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Ugh. I just had mine tested at work for a fitness challenge. 41%. But, as logn as it's a starting point I'm fine. I know that when I was younger, I was 16% at 135.
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When I was at 280 it was around 51-52% now I'm at 48-49% according to my scale.
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I tried to use the calculators that were posted, but I got values ranging from 17% body fat to 23% body fat, which seem slightly suspect to me given that I'm about thirty pounds overweight and clearly have at least a bit of extra fat to lose. On the low end in terms of body fat? I don't think so.

I guess I'll inquire about it the next time I'm at the doctor.
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Originally Posted by bambifox View Post
Wow! Thank you all for your input. It's really interesting to see how 2 people same height/same weight can be soooo far apart in body fat %!!! That should be motivation for us all to (symbolicly) chuck our scales out the window!
My sister started exercising about a year ago without changing her diet. During that year, she has dropped from a size 10 to a size 4, but did not lose one single lb. Her weight is exactly the same as when she started, but she looks fantastic and is wearing a much smaller size. So clearly she's lost a lot of body fat and replaced it with muscle. It's amazing what losing a little body fat and gaining a little muscle will do for you.

Originally Posted by LondonAngel
Do you know what is a healthy one? I've heard that 24, but I'm not quite sure.
"Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage" is an article that provides a good explanation of body fat, what is considered healthy, and how you can use it to determine if your weight loss goal is realistic.
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Originally Posted by BlueToBlue View Post
There are several websites that will calculate your body fat % using your weight and body measurements. Try BBLex and Freedieting.com. The results that I get from these websites and pretty close to what my trainer calculates using the caliper method.
B2B -- when you use these two websites do you get close to the same numbers w/each one? I just used these and got 36.6% on the freedieting one and 40% on the navy one. Using the forumula provided by murphmitch I got 28%. Hmmm. (I laughed out loud at the 28% -- for me? Um, too low I think!)

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Funny, I get 23% with the Fit or Fat one I listed. I also get 23% with the BBLex one. But with the Freedieting.com one I get 17.3%. I like that one. Makes you wonder how you can estimate body fat from measuring body parts without actually pinching the subcutaneous fat under it. I have always heard that the underwater method is the gold standard, but that calipers are the next best way, and that it takes an experienced user to do it right. I think my gym offers the skin calipers. I may ask them to measure me. Either way, I definitely think the body fat estimator on my Taylor scale is terribly inaccurate.

I think the most important thing is to consistently use the same method over time to track yourself as you lose weight.
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When I bought my scale I was 308lbs. It registered my body fat at 65% ...I was shocked but I guess at 308 it is what it is.

Now my body fat ranges between 54% and 59% really it changes daily so I just enjoy seeing it not in the 60s...
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