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Default Weighing myself every day

Is it a hinderance do you think? I was weighing once a week, but the last few months Ive found myself stepping on the scale everyday. Im thinking about telling someone to hide the scale until my weigh day, I think its making me discouraged, because everytime I see a pound go up...I get sad.
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Hey makinthechange,

Some folks do OK with weighing every day--others do get too tossed around by the scale fluctuations. If it's too discouraging, then put the scale away and only weigh once a week. It's completely what works for you!

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I actually weigh myself 2-3 times a day - I enjoy watching the fluctuations - good & bad....a lot of people don't agree with my method, but it really makes me strive to eat healthier & exercise daily. I personally rarely have a "down day" from weighing myself daily as much as I do.

However, like JayEll stated, it doesn't work for everyone...some people it depresses and if that is you, I would tell you to lock up your scale. We are all in this weightloss thing together, but we are all very different people!

Good Luck!
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I weigh everyday and probably always will. It helps me see that weight fluctuates throughout the month and I can see a higher number and not freak out around certain times of the month. It also holds me accountable for those cheat meals that cause the salty or water weight gain the next day.

I agree, if it makes you edgy or depressed, stop doing it. If you find that it helps you on your weight loss journey, then by all means continue.
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I, too, weigh everyday. And I will continue to do so forever because as soon as I don't hold myself accountable to the scale, I know I will regress. I am not overly concerned by the exact number that the scale reads each day, but I know the range that it needs to stay in and am determined to keep it in that everchanging range. Also, for me, I find it far less dissappointing to see little fluctuations each day than to wait a week and not see the loss I expected. The let down between not losing between Monday and Tuesday is almost nonexistant, but to go a whole week and not lose would be harder. Just my opinion, of course, find what works for you and do that.
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Another daily weigher here. I find that when I can actually see my weight trending up over several days it's much easier to adjust my behavior .

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I used to weigh everyday but it really made me sad when te numbers went up so now Im trying to weigh only once a week... its working so far 4 me!
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You've got to know yourself and find what works best for you.

I had avoided the scale for close to 15 years prior to my lifestyle change. That didn't work out very well for me. Sure, I knew I was morbidly obese, but I can't help but think had I just been more aware of the actual NUMBERS maybe that would have woken me up sooner and I would have taken action sooner.

I now weigh myself everyday. For me, it's a reality check first thing in the morning. It makes me aware and intune to my body. It reminds me that what I put in my mouth affects my weight, and therefore my health.. If I do go up a pound (or more) and I haven't strayed from healthy eating, then I don't let it get to me. If I go up a pound and I know that I've eaten something "off", well then there you have it - reality check. No burying my head in the sand.
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Maintaining :)
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Another daily scalehopper here. Like Robin, I avoided the scale for eons. I do log my weight into Fitday, and also into Excel. In Excel, I track weekly averages, and "one week ago" and "one month ago" numbers. It helps me put everything into perspective. I may jump up a lb. from yesterday, but a month ago I was 8 lbs. heavier - I can live with the fluctuations when I look at the bigger picture.
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I HATE the scales. I get obsessed with the number. I hate the fact that a normal daily fluctuation will set me back emotionally. I find that a big loss = excuse to cheat. A small loss = discouragement. NO loss = frustration and tears. SO not worth it to me.
For ME, my ONLY goal is to stick with my weight loss plan 100%, and let the pounds take care of themselves, and to weigh myself NO EARLIER than once a week.
HOWEVER, I have found that I need to weigh daily in order to maintain my loss! I have maintained 50lbs off since 2004, and that was through daily weighing, so I could catch the small pounds before they grow into large numbers.
SO, for my final push to the finish, ONCE a week on the scales is more than adequate for me!
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I weigh daily, and record the weight. I consider Monday weigh-in's to be my "official" weight for the week. Personally, though, I don't think how often you weigh is all that important at all, or at least it doesn't have to be.

Whether you weigh hourly, daily, weekly or monthy, you can be doing so in a healthy or unhealthy manner. I think how you view the scale (and your "numbers") and how much importance and control you give it over your life matters much more than how often you use it. The scale is only a tool, it isn't measure of your self-worth, and you shouldn't let it control your life and emotions.

If weighing daily is stressing you out, you can try weighing less often, and that's a legitimate choice. However, if you still stress out about it and let it control how you feel about yourself, you've only reduced the problem, you haven't eliminated it.

Obviously it's easier said than done, but I believe almost anyone can learn to take the shame and self-recriminations and unrealistic goals and expectations and negative emotions out of the process of weight loss. You can change your behavior to accomodate a set of skewed beliefs and emotions, and sometimes you may have to, but I think the first choice should be attempting to bring rationality to your weight loss process. Seeing the scale go up a pound whether at a daily or weekly weigh-in doesn't have to ruin your whole day. You can be smarter and stronger than that.

When you "talk" to yourself, practice doing so as if you weren't you, but someone you love and respect very much. What would you say to a friend in your situation, what would you tell them? If your best friend got on that scale and it was up a pound, would you ever say or even think "How can you be so stupid, you fat, lazy, ugly cow? You disgust me. You're always going to be fat! No one will ever love you!"

So if you wouldn't treat a friend or even a stranger that way, then don't treat yourself that way. You might think "I can't help it," but would you accept that excuse from someone who was being mean to other people? Wouldn't we say to them that they do have a choice and they don't have to be cruel to others? I think the same applies to ourselves. It might be difficult to be kinder to ourselves, but it is within our power to do so, and mostly it's a matter of practice.

My theory anyway.
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When I was morbidly obese I did know what I weighed. Knowledge didn't help me...

Nowadays I weigh several times a week. Mondays are "official" but I weigh other times to see how things are going. I usually can handle the fluctuations, but will admit sometimes the scale gets to me.
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I weigh daily. And I now understand that your body will fluctuate over the week. I just note my saturday morning weigh in though.
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I weigh twice a day every day - once in the morning and once before bed. I only record my weight on Fridays. I think what works for you is what you should do.
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I have a calendar in my bathroom and on it I record my weight (as I drag myself out of bed to pee) , and also my exercise everyday. I can then see correlations, if I even bother to scrutinize

It doesn't matter if the weight goes up or down, one's mind can trick them in a positive or negative direction either way : (Oooh, I lost a pound, I can pig out and it won't be noticed... or... oh sh_t I gained a pound, I am going to put my head under the sand and pig out. Or, either way one can become more diligent, it's not the scale, but our abiltiy to OWN UP to the moment -- NOW" -- and take control > not easy for me, I admit.

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