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Softykins, I also use Gold Bond powder in my personal trouble spot. I have a scar from having 2 c-sections and the abdominal fat that exists (I sure hope to have a flat tummy some day soon!) and I always have a crease there. Once in awhile during hot weather I get itchy and all red in that area, just like your issues.
One thing I always do each time after I shower is to blow dry the spot while holding up the (hate to use this word, but it's all I can use to describe it) flab and make sure it's completely dry in that crease. Then, I use the Gold Bond Powder liberally there. If I get hot and sweaty, I re-apply the powder in that spot halfway through the day. I don't have any problems anymore since I started this "treatment".
Soon, we who are working hard at weight loss, we will succeed and be able to say that we used to have this problem, but now the flab is gone and no more creases exist!
Good luck and hugs to you,
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Thank you all for your wisdom on this thread, and to the OP for feeling safe enough to get it started.

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After my first night with Desitin, I gotta thank the poster who recommended it. My skin is 10x better. Bfore I put that on, I had put on some yeast inf cream. For the first time in over a month, I feel soooooooo much better.
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I meant to put something in a later thread and put it here instead

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Before I started this Plan, I used to get rashes in the creases all the time. Drove me crazy. Thankfully I don't get them anymore.
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I don't have as much of a problem with sores as I do with body acne - I tend to get pimples in my cleavage/bra line for some reason. I cannot wait to try the H&S/zinc shampoo routine now. I think it'll really help preventing the oil buildup causing my body acne and I also have rosacea that I would love to control with something other than an expensive facial wash.
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Originally Posted by ANOther View Post
I meant to put something in a later thread and put it here instead
Ah....that is why this 3 year old tread got resurrected.

With that said, I get skin rashes too every time I eat dairy. Never fails.

I had yogurt yesterday and got a rash under one underarm this morning.
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Default Thank you all

I live in Arizona and suffer from dry eyes. Seriously dry eyes. I take pilocarphine for the moisture it gives my eyes. Problem is that it gives me moisture all over!! So I feel your pain. These rashes have been driving me crazy. I just want to thank you all for the hints you have given me to cure these rashes. Gonna try them all. Oh did I forget to tell you that I'm overweight?
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I have had trouble with this, too. Most often after (or during) camping trips, as my personal care routine is not the norm. I also have more trouble in the summer.

I have found a very quick treatment, I use a triple antibiotic cream. I've used several brands and generic/store brand works just as well as the brand names. I wash and dry the area then apply the cream. I always keep a small tube in my purse, just in case. They can get painful quickly, and will also develop quickly with out any warning.

I have had them in several areas, including one that showed up right along the underwire of my bra. Only once, but I was really grateful I had found that antibiotic creams helped clear it up fast!
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