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Default I'm ready to do things differently....

First off I want to thank all of you who are listening to my whining about programs and plans. I think A Real Plan is a great idea. I guess I have up until this post, beem still in denial about how actually motivated I can STAY on my BabySteps Life Overhaul, when I'm just not seeing fast enough results in the onset. I am now realizing I need a major behavior change to at least begin this thing, to shed the first 10 pounds perhaps, that may not be my lifestyle once I'm riding (and increasing distance)and hiking up the mtn longer, and with more intensity, perhaps eventually with jogging intervals. I suppose in fact, that each 10 pound goal may need slightly different rules. But for now, the first 10 pounds is going to need great scrutiny in my food consumption. In essence, I'm ready.... but as far as programs like you are all doing so many different ones, I don't know what to do.

I've been carefully reading replies and I think that yes, it's a matter of timing, that in the beginning of a program, at least to launch it, it is essential to have something dictating my every move, besides just will power. Because I admit, when I'm hungry, or just think I'm hungry (about 10 times a day) I can not adhere to any fragment of will power. I have known times that will power has carried me through, but now that I think about it, (and I"ve carefully thought about it) those were times when I was already somewhat fit and happy about my body. The fact is, right now, at this end of 2007, I am very, very unhappy with my body. The new year may not see results if I just keep giving into this feeling of not caring enough. I know that many of you can relate. In fact, I have the behavior right now of a very obese and self destructive person.... though I suppose what makes it all not so dreary is that I have a great personal trainer in our GermanShepherd, and she gets me out hiking up the mountain 30 to 90 minutes a day. (some days I skip, when I'm really depressed and self destructive, and that's of course, cyclic).

So, given that I really feel resentful of having to spend any money or do math, what are my options ? You all are so resourseful , as a group, and I know this forum is what is going to make the difference this time. I thank you all, ahead of time, for bolstering me up and facing my next year with an attitude that this time I will find myself going in the right direction.

I'm not doing anything which excludes carbs, or requires buying packaged food. I am willing to get some better knowlege about calories, and to keep a food journal , but I intend to continue cooking everything from scratch, as that is my personal philosophy. I essentially know what to do, but find it impossible when I'm so unhappy physically, and frumpy, and give in to every little craving.

Okay, now I hope that I may figure out from advice, once and for all, my next step. DH's Company's Christmas Party tonight, I'm going to eat lots of fattening Mexican food, but tomorrow is the Day I will set into motion, a legitimate Diet Program... and be accountable to it!

Thanks again.

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I read your Baby Steps plan thread, though I didn't comment. I applaud your decision that you need a plan - something you commit to yourself to follow. You can create your own plan, you don't need to use a commercially based one. What you need is to read around here an other places and come up with a calorie count that will let you lose. To do that you need to figure out the calories of what you eat. There is no need (barring any medical condition) to cut out any food category like carbs. you just need to be aware of the calorie count and of course that you're eating the portion that count relates to. There is a calorie counters area here on 3FC, and I'm sure you can get some good information there.

As for exercise, it sounds like you've been doing what you're doing long enough that your body doesn't consider it "extra" anymore. So yes, you'll need to up the intensity and/or the frequency, or find something else to add in the mix. Sounds like your dog has no interest in you dropping the daily hikes.

And baby steps can still apply. You don't have to jump into changing everything from the first instant! Pick one small thing and change that. When it's a habit, add another, and so on. I'm sure you'll do fine. You've put a lot of though into this, and it sounds like you're read to start.
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Calorie counting. It's the best. Sign up for Fitday, the Daily Plate or one of the other food log sites and start logging what you eat--no math involved. It can be a bit labor intensive in the beginning as you add your foods and meals, but it gets to be much less trouble with time. I also cook and never eat prepared meals (except for occasionally in restaurants), fwiw. There's also a learning curve for distributing your calories throughout the day, but as long as you accept that, it's not a big deal.

My suspicion is that you're going to feel a lot better about the process and your ability to make concrete changes once you start losing weight a bit more quickly. My sense is that you're feeling frustrated and restricted without seeing any of the benefits that theoretically should come along with the restriction. A more systematic approach might just be the ticket.

If you do decide to count calories, check out the calorie-counting forum. There's tons of handy info there and lots of people willing to help with menus and advice.

Oh! And just to add to my sales pitch, I recall someone recently citing evidence that calorie counters tend to do the best with maintaining their weight. Anecdotally, almost all of us over in maintainers count calories.

When did I become such an evangelist?

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I will reiterate - you don't need to spend money. I bought a few books, but the very same books are available in the library. I have read almost everything there is in the library about weight loss. Every once in a while an author will say something in just the right words, and I finally "get" an important idea.

I cook from scratch every day of my life - well, almost. I have really enjoyed the challenge of finding things that taste really good and are reasonably easy to make and low in calories/high in nutrition.

Just relax and let yourself do this. Don't fight it. You are so lucky that you enjoy exercise, I still don't , but I have come to realize, in my heart, that it is a necessary element in acheiving a healthy lifestyle, just like you are realizing that that you are going to have to put some effort into to your nutritional goals. Isn't there some old cliche about anything good requires effort?

I think fitday will help you understand what the math is about. I think you may be thinking about fat grams, percentages of fat, protein and carbohydrates. They make little charts so you can see what's going on. You don't need to figure anything out unless that's "your bag".

To make a silly analogy, my aim is to feed myself like the label says on the dog food can - a complete and balanced diet to maitain your pet yada yada. I want to be at least as healthy as my dogs.
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