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baby steps
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I don't think I can say anything better than all these wonderful ladies have, but I just want you to know that you are not alone in this. Every day for ALL of us is a series of choices, some harder than others, but we make them because we know what we are gaining is more important and satisfying than what we are giving up.

Another option you might think about is searching out a healthy cooking class, or even watching some of the TV shows that deal with low-cal, low-fat, healthy foods. That might get you enthusiastic about this, and make it seem less like a chore.
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Well Inky...I don't stop myself. I've tried those lettuce diets and always gained my weight back...cause I can't live on lettuce forever. I always pigged out on sweets because I'd been depriving myself of them. Now, I don't deprive myself, and I don't stop myself. I don't eat lettuce either.

I eat lean meats, whole grains, with more fruits, veggies and water. And when I WANT something sweet, I have something sweet. I just had to learn that I didn't have to want it every day. And I can count it into my calories or count it as a day off sticking to my diet.

I stopped keeping it in the house because if it's here, I'll overeat on it. By not having it here, I can only have it once in awhile. If I decided on something sweet at the store, I buy something that is one or two servings. I'll often pick up a small dark chocolate bar, or go to the bookstore where I can get just one or two Lindor chocolate truffles. If I get a bag of those, they'd be gone by the end of the day.
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Originally Posted by goincrazyinky View Post
I was wondering if anyone out there lost a LOT of weight by doing a type of slim fast diet where you drink 2 protein shakes, or eat 2 protein bars and then eat just a Lean Cuisine meal for supper? I guess I am always looking for a way to lose tons of weight where it is fast and easy.
Really, the more important question is: Who has lost a ton of weight on a low calorie slimfast/lean cuisine diet and kept the weight off permanently.

I know that I did a radical low calorie diet in college and lost a ton of weight very quickly. I ended the diet with a potato chip inspired binge on the July 4, started eating the way I "normally ate" and gained back weight so quickly I have 3 permanent stretch marks on my belly to remind me of my folly.

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Sorry I did post before reading the whole thread, after reading the whole thread...well, what finally did the trick after 20 years of yo-yo dieting was switching my focus from weight loss to overall health. Instead of restricting foods to lose weight, I ate foods to be healthy. You can read my whole story in the link in my signature.

As far as sweets, I faced the fact I am a sugar addict. I can't have sweets in the house. Once I stopped eating them, they lost their power over me. I still have the occasional treat, but I limit myself to splitting a dessert in a restaurant, or a single serving of ice cream in an ice cream parlor or a biscotti at Starbucks with my non fat latte. I know that for me, if I eat one bite of a sweet item, I will want more and more, so I just don't eat that first bite if it's not part of my plan. I've had some occasional slip ups in the 3 1/2 years, but I always forgive myself and get right back on plan.
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Default hi

Almost any diet works if you stick to it. The problem with most is that you can't stay on them for an extended preriod of time. I don't think protein bars or slim fast are the best ideas but they can help you get started.

Do you keep a journal? Sometimes it helps to write down what your feelings are and why you are eating. Weight is mostly a mind thing.

We all love food, that is why we are here. Choices are up to you. Decide what you want and why you want it. I am dieting to be able to play with my grandchildren and I have to be fit to do that. You said you wanted to be able to walk with your husband when you go camping. Good start. How badly do you want it?

We all get tempted with food that we don't need. Everyone has to decide what is important to them and how they will handle it. I do keep sweets in the house. I have a bag of frozen minature snickers bars right now. I know I can have one whenever I choose. But only one a day. i can choose when. Knowing that I can have it cures my cravings.

Have you made a weekly menu out yet? Or even a daily? You have to know what you are going to eat and have the food in the house. Be sure to add snacks for when you know you will need them.

Best of luck to you, You can do this if you want it badly enough
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Originally Posted by goincrazyinky View Post
I tried just eating 3 healthy meals a day, but then after a while, the cravings come in for something sweet, or somebody offers me birthday cake or something blows the diet and there I am pigging out again and in this endless search for the secret of HOW TO STAY on a diet plan.
THIS is the thought process you need to address. A piece of birthday cake does not BLOW THE DIET. I think that is the mind set you really need to work on, the thought that it is all or nothing. You seem to be thinking along the lines of "I had a piece of cake, forget this, this isnt working, binge today and tomorrow we will try to find an equally restrictive diet in hopes that that one will magically turn me in to a perfect eater" (you arent alone if you do think that way)

I realize that the greysheet community you were trying is all or nothing, but for most of us that isnt REALITY.

The reality is that while losing 40 pounds, I have had some HORRENDOUS meals, even horrendous days and not once did they BLOW the diet. Oops, I had a piece of cake, or a LOT of pieces of cake or whatever. The only solution is to start again at the very next meal, back on plan.

Pick a plan that is healthy and you can live with for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. And when you eat off plan, dont beat yourself up, just get back ON plan
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3 + years maintaining
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As far as finding food that you like, you MUST experiment. IT won't happen overnight. Give it some time. Go produce shopping. Read around here. We've got some great recipes threads. Check out the 100 lbs club. Here's 2 great threads full of great recipes:


I always thought I had no strength, no will power and that it was just my destiny to be 287 lbs at a mere 5 foot tall. But that was nonsense. Yes, I always wanted to be thin, but I wasn't willing to do the work that was necessary to get me there and keep me there. When I finally decided that I didn't want to be fat anymore, that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life being worried, unhappy and miserable, that's when I found the strength. It's there Pat. I promise you, dig down deep. It's really, really there. Losing a lot of weight is 100% doable and you too CAN do it. Stay strong. It's so very worth it.
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ennay has an excellent point. If someone does give in to some cake or a cookie, that does not mean that they've blown it and get a free binge.

Here are some metaphors people have used to describe this:

If you tripped on a step while going up the stairs, would you turn around and throw yourself to the bottom?

If you were driving and you got a flat tire, would you pull off the road and slash the other three?

If you bumped into a tree with your car, would you then back up and slam the car into the tree again and again?

When someone makes a "mistake" while on a program, the thing to do is to get right back on--not throw in the towel and eat everything in sight.

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