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Finding My Bliss
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Default My Hunger is Elusive...Help!

Okay, this is a weird problem.

I am not so very hungry in the morning and I am almost afraid to eat for fear of waking the "hunger monster". Stupid, I know. I realize that I need to eat to rev up my metabolism and to avoid blood sugar issues later on that will result in overeating later.

I could go until 3pm without eating hardly anything! Then, I inevitably feel the need to eat a meal in the evening then eat all the mini meals I should have had earlier!

I am trying to regulate myself to avoid this pitfall but I am just not hungry in the early part of the day. Also, I am afraid to eat because then I'll overeat or not have enough calories left for later. Crazy, yes?

Anyone relate?
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Yes, I can DEFINITELY relate! I am not at all hungry in the morning -- will gradually feel a few little pangs around 11:00 or so -- but don't really get "hungry" until late afternoon/evening. Then watch out, because I want to eat everything in sight! I am older than most of you, so this has unfortunatly been my eating style for many years.
Like everything else in my life (sigh), I'm trying to change this. On those magic days that I don't allow myself to eat late in the evening, I force myself to start consuming some healthy foods earlier the next day, and finish the day in this mode, attempting to have all food consumed by 6:30 or so.
I remember once a "naturally skinny" friend of mine was amazed to find out that some of us have a nightly battle about whether we graze all evening or not. She said she would have supper -- clean up the kitchen and turn out the light -- and NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT FOOD UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING! That conversation took place 15 years ago, and I'm still amazed. Do you think she was being honest??
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Finding My Bliss
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Maybe she was telling the truth. I have known a person or tow who could care less about food, and thought about it only in terms of being fuel. It is rare, but I have seen it!

Me? I think about food a lot of the time. It sucks. It seems like I am always thinking of what not to eat or what to eat next or when I will eat next or what I just ate...*sigh* Can you say OCD? LOL!
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It's a hard habit to get into, but if you don't eat after 7 or 8pm then you should be hungry in the morning. I know some researchers say calories are calories, but if it helps make you hungry for breakfast I say try it.

Breakfast is another hard habit to acquire, but (as you know) very important. Try eating breakfast for a week and see how you do. It doesn't have to be right when you wake up either. Just try to eat something within 2 hours of waking. I believe there are studies that have shown that breakfast eaters eat fewer calories over the course of the day.

Oh, and I'm still a little OCD about what I eat. I plan everything out so meticulously, that when I'm in an unplanned situation I don't know what to do. Too bad I'm not more OCD about house work. Lol.
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I'm strange.... I HAVE to eat breakfast thru the week. I get all dizzy & headachy if I don't.

But on the weekends? I can go til lunchtime without a single hunger pang. I have to FORCE myself to eat breakfast on weekends.

I don't get me sometimes.
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Trying to eat not too late (and no 11 pm snack) may indeed be a key. If I eat too late and/or too much in the evening, I seldom get hungry before 10-11 am, and I *am* of those people who normally can't go without a solid breakfast, preferrably more than 3 hours before it's time for lunch. I think It'd be worth a try, at least.
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Finding My Bliss
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I am trying to do the "no eating after 7pm" thing, but when I eat dinner at 6:30pm, I find I want to eat more after the dinner! Even if it is healthy snacks, it's still calories It's not like I don't have other things to do...I think the snacking is a habit, my way to realx.
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I am definitely a breakfast eatter. I look forward to my oatmeal w. fruit and coffee in the mornings. I dont go to bed on a full stomach though. I make sure that its at least 2 hours before I go to bed after I have eatten. I watch the show "workout" and from what jackie says.. you need to eat every 2-3 hours.. mini meals to keep blood sugar stable and often if you feel a hunger pang its often too late, your blood sugar has already dropped. She recommends "B,S,L.S,D, have your tea and go to bed and get some rest" I dont drink tea so whatever maybe I have a cup of decaf or something. I guess her point is to never let yourself get hungry because then you will take in too many calories and your blood sugar has dropped so your body is more apt to store fat. She looks great, so why not believe it lol.
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I am the opposite of most you. I am a morning eater. Then my heavy snack attack is around 3 pm. and i could eat until the cows come home. But once i eat dinner at 5:30, i dont eat again til morning. I dont want a snack at night at all, food just doesnt interest me after dinner. weird how we all have different hunger times. I have never thought about that before.

But hey Soulbliss. It sounds to me like you are sabataging yourself. Try it for a day and start your day with a really hearty breakfast, with low carbs, high protien and see how your hunger is throughout the day. If i have oatmeal for breakfast or a bagel, i am starved ALL DAY. If i have a high protien bkf, i am good at not overeating the whole rest of the day and on those high protien days, i dont crave carbs at all. I bet you wont over eat at night, if your body isnt starved by evening.
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The reason why you are so hungry after eating breakfast is because that hunger is your metabolism moving and burning calories. It gets your body out of sleepy starvation mode and into wake up and burn mode. Try pacing meals through out the day. For the first week you may find that you are hungry a lot more but your body will get used to when you plan to feed it. Then you may find that it is harder to live without breakfast.
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Thanks Soul Bliss: "I am trying to do the "no eating after 7pm" thing, but when I eat dinner at 6:30pm, I find I want to eat more after the dinner!"...me exactly!
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what time do you guys go to be though? the no eating after 7 rule is more for those who turn in early ie: "they" say to stop eating 3hours before bedtime. I go to bed at 2am at the earliest. There is NO WAY i'm stopping eating before 7pm!

I usually eat my supper at 7-7:30..sometimes I want an after supper snack and sometimes I don't. I did notice that wt loss stalled when I was eating 150cal after supper snacks EVEN when I was still in the target cal range. So now I tell myself Yes if I am hungry or even just Really Want a Snack, I will have it, but has to be 80 cal or less..
1 granny smith apple
a small pear
that yummy jello/yogurt dessert
just plain jello or sf yogurt
small dish of sf pudding
My consultant said I could snack after supper but for the later night eating don't mix protein and carb together (like no cottage cheese with fruit) Don't know if there's any truth to it, but I did stop, and am losing more consistently (but as mentioned, I'm also consuming less calories than I was after supper)

Its like anything right? If you tell youself you "can't " do anything, all of a sudden you'll be obsessed with it, and be ravenous every night,,lol at least that's how I am..so I have something very minor, and don't look back

PS for the night owls, I find a late supper is perfect in that it keeps me full and more often than not I don't even have my late night snack
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Another option would be to eat a small snack at 11 a.m., (the time you said you first notice a bit of hunger) and see if that helps.

Good luck!
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