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WOW! You guys absolutely ROCK!!! Thank you SO MUCH For all of your suggestions and words of wisdom and kindness! You really don't know how much it means to me!!

There are some excellent suggestions here for my dinner meals - this is my main weak spot, dinner. During the day I usually manage quite well, and I 99% of the time get all of my veggies and fruits in during the day. I have even started to get a fruit cup (well, "cup" - the size of a Starbucks Frappuccino) instead of giving in to temptation on the goodies that are available at work instead.

I have a grill that we use regularly at home. It's a kitchen/electric grill and it definitely fits steaks, burgers, chicken and fish easily on it. I could actually chop up extra veggies in the mornings for dinner, marinate meat, etc., and then if my DF has to cook, it's already ready for him to do so.

I also have a crockpot, but the only thing I know how to make is beans I could invest a little time in looking up crockpot recipes online

I will take the long route home on the bike. I checked out another route yesterday (yep, I went on my bike for 30 minutes + ; of course as soon as I got out the heavens opened up and poured down onto me... seems my luck lately!) so I could do just that.

The consensus seems to be to use my time in the weekends to do MORE exercise. I need to just get myself over the "but I'm so frickin' tired" feeling and do it. I did do that last weekend, when I went on my elliptical for 45 minutes. I just put my headphones on and watched a couple of episodes of The Office until I was called to dinner.

When I'm travelling to and from work I definitely use my DVD player or iPod to watch something and/or listen to music. This has helped a lot. It's also a great idea to listen to something inspiring as well. This morning I thought "maybe I should watch 'The Secret' while I'm on the train" - I think that could really get my brain going in the right direction

I have actually maintained at this weight for quite some time now - at LEAST a couple of months. I guess what is most discouraging is that I want the weight to go DOWN. On the other hand, I obviously am doing something right and the weight isn't really going up.

I wanted to show you guys the fridge I have:

So I'm pretty much working with it as much as I can!! I did already take one "shelf" out of the side so I could fit my soy milk, juice, etc. in there better.

AGAIN - thank you all so very much! this has really helped me!!
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