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Ilene the Bean
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Default Let's Get Crackin' Wk Two Results

How'd we do with our goals and promises in our second week?

Me? Well .... so-so.... I'll be very surprised if I've lost weight .... My own fault...It's 1AM so I'll weigh-in when I wake up ... It' won't be pleasant because I feel all bloated from too much sugar...

So this week I will, yet again, crack down....

I will run this week, as soon as the sidewalks look good...
I will bring my calories down to 1300/day instead of my usual 1400 to 1500, because I'm not losing any weight at this rate...
I will exercise daily, of course, that's a given with me... intensify it a bit more...
Drink more water, I forgot that this week for some reason...


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I had a very good week 2! I exercised 4 days last week, ate within my calorie range every single day except for Friday, where I went over by 200 calories (so not a total blowout). And I survived a very tempting weekend with baby showers, friends in town, dinner with the in-laws... all to lose another 2 lbs. last week!

My goals for week 3:

1. Exercise 5 days this week - 5 days of cardio, 2 days with weight lifting and 2 days with pilates.

2. Be more consistent in my meals. I find that I eat very little during the day and eat a lot at dinner. I still hit my calorie goals but I'd like to even out my meals.

3. Continue to make smart choices when eating out.

4. Bake a dessert (for other people) this week without sampling half of it while I'm baking it!
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Ilene the Bean
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Good luck FP!!

Well I was down 1# this morning :, I was shocked, but ecstatic ..... And you know what I almost didn't weigh myself because I was soooo sure I had lost nothing...

On with the week, I feel empowered now...
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I actually had an opposite surprize. I weighed this morning and had maintained. I relly expected to be up a pound or two since i didn't drink any water over the weekend and just kinda of ate what i wanted to eat. I don't think i stuck to anything i said i was going to do last week. I didn't make it to the gym not one day last week and this week is not looking good. I have a head cold and need to get some overtime in at work...so i don't know how this week is going to work out. On the plus side, i am maintaining at 134, so that's good news.
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I had a pretty good week.

1. Went to Jazzercise 3 times
2. Ate much better w/ less snacking
3. Better portion control -
4. Water drinking - not bad

Lost 3 another pounds

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Glad I found everyone!!

I had a great week -- started WW last monday and had my first weigh in today -- I was down 7.4 pounds!! Very nice way to start out -- I know I won't continue this much, but I have to say it definitely will keep me going this week.

Hope everyone had a great week.
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Wow, congratulations all! So many successes. Amy, 3# in a week at your weight? Please share your plan!

I guess I'm the one crapout this week. I must confess, I went totally off the rails this weekend. ALL weekend. I'm up 2# now. It's frustrating to work hard to get back to where I started last week, but I can't say I didn't earn it. Anyway, I'm ready to work!

I've been heavy on the exercise and may have to slow it down a bit due to an old shoulder injury, so I can't waiver on my calorie goals now. I'm aiming for POP until a family thing on 3/24, and keeping it simple:

1400 MWF and Sunday
1600 TTh (big exercise days) and Saturday


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I did every thing I planned to do except control my random snacking. Doggone it - I just never know what I need to hide from myself. This time it was my box of shredded weat. No salt, no sugar, but I munched away on too much of it. I also had a few pieces of raisin bread with jelly, a handfull of wheat thins, and some peanut M & Ms. the M & Ms are my DH's and usually I can leave them alone, but not this time. I didn't eat an inappropriate ammount of any of this stuff (unless you consider M&Ms inappropriate by definition ), but it's a bad habit.

Somehow, I need to make a committment to not snacking, but I am not sure how to do it. Just "not snacking" is way too general.
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