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Exclamation need to loose 70 lbs fast

hi all-
i need to lose 70lbs. i'd like to lose it by september,any suggestions on how to do this i've never been good at the whole diet/ exercise thing and could use some help. i think my biggest problems are 1) when i'm po'd and depressed i eat, and i've been depressed alot lately.2) i just don't have the motivation to get off my butt and exercise. any help would be great. if i could just go under 200 that would be fabulous. thanks.


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Hi Stef - Sept. is in 22 weeks, and if you want to lose 70 lbs by then, that is almost 3.2 lbs a week - a pretty unhealthy rate for weight loss. I'm not sure why Sept. is your goal, but I would shoot for 1-2 lbs a week if you get committed and serious. If you aren't a dieter, I would try calorie counting, somewhere between 1200 - 1700 cals a day for your weight and height. As for exercising, you will just have to find the motivation to do it: nothing magical about that. Find something you love and do it for at least 30 mins, 3 times a week. Let time pass, and the weight will come off. Good luck!

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Start a journal. Write down every single thing you eat and why you ate it. You will probably find some patterns that you can work on.

Like the PP said, losing 70 pounds by September might be a bit more of a challenge than would be wise to take on. Why not just start now and see how far you get by September? Celebrate any weight loss and fitness goals you achieve by then!

I don't know if there is any motivation to get *started* exercising. You just have to do it. No excuses - get up and move. Then the motivation comes. The more you move - the more you want to move, so get started!

Think of not exercising as not being an option for you.
~ Lori

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I agree with audrey and fiberlover that losing 70 lbs by September isn't realistic or safe. Any diet that has you lose that much weight that quickly isn't likely to be sustainable and you are likely to gain the weight back as soon as you are no longer following the diet. Do you want to lose the weight fast or do you want to lose it permanently? You are far more likely to be able to maintain your weight loss if you lose the weight slowly. Personally, I'd choose permanent over fast any day.
- Barbara

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You can choose what you eat, and you can choose what you do for exercise, but you can't control how fast the weight comes off (except with a chainsaw). Goals should be things that are directly under your complete control, that is actions, not results.

Imagine if you said, I want to be a concert violinist by September. You can take music lessons, and you can learn the violin and even become very good at it, maybe even eventually get paid for it, but the time frame is pretty much out of your direct control. You can only control the steps, so you should only focus on the steps.

Change is difficult under the best of circumstances, and to lose 70 lbs, you have to make a lot of changes. If you already know that you are dealing with the additional challenges of depression, emotional eating, and lack of motivation, "fast weight loss," is not only unrealistic, it sets you up for feelings of failure and frustration even if you succeed, but not at the rate you wanted and expected.

Pick a change, any change that you think would be easily accomplished, almost a "no brainer." Maybe it's drinking a certain amount of water every day. Maybe it's keeping a food and feelings journal. Maybe it's taking 5 minutes every day to get in some movement. The point is during that first week, pick a goal that's going to be a breeze to accomplish. Once you've got that success under your belt, keep up that habit, and pick up a new one that's a teensy bit more of a challenge... Yes, this is the slower way to make changes. It's also the less painful, and more successful way.
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just get started...exercise and watch what you eat...the weight will come off

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I'm afraid that there's no magic answer. September might be a little out of reach for what you're looking for unless you're willing to devote all your time and energy on your diet and exercise. I would suggest (like the others here) that you pick some lifestyle changes that you can manage and just start moving. The weight will come off, just maybe not as fast as by September.
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Wink Aim for being in ONEderland!

You said it best when you said you at least want to be under 200 pounds...now THAT is acheivable! Aim for that, and the rest will come...

I started by making simple changes...parking further away from buildings so I would have to walk, packing a healthy lunch for work, walking at lunchtime...
I read books about improving my health and metabolism... I started to become accountable by sharing my progress and foibles with people I work with...

Now I am counting weight watcher points, writing down everything I eat, and making better choices, including when I go to the supermarket. Everyone in my family is eating better!

I want it to work this time. My goal is an average loss of one pound a week, and keep it off!! I call it my 2 year plan, and I plan to be at goal in September of 2009. If I reach it sooner, great...if it takes awhile longer, oh well... At least I got there in a healthy way that I can stick with and make work...

Good luck to you...I know you can do this by starting today!Bethz

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pound by pound,day by day
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You can always try a low carbohydrate diet. The only thing is that you must plan on changing the way you eat for the rest of your life. If you return to old habits you will surely gain it back. I suggest you look up the South Beach Diet. I have lost 24 pounds since Jan. 28 on it so it works, but like I said be prepared to make lifelong changes. If you are anything like me, you will appreciate the weight loss so much that you wil not have any desire to return to old habits!

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by new years!
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I don't have any suggestions other than just get started and hopefully you can come close enough to your goal to make you happy. I am wanting to lose as much as my 70 lbs as possible before November. Good luck!
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S/C/G: SW:394/310/180

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While 20 lbs is a more reasonable goal, certainly, Just my opinion, but I'm still opposed to "goal by dates," on principle. If it turns out that you are insulin resistant, for example, even 20 lbs may be almost impossible to acheive by September. You could do everything right and still lose less than a pound per week. Also, when the goal is for a date or an event, most people tend to regain once the date/event has passed.

One specific suggestion I have, would be to join an in-person support group where you weigh in weekly. When you don't have a lot of self-motivation, sometimes a little positive peer-pressure and peer support can give you that little extra push. I'm involved in TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly) a non-profit weight loss organization, and I really love it. I've been a member several times in the past, and lost weight well, but regained when I stopped (thinking I could do it alone). In the early 90's I lost over 60 lbs in TOPS in Ottawa, IL but stopped when I got a job in another part of the state (I tried the groups down there, but just didn't find a local group I liked - looking back maybe I was looking for an excuse to give up). In late August, my husband and I joined the TOPS group locally.

Because it's a non-profit group, unlike Weight Watcher's, it's much less expensive (One year at TOPS will cost my husband and I less than 1 month at Weight Watcher's). You can buy (and usually can borrow from someone in the group to see if you want it) the official manual "The Choice is Mine," which includes an exchange based diet, but this is optional and members can follow any plan they wish. National yearly dues are $24 which include a monthly magazine, and chapter dues vary from chapter to chapter, but average under $5 per month (ours charges $3, though in our group there are several ways to earn it back. like losing 10lbs or losing 3 weeks out of a month). Every week, everone who gains, pays a dime per pound, and the biggest loser for the week takes it home. In a few weeks, our chapter is starting an exercise contest. Everyone interested pays $1 at the start of the contest, and then for the next 6 weeks, for every day you exercised 20 minutes or more, you can put your name on a slip of paper to be drawn at the end of the contest.

When I first joined, I thought all the little contests were kind of lame, but it's surprising how motivating they can be. If it sounds like something that might motivate you, it's worth considering. All groups will let you visit a time or two free to see if you like the group. My husband and I had intended to visit each chapter in our area (there were 3) before deciding which one to join, but decided to join the first one we visited, because we felt we fit in right away.
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All I'm going to say is if you set your mind to something you can achieve anything. If you want to lose 70 pounds by September I say go for it but please do it safety and healthy and don't get disappointed if you don't lose the amount you wanted to.
Good Luck
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