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Default I feel great>> watching what you eat does a body good yes!!!

You guys i feel great. Ive been on the SBD for two weeks this monday. i give up Dr. Pepper and I'm eating well also. i suffer from hypertension and for this past weeks i have not had one episode (no headaches, swelling of the feet or face.) i feel great! although i have not lost much but i feel great you guys and not sick all the time i can't wait to go to my doctor.
thank you for all your support

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That's terrific news -- congratulations!!! A lot of us may be motivated by vanity to lose weight, but health is so much more important. So glad it's working for you!
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I think giving up the Dr. Pepper was a good thing! Also, it looks from your ticker like you've lost 4 pounds? Hey, that's a good amount of weight loss! It may be slower than you'd like, but 2 pounds a week, average, is considered great. So, good for you!

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4 lbs is a great weight loss considering that you started only very recently. Congrats on giving up dr. Pepper. Every time when I read one of those articles that tells you how efficiently Coke cleans the rust stains in your toilet (or does other wonders) I am grateful that I don't pour that stuff down my throat.

Keep up the good work!
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Originally Posted by Tomato View Post
. . . one of those articles that tells you how efficiently Coke cleans the rust stains in your toilet . . .
You mean I've been scrubbing with a pumice stone and I could have just poured in a gallon of COKE????
Just kidding.

Congratulations. Isn't it amazing what food does to us and for us depending on our choices. I'm so happy for you that SB eating is working for you. Yeah!

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I'm so happy for you! It's fun to watch you succeed.
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