I broke the bed...again.

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  • And I wasn't even doing anything worthy of breaking a bed

    I woke up and sat up,pushing myself off the bed and bam!
    There was a sound of cracking wood and the bed gave and I fell. Now it's funny and I'm laughing, but at that time I just sat there and cried. my weight loss has stalled and my weight is creeping back up. i just never knew how bad it was because as soon as this happened I jumped on the scale for the first time in a while and was shocked to see I had let myself fall off the wagon.

    I've broke the bed before. Standing on it for fix the curtains. My Boyfriend blames the cheap way the bed was made. (even though it was a bit costly and I've only had it for a little over a year) but I can help but blame my massive rear end. -_-

    But it was pretty funny to see my boyfriend, who was sleeping..go flying when the bed broke.
  • Oh my dear....BLAME THE BED! Any sturdy and well-made bed should be able to hold SEVERAL people, let alone one or two. This has absolutely nothing to do with your size! Don't feel bad about this and let it deter you from getting back on the wagon...........A little tough love for ya - get back on the health train, you'll feel way better and if the bed breaks again you won't think twice that it could possibly be because of you!
  • Admit it, Sakai...you were jumping on the bed again, huh? We've talked about this.

    I'm glad to see your sense of humor is alive and well...maybe it's time for a new bed? Maybe it has a warranty? Cause you aren't that big. It should not be breaking after a year.
  • Oh yeah, bad BED! BAD, BAD BED!!!!! I really don't think it was you!
  • Heavens, it can't be you! It is definitely a bad bed! Get it fixed or replaced, and don't spend another minute thinking that it was you!
  • Its the bed, last year we had a girls weekend and the teeniest tiniest woman in our group went and sat on a bed and it collapsed. Bad beds!
  • two little monkies jumpin' in the bed...one fell off and broke his head...one little monky jumping in the bed............

    it's those dang monkies that's all dear!
  • Couldn't be you
    It couldn't be your weight that broke the bed...I weigh much more it must be a falty bed or something...

    although once a bent a metal bed frame...

    you should call the manufacturar and complain.
  • My grandson has the book AND the CD of the little monkeys. That was the first thing I thought of when I read your story. Five little monkies jumping on the bed, one fell down and bumped his head....Mama took him to the doctor, and the doctor said, NO MORE MONKIES JUMPING ON THE BED.......BAD, BAD, BED. The end.
  • Me? I would have been like: "This must be a sign. Oh well...I guess I should go for a jog...." LoL and cried the whole way.
  • lol I have broken a bed to. These beds they are made out of cheap crappy wood I SWEAR, while I was putting it together I could bend the support boards with just a little pressure so it was no surprise when I went through it... Its kinda embarrassing though.

    I got a metal one now, maybe you should to
  • Aw hellllllllll no. If me and my ex, who were both over 250 pounds could share a bed without breaking it, don't for once think that YOU had anything to do with the bed breaking. It's not that old, it may still be under warranty. Mine had 3 years on it. I'd get em to fix it or replace it.
  • funny you should post about this - just over the weekend, i was remembering my childhood, and the weird way the beds were construction. for some reason, the mattress didn't exactly fit the frame, so my parents put wood slats across the frame under the mattress so that the mattress would stay put.

    but, as i tossed and turned, at some point the slats would shift, and down would come the bed!!!!! and as i got older and heavier, although not even CLOSE to where i am now, this would happen more and more often!!!

    it's never happened since, not even when i weighed 500+!!!!!

    IT'S THE BED!!!!!!!!!!
  • It was definitely the bed. I bought a new bed a few yrs. ago from a store that was going out of business. It was beautiful and made of cherry wood with 4 posters. That thing didn't last more than 6 months and there was no way to get a refund on my money. It was basically about an $1800.00 waste. We ended up throwing away the wood frame and just sleeping on the mattress and box springs until we could afford another new bed. But, it sure taught me a lesson about "going out of business sales".
  • lmao its funny he went flying lol...