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Talking I resisted temptation and survived!!!!

I'm so proud of myself! I went to see George Micahels last night (which was awesome, by the way!) and I took a protein bar w/ me due to a fairly light dinner that I had. Anyway, when I got there (early), there were tons of vendors selling things I would have loved to enjoy: funnel cakes, pizza, cotton candy, margaritas, etc.). There were even people who even brouth their own burgers and fries from outside the stadium. It was all very tempting and I felt weak, but I knew I just had to wait until this guy came out and started the show. That was right on. As soon as he came out, all I wanted to do was dance away (after having worked out and walked the dog a lot). I feel so good knowing that I didn't give in to so much temptation. Afterall, once you finish the food, does it matter that you had it? It no longer makes you happy, it just makes you feel full, possibly bloated and guilty. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with all my fellow chicks!
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Whooo hooo!!!! Good for you.

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nothing can stop me.
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i feel you!!!!! i remenber when i went to the party of the year in my job , food and alc was all over. before i left my house i told my self im going to have water and orange juice only , my friend and my co-worker was like it's only one day is not going to kill . i said no thanks because if i do it today im going to do it all the time, so i had my water and orange juice and dance myself off all night. now i can say im a survived~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Yay! What a great NSV, and a wonderful reminder that an EVENT is cool enough in itself...you don't have to add anything (including junk food) to make it cooler.
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No description available.
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A produce party for you! Fantastic!!
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You're right, once you've had it, you're full, bloated, and especially out of a good chunk of money! If you can get pass that "but i REALLY want it" hump and get to the "but do i really NEED it?" part, you're just fine!
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Congrats! I'm not always as strong.
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Good for you in taking the healthy option!
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What an awesome feeling that is! Congratulations

(I'm jealous that you got to see George Michael, though. I can't help but move when I hear his stuff)
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