• So I have been adding fiber to my diet to help me stay full this past week and just experimenting with foods and etc in general. The past two days I have experienced the worst in passing gas and it is LOUD and SMELLY and CONSTANT! Does this stop over time as your body gets used to it or?? I am tired of running to the bathroom thinking I am about to have a bowel movement. I have to go back to school on Monday and sit in a class for 4 hours and there is no way I can keep this up.
  • When adding fiber to ones diet it is best to do so slowly to get your body used to it. It's also pretty important to drink lots of water if you're eating lots of fiber, since it expands in the stomach.

    Hopefully you will adjust to the new "diet" quickly.
  • It seems that not all foods high in fiber cause these reactions... some veggies and beans are highly known for their... effects, but other high fiber foods don't seem to do that. For whatever reason, I've never had that severe of a side effect from my increased fiber...

    What have you been eating/adding? How MUCH fiber?
  • I really haven't been keeping track of how much fiber I am adding to my diet. Mostly I have been just eating FiberOne cereal and their snack bars and then adding fruits. Come to think of it I just started the fiberone cereal and snackbars like three days ago and that's when my problem started. I'm not in any stomach pain or anything like I've been told you can be if you add too much too fast. It's just an annoying and loud and smelly problem. I guess maybe I need to start calculating that and seeing what my magic amount is and lay off the snack bars for right now. They are yummy though and are like my "candy bars".
  • Do it gradually and drink plenty of water and you'll be fine. Your body does adjust. I eat approx 40-60g a day w/o a problem.
  • I don't know the ingredients of the snack bars but there could be something in there that you are sensitive towards. Sugar alcohols could be a contributor or something else. So my guess is it may not even be the fiber.
  • fiber one bars are notorious for causing gas!! believe me i feel your pain...i did tried them again this week, and i will not do it again! Just don't eat them and you'll be okay!
  • I agree on the fiber one snack bars - I won't eat them anymore. They cause horrible gas.
  • Ditto on the Fiber One snack bars. I don't know what it is about them but they give me horrible gas. The cereal is okay, though. My family was ready to kick me out of the house.

  • I have days where I consume more than 60 grams from natural, whole foods. Yes, I have gas occasionally (the average person passes about 2 liters of gas a day, according to a Dr. Oz segment). It's not a problem. The body adjusts. Also, I take pre/pro-biotics.

    I agree with the rest of everyone who says all the artificial crap in "Fiber One" bars could cause issues.
  • Okay so that's 4 people against FiberOne bars. I'm going to not eat any of them today and tomorrow and see if that is what it is. If it is then I'll be switching back to my other Kashi bars that are more expensive and I get less bars. Oh well..Even my husband is concerned about the amount of gas I am having and keeps asking me if my tummy feels okay since this is sooo unlike me lol. The reason I started on snack bars is that I am in class for a good 4 to 5 hours and only get two separate ten minute water/bathroom break. Not enough time to eat lunch or have a big snack like yogurt/apples and I drive by a bunch of fast food restaurants on the way home from school so I NEED a snack to prevent me from being tempted/so ravenous so that I can drive home and just prepare "my leftovers" for lunch or make/cook my lunch.

    thanks for all the suggestions and support!
  • How about a different snack bar with more natural ingredients? I like the Cliff Nectar bars. They have 140 calories and taste really good.
  • I could never stay away from the Fiber One bars! Those things are sooo good. Your body does get used to them after a while. I've been eating them for over a year and I don't have any of the side effects any more. If you like them maybe try eating just half of one at a time and slowly build up. That's what I had to do.
  • The fiber one bars do it to me..but not always. It's crazy. If I eat a bar and a yogurt on the same it's bad. If I just eat a bar or just a yogurt, I'm usually ok. I love them so it's hard to stay away.
  • I've never had the fiber one bars (I don't like snack bars in general) but I found when I started adding BeneFiber to my diet, I did get a little gassy at first. I have adjusted to it and now it's not so much an issue. For a while I was somewhat socially unacceptable, though!