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  • Well my mini goal is 180 I can not believe that I got back up to 200 again. My heart is going to pay me back when i get older.

    Wish me luck!
  • GOOD LUCK!!! You can do it! Weight jumps happen. I've had two in the past 6 months. This time, I'm finally overcoming and dropping and so can you!!!
  • bethmart, you can do it! And don't worry--your heart will be fine. Stay active--go for walks--get some physical activity in your day!

    We'll be here to help!

  • Thanks. As I sit here and sip my grapefruit juice I know I can do it lol
  • Of course you can do it...look at the 85 you have already lost. Obviously you know what to do. You can do this....just stay positive and keep going!!!!
  • Im proud of myself the only sweet thing I ate Today was Frosted flakes. But I added a banana so I wouldnt eat as much cereal. Cant fit alot of ceral in a bowl if you put a sliced up banana in there.

    I only drank 5 cans of diet coke. That seems like a lot but its not for me.

    That is the only sweet stuff I had. I count the soda.

    I have fruits and veggies the rest of the day. My body feels good.

    Yesturday I washed my car and weeded for extra activity and Today I walked the dog and gave him a bath.

    I have a dr appointment tomarrow and I am going to donate blood. Then later on I have a meeting at my daughters school. But sometime sureing the day mydaughter wants to go pick up the trash around our neighborhood.

    Shes 5 isnt that cool!! If I were a kid I dont think I would even notice the trash. She noticed it when we were walking and wanted to pick it up. I said no she needed gloves on.....GERMS!!!
  • So I went looking for what my ideal weight should be.

    5ft 7 inches 30

    Its says

    157 lbs
    121 - 160 lb Medical Recommendation 121 I would surely look dead thats how much my bones weigh

    Your current Body Mass Index is 31.3

    __________________________________________________ ____________
    This one said

    Ideal weight range is 148 - 162.8 lbs. (67.3 - 74 kg.).
    You are overweight by 37.2 lbs. (17 kg.).
    You may wish to consult with your physician for medical help.

    I like that one better

    is there an accurate one out there? And how do you truly tell your frame size? That one said wrap my fingers around my wrist..... I have big long hands and small wrists but I have to think I am big boned. Im a mens eleven in shoes my color bones sticks out even now when I am 200. My hands are bigger than my bfs lol I got long skinny fingers. I pelvic bone sticks out too....Weird
  • Those were both very interesting...ty!
  • Keep going bethmart! You're learning a lot!

    I don't trust those on-line sites too much--each one seems to have a different number. According to the body frame, I would have to get down to my bones too!

    The BMI numbers are a good guide for weight range, even though the BMI is a very general thing and not always accurate.

    Body fat percentage is another good measurement, but you just can't find this out on-line. Some of the bathroom scales these days will measure it but it's only an estimate. Still useful.

    Good for you for making those changes! Small changes, little bit at a time--it adds up if you keep with it. Try Special K instead of Frosted Flakes. Try making your own soda by adding sparkling water to some fruit juice.

    Good for you! And your child--how great it is that she would want to help clean up the neighborhood, and how great that you will help! That just makes me feel so happy!

  • Well another day has passed. I woke up feeling good Today. I usually wake up and go back into a coma and want to sleep all day. But Today I really feel good.

    Thanks for all the support it is so helpful. When I think about going to the kitchen for a snack I think of you guys here. Late last night/ This morning I was awake and wanting a snack. Late at night is one of my worst eating times because I am alone. I chose one little pack of oatmeal. The pack that you just add 1/2 cup of water to it.

    It took away the hungry feeling I had.
  • Oatmeal--a good choice! You're doin' it!

  • Another day is passing and I am binge free!!!!
  • Yessss!!! Go! Go! Go!

  • Thanks. I am kinda cheating in a way. For A few days after my "friend" comes to visit ( my period) I tend to lose my appetite. Does this happen to anyone else? Is this why we binge before it starts because we loose our appetite after it starts?
  • Ok so last night I ate BAD!!!! I started working in a new area of the sotre Sunday and it about killed me. Its alot more work than the other area I was in. Its alot more heavy lifting. Anyways when I got home I was hungry and super tired. I just know I burned way to many calories at work so I had a bad dinner.

    I ate a Hamburger and hot dog and about 30 tater tots. I figured my body burned that many calories at work so i called it even ha ha ha