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Default Do you keep 3FC's to yourself or do you share with friends and family?

I feel guilty because my sister and I are both trying to lose weight together, but I haven't told her about 3FC's. I feel selfish in a way, but I feel like I need a place where I can come for support...that is just for me. A place where I can just be myself and talk about ANYTHING. My sister and I are very close, but losing weight is such a personal thing and it has so many emotional issues attached. I feel like I'm being sneaky by getting all of this support. It's kind of like I'm cheating in a way.

Do you share this site with your overweight friends and family? Or do you keep it all to yourself like me?
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I keep it to myself. I don't want anyone to know my weight...that's why. Once I'm smaller I'll share it so they can see how I've come so far. I just refer to it as, "my weight loss message board".
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This is all mine - I don't share. My family thinks they can tell me everything I need to know - like eat celery sticks. Never would I tell anyone how much I weigh either. So to answer your question - NO I don't tell them.
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I share with everybody - always have. I've written down the address on my business card more times than I can count, and literally tell everyone I know who brings up trying to lose weight. Well, except the CEO of my company, I didn't tell him. But I brought it up to my boss' wife at an office party.
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I share with my sister.. she is my best friend and all through life we shared our ups and downs. A sister should be someone that you can have a weightloss journey with at least in my eyes. We both have been struggling with our weight for years and we both know what it feels like to be a hot size 5 and then skyrocket to a 16/18... I get so excited when we share things about weightloss, she even uses me in the middle of the night when shes at work... she is an ob tech at a local hospital on 3rd shift and if she needs support or for me to tell her "dont you dare eat that". we are basically a boot camp for each other!!
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I don't share. I feel protected by the anonymity of this site. I can post whatever I really feel without worrying about someone I know thinking differently of me or realizing some of my dysfunction. Selfish, maybe.
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My sister is a size and always trying to lose weight!! If I told her about the site she'd probably come on and lose more weight!! Which would annoy me!! For now 3FC is my secret!
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I've told people that I go to a weight loss support site but I don't tell them where.

I guess I, like a lot of others, want to be free to be myself on this site and not feel like someone will recognize me and possibly make fun of me. I like having a separate group of friends (3 fat chicks) that I can totally talk about anything weight related and they understand.
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I've told people about 3FC, but I don't reveal my username, and I don't list stuff about myself that anyone could identify. I like to keep it that way. Sometimes less is more! Some of you other members may be real-life friends, for all I know... and I try to think of you that way!


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Okay now let me try this again now that I have my mom logged out lol She was over visiting and I've been trying to teach her how to get around on here. So please forgive me for the last post. I did delete it.

My friend Theresa shared the website with me *Thanks Theresa* and then I shared it with my mom (missrocky73)

I would not share this site with anyone else because I'm to ashamed of my weight right now.
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I tell everyone about it, but I'm on the private side, so I don't say - "When you get on there, look for me Walking2Lose"... Then again, I do have a couple 'real' friends who know who I am (know my user name). I encouraged them to come on here, which they did a few times (last year) but they never really got into it.

While I am a very open person, I am also very private. That may seem like a contradiction, but for me it is truth. So in that sense, a little anonymity is nice.
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DH knows all about it and has actually gotten into reading some of the calorie counting info. I have told a few patients about it and have talked to a couple of nurses about it. I'm sure if anyone of them got on here they would figure out who I am, but I wouldn't necessarily share it with my sister and I don't think less of you for wanting to keep to to yourself.

It's not like it is a huge secret. A little googling for weight loss support would likely get someone here if they wanted online support. :-)
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Yeah, I share it. Co-workers mostly...the ones interested in losing weight...I don't know if any of them are here though? Most people are so private about their weight they maybe wouldn't tell me they were here. None of my friends at the moment have the need, but I would share it. My sisters know that I post here, but none of them are members either since all 5 of them are size 7's and fit! I mean they "see" me IRL, so they already know that I'm fat! That's certainly not a secret I can hide and I don't post anything here that I don't talk about. It could depend very much on the dynamics of a relationship though - to share or not. There's for sure not a *right* answer!

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I tend to be a bit on the private side, but I would probably share it if anyone seemed to be interested.
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I am an only child, but I think I get what you are saying about not wanting to share w/your sister. It is not like she couldn't find this place if she wanted support. No one told me about it - like a PP said, I googled.

I would share if anyone asked me about it. I sometimes speak of my "Fat Ladies' Website" when delivering some wonderful nugget of diet information. I don't really want anyone to know how much I weigh, either, but it seems like if they read it on the internet it isn't "for real".

My DH really doesn't "get" what forums are about. He thinks all the people I talk about are people that I actually know in person. I have tried to explain....I guess it is nice that he thinks I have so many friends.
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