. I know If I keep at it and give it my all .. for as long as I need .... no matter how long it takes ... its all worth it in the end ....

a few other things ...

I've lost 8lbs since I started and HAD to go to walmart to buy a new pair of jeans ... I literally only had ONE pair that fit me and they had holes in the knees lol , they said they were size 16 but I had shrunk them alot because I'd wash clothes on cold then dry them in my dryer that was broke and only worked on high ( I know dumb) so I had NO idea what size I was ...I grabbed a bunch of size 14 and 16's and headed to the fitting room and ALL of them were to big! I was confused at first ... so wearily I went back and traded them for size 12's ... I was nervous they would be to small and I was gonna be in one of those "in between sizes" and have to buy stretch UGH ( I hate stretch jeans ) .. nope sure enough the size 12 fit .... thats the first time I actually noticed my weight loss ... ( I don't see it in the mirror still ....)

The fact that I will be able to wear summer clothes in the summer Totally worth it .. I love clothes but I've been dressing like a bum .. because I feel to fat to showcase any cute clothes ...

oh and this ....

when in my apt and pre-preggo weight I had much more $$ and lots of cute clothes !!! .. well had a baby and moved into a house .. now I have 0$ to spend on clothes for myself 99% of the time ... so if I could just get back to my pre preggo size I will have about 3 LARGE bins of cute clothes to wear again

The most recent -- my neighbor ( much much older than I ) came over with a bag of clothes for me yesterday ( she cleaned out her closet ) ... and guess what size they were 12!!! ... any other time she gives me clothes I just pretend to be thankful and take them because I'm to ashamed to admit that me the 26 yr old neighbor is to BIG for her clothes! not anymore
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There have been a few of those moments so far for me.

One was like yours: I was at work, and caught a reflection of myself as I was walking down a hall. Normally I would cringe when I saw how my lower belly plumped out underneath the belt I have to wear.

I always compared myself to looking like a sausage with a string tied tightly around the middle.

But, I noticed that my tummy looked much, much flatter, and didn't protrude like before. No more sausage look!
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I've had a few "yes" moments. One was fitting comfortably in an airplane seat for the first time since I was a kid. And like everyone else, I've caught my reflection thinking, wow, I don't look half bad!

Another one happened more recently, when I went into the Gap (where I could never shop before), picked up a pair of size 16 jeans that looked way too small for me (according to my own faulty perception) and found out in the dressing room that they fit me flawlessly. Couldn't believe that.
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I've posted this before but I'll share again cause it makes me smile all over!

I have a good friend who lives several states away from me, but who I talk to on the phone several times a week. She lost 70 lbs a year ago and ran her first marathon last year. She has been my sort of inspiration for this whole journey for me.

Nearly 8 months ago I was leaving the gym, got into the car, and caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror. And I saw cheekbones. I mean seriously - cheekbones. And hollows under them.

So I called her and left a message on her voice mail telling her that I had cheekbones and I was excited. And then I hung up and burst into tears.

Since then I make it a point to notice - when I'm walking into the gym and see myself in the mirror; that I can feel my collar bones when I'm sitting at my desk; that my tummy no longer protrudes past my boobs.

It's pretty awesome, isn't it???

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We just put up our vacation pictures and there are a few of me in a bathing suit, and I didn't want to immediately take them down. In fact, I was quite pleased, which was a big thing for me.
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I haven't had my "yes" moment yet but it's still early. However, I did notice as I was rubbing my knee today that I felt a little more bone. So I've lost some knee fat? Lol...
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Fitting into clothes I wore in high school.

Fitting into a C cup bra.

Being able to play soccer for a long time without being winded.
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When I was losing weight, I would regularly have weekend "fashion shows" where I would try on clothes that had gotten too small for me but that I liked too much to throw out. They were a bunch of different sizes and it felt so great as I slowly worked my way into smaller and smaller clothes. I'd try something on one week and it would still be a little snug. A few weeks later, it would fit. Then a few weeks later it would be too big. Now all those "too small" clothes are too big. I'm literally the smallest I've been in my adult life.

Another yes moment was being able to feel my waist. In the mornings I used to just lay in bed with my hands on my hips because I loved the way my obliques felt.

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Haha, I lie in bed and marvel at being able to feel my hips too!! I thought it was just me who did mad things like that! At the gym, when i'm on the treadmill I can see my collarbone in the mirror and I love it!! I also have a waist now too, which is great! Got a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to seeing more changes in my body in the coming months!
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Yesterday I wore a pair of jeans comfortably that I had previously given up on. That was a kick in the pants--in a good way!
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My collarbone... every few lbs I feel it and it is the first thing I notice getting defined..
also my jawline
And really, it was when I went shopping at Macy's, I tried on a few dresses that I thought would never fit me, only to find they were either loose or fit me perfectly.. Also, the fitting room had 3 mirrors and I caught a look at my back in the dress and wow it curves!! it's no longer stocky, it curves-- even my love handles shrank enough for that!
that was my "yes" moment because I realized my shape was showing!

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Originally Posted by BlueToBlue View Post
I'm literally the smallest I've been in my adult life.
Wow, I just realized that this statement is true for me too, even though I'm not anywhere close to my goal weight. I was about 230 pounds when I turned 18. This is actually the smallest I've been since my freshman year in high school.

Another yes moment!
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