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Default Girl Scout Cookies...

Uhg!!! This is my hardest time of year. Those evil Tagalongs really do tag along...on my butt! I'm trying to start my "pre-diet" before my MF shipment arrives (I just ordered and it should arrive in the next few days), but it's not going so well. I keep thinking of all the food I'm going to miss...then EATING it! Girl Scout Cookies, cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, chinese food...you name it, I've eaten it in the past few days. Wow, I'm really frustrated with myself...
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Welcome! You can do it !
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What is MF?

I think the key is to make yourself understand that this is not your "last chance" to eat cheeseburgers, pizza, chinese food, etc, ever in your life. You can still eat those foods, just less frequently and in smaller portions.
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I'm with jellydisney. I think if you start to think of all those foods as off limits forever now, you will feel deprived! That makes it harder to stay on plan!

I know over the years I have really changed my eating habits. I eat foods I love, but they aren't the same foods I used to eat -- at least most of the time. I do sometimes indulge in some old favorites, but I find I want them less than I used to. I guess the point is that I don't feel deprived! But it was a mindset that changed slowly over time. And I think it's something I can do forever.

What kind of food plan are you going to be doing?

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I can't have the damn things in my house - to me a serving will ALWAYS be a sleeve. I'd much rather wake up in the morning and slide on a gorgeous fitted black size 6 pencil skirt than eat Girl Scout Cookies (actually, they are kinda WAXY) That isn't to say I deprive myself all the time, but if I'm going to blow calories, it's going to be something awesome, like molten lava cake. I limit treats like that to once a week - works GREAT for me.
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On behalf of all the mothers that stood outside stores with their daughters selling these cookies, I apologize. And I thank you for your money.

But truly, the money helps with the girls' activities. You've done that part. Toss the cookies. Recycle the box. You can DO it!!
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Thanks so much for all the encouragement!

Well, it's not that I think I can't EVER have those foods again, or even that I think I have to deprive myself of them forever...just for the next few months. Or the next two weeks if the Medifast plan turns out to be too much for me. I'm trying it out for two weeks to see if it fits me.

I'm starting on MediFast (jellydisney, what I meant by MF) next Monday, which is strict in what I can and can't have while on the plan. From what I've read and researched, it's actually really easy to stick to, so I'm not worried too much about not having the fattening foods while I'm on the diet...it's just this period leading UP to the diet that's been tough.

Especially sinceI didn't even buy the Girl Scout Cookies. My bf was trying to be nice and bought a box of my favorites. It was so sweet of him, that I wavered and had a couple...before I knew it the whole box was gone.

I've since requested that if he wants to express his love for me that he do it with diamonds...

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