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Unhappy Please Help, I Need MODIVATION and DETERMINATION!!!

i start my diet tomorrow,
and I'm afraid that, yet again,
I'm going to fail miserably.
it's horrible.
i haven't succeeded at a diet for more than a week in almost a year.
i really need to get in shape for my dance recital and summer is coming up, and i want to look good in a bikini.

i don't know how to get more will power.
my cravings control my life, and I'm only 15.
I'm terrified that its going to follow me as i get older.
i want to break these habits before they get any worse.
anyone have any tips or suggestions?

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Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, you are only 15. Your body is going to change so much!! 120 is NOT heavy!
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Concentrate on eating healthy whole foods, avoiding junk and processed foods and eat reasonable portions. Don't "diet," don't starve yourself, don't eat a lot of "fake" diet foods, just be a healthy person.

I can tell you this as someone that started dieting at age 15. I thought I was sooooo heavy at 140 lbs (I am 5'7"). I did diet after diet, losing weight, gaining it back, ending up at 200 lbs at age 35.

At age 35, I started doing what I told you to do - eating whole foods, avoiding processed foods, avoiding junk food and eating sensible portions. Now, I lost weight and kept it off for 3 years, I now weigh 130 lbs which looks great on my womanly frame (when you get older, you gain a little weight - you get hips, thighs - it's sexy and wonderful, it's your body preparing to bring another life into the world but you look like a WOMAN not a GIRL).

So, I don't know if you'll take my advice - I sure wouldn't have at age 15. I wanted to be as thin as all the other 15 year old beanpoles in my school, I didn't understand why I was so curvy, I thought I was SOOO fat. I look back at pictures and I was definitely normal and not fat.

Dieting MADE me fat. Eating well has made me slim. You are the beginning of your life, learn healthy habits and be slender forever, I sure wish I had. I could have saved myself 20 years of self-loathing and not liking myself.

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The advice already given is great, but I have a question: how tall are you?

If you are 3'11" then yes, being 120 is probably too heavy for you. I am guessing, however, that you are the same height as the average teen girl and are probably about average in weight, too.

The media, such as magazines, TV shows, and movies which feature malnourished, skeletal actresses would have you believe otherwise. Keep in mind that many actresses and models starve themselves, have eating disorders, or get lots of surgical help to look the way they do. In addition, make-up, lighting, and airbrushing all make them look like they are perfect. Almost no one this earth looks like that naturally.

So, if you are comparing yourself to what you see in magazines or on TV, then stop.

In ten or twenty years from now, when you look at pictures of yourself from now, you will probably shake your head and wonder why you ever saw yourself as "fat" when, in fact, you were just a normal sized girl and would kill to be that "fat" again.

But, like Glory said, you probably won't listen to any of this. When I was 15, I thought no one really understood my problems, and I was too stubborn to listen to anyone who was not in my peer group.

However, if you are looking to lose weight the healthy way or are looking just to get more fit, then looking at the various forums on this website will definitely help. Also, if you talk with your parents, maybe they might be willing to help by cooking come health-conscious dinners or otherwise being supportive.

That being said....
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I, too, am concerned that you don't post what height you are at the moment. It makes a HUGE difference if you're 4'10" or if you're 5'5". That and you're 15. Let's face it, when we're in our mid-teens we're still growing as women and men.

If you'd like to be healthier, then definitely follow the advice that Glory gave you.
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You are already at a normal weight unless you are very short. A 15 year old is not done growing and should not be on a diet. In fact, no one should be on a diet. A diet sets you up for failure. Instead you should be looking to make permanent lifestyle changes that will keep you health at a normal weight.

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According to the CDC a weight of 120 is a healthy weight for a 15 year old who is 5'3". Obviously the height was a complete guess since you don't say. But I think 95 is pretty darned unrealistic and pretty darned unhealthy unless you're under 5' tall.

Please be healthy here. Even if you maybe want to lose a few pounds, don't go down to 95.

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Feeling like you're overweight is hard at any age. I know it hits teens very hard. You're hearing a lot of people tell you that you really aren't overweight, but I'm guessing that doesn't change how you feel. Do you have someone IRL you can talk with about how you feel?

What about exercise? Many of us find that strength training tones our muscles and makes us look great! You may not need to lose weight as much as tone what you have. Although I don't know the issues for someone your age -- you need to be careful when your body is still growing.

In closing, please know that all of us have been teens and remember the rollercoaster of feelings! We're trying to speak from experience with what we're saying. I know I wish I had gotten my habits under control when I was younger -- that's a great goal!
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