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Damn, Wildfire, it must be some kind of crazy teenage girls' moon! I got woken up all night by DD's friend's mother calling here asking if I knew where her DD was, since her DD had told her she was going out with mine. I don't know why she kept calling -- it wasn't like her DD was going to call me or anything. Stick to your guns, Wildfire, if you don't set limits now you'll be sorry later. You're a better woman than me for chasing down the other woman's DD -- I would have just left them to their own devices.
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WF - I hope you don't see me as condemning by any means. There are just people who shouldn't be parents and there is NO way to tell if who those people are until they are old enough to make rational decisions for themselves. After 15 a person is old enough to decide whether or not to have sex....younger than that I think it is more "social" thing for kids like a goal of losing your virginity. It isn't fulfilling and it damn sure isn't enjoyable until you find the right person. You can't rationally make those decisions until you are old enough to know who you are.

I don't consider 17 to young to get pregnant it all depends on the person....some people shouldn't have children at 40... I was 19 and singe when I got preggers with Devon and I was 20 when he was born... I was 22 and single when I got preggers with Sky and 23 when she was born. I wouldn't of done it differently.... my kids made me who I am now. "whether that is good or not" I don't know.

Well, we are ponding today, we worked on DH's mom's pond this AM and we are going out to work on our in a minute before it starts raining.

Sorry to hear about the fiasco with the girls... Wildfire.. It is so hard raising kids today! GOOD LUCK!!!! (maybe it is the moon)

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Hi everyone. I have to go to work in a bit. I was suppose to get today off but nope, not gonna happen. It's okay tho. Chris and his buddy are working on C's car. I don't want to be a part of that. Happy St Patricks day. I am not into the Irish thing. But my boys great grampa was Patrick Patrick. So they get a kick out of being Irish. I have a green teddy bear pin on so they don't pinch me. (by the way my grampa was Donald McDonald-how origional huh?)

I went all day with no soda. Half way thru the day I splurged on a vending maching lemonade. It calmed me down. I assume it is the cold, sugary rush, not the caffine I need. I tried to drink a diet juice drink the other day. Nope, diet things still give me the runs. Guess it is water or the real stuff.

I was at work yesterday. Came in at 1. The other floral designer was in making a huge piece. It was in a yellow urn about 2' tall. In that was a round cone shaped design. French boquet style about 3.5' tall. So the whole design was big!!!!!! It took over 3 hours to do. 4-if you are counting. The total came to 472. $35 an hour labor. Well, he came to pick it up and the top seperated from the vase. I told her to use hyicenth sticks to secure. Well, I did not know she didn't fill the entire vase with foam. Only a 2 inch thick piece in the vase neck. The whole thing crumbled. I had to walk away. I wasn't sure I could prevent myself from laughing. I know that is mean, but all day she was acting like a premadonna. Everyone was telling her how gorgous her work was and she was taking her sweet time designing while I was meeting and greeting guests. She was getting glue everywhere. Anyways...he'll hopefully be back this afternoon. She came in today at 9 am to fix it. I hope it is fixable. I know no matter what I do, nothing could be as embarrassing as this. She is already in trouble for missing work on Friday. (She didn't know she was scheduled-she was in on Thursday night) She also said she could only work til 2:30 today. The store is open till 9. So I get to pick up the shift. So, I am very valueable to them right now. Helps the ego!

My feet hurt. I am wearing a different pair of shoes daily. Just not used to pacing the dept talking to everyone for 8 hours. I almost didn't want to go to the bathroom on my lunch yesterday cause it was so far away!!!!!! How sad is that????

Well, hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday. I am going to treat myself to some candles from work tonight. We get an additional 10%. Yeh HA!!!!! ~flower
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See you guys on the new thread!
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