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Default RANT big girls in lowrise jeans.

what is up with low rise jeans in sizes 18+ thats not even funny.. i dont see how a plus size woman (like myself) can wear low rise lol i can only imagine the things that would be hanging out lol. anyone else see a problem with this?
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Depends on body shape. At my highest, I could wear low-rise pants with longer shirts and it looked fine because of how my fat was distributed.
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um, some of us are so short-waisted that those low-rise pants hit us just a tad above our waists . . I try to buy all my pants low rise or i end up rolling them down 3 or 4 times. This has been the fashion trend i've been waiting for my whole life! I love having pants that don't hit me right under the boobs!!!
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oh alright now i understand why so many of the jeans i saw said low waisted.
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I don't know if it has anything to do with size. I think it's more body type. I have some fairly low rise pants that I realy like. However I am so sick of seeing peoples butt cracks. so many people are wearing them with short shirts and every time they sit down or bend over, there it is. My sister is a size 6 or 8 and very tall and her crack is always showing. I realy dont need to see that.
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I agree that I don't like see fat spilling out over pants and skirts and shirts. However, low-rise depends on the body shape. I'm 200lbs, short torso'd, and 5'3-4. If I can't find the pants I want in low rise- they don't fit. Low rise comes just below my belly button and they are a god-send. Who wants to where pants under their boobs if they can help it?
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Originally Posted by Puncezilla View Post
However I am so sick of seeing peoples butt cracks. so many people are wearing them with short shirts and every time they sit down or bend over, there it is. My sister is a size 6 or 8 and very tall and her crack is always showing. I realy dont need to see that.
THANK YOU! I wouldn't worry as much about plus sized people wearing them as the skinny ones--I swear, if I see one more THONG sticking up over the pants...can we say TACKY?!
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I'm one of those that don't like low-rise pants, on me or anyone else! I remember the "hipsters" in the 70s that always felt like they were going to fall off. Ugh. (My mom only ever bought me one pair of those, and I think that was a mistake). I don't want to see butt cracks either. But I can see now that it depends very much on body type. I wouldn;t wish pants-that-come-up-to-the-boobs on anyone. So yay for those stores that offer pants in various "rises" to cater for everyone.

And what's with all the short tops in ugly polyester or knits that cling to every lump and bump? I prefer a longer top that skims over the lumps and comes below the derriere rather than stopping just above it and thus emphasizing it. But most of the stores I go in will have longer tops in the skinny section and hideous short things in the plus size section. Even my teenage "normal sized" DD said "OMG no wonder you get depressed" when she saw the garbage on offer."

Gah! I hate shopping.
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It's interesting though...in low rise pants, I'm a size 14, but in other pants, it's generally size 16 or even 18, depending on the brand. Nevertheless, I love the low rise pants because it fits me perfectly, and no, no fat is playing peek-a-boo!

I also agree on that whole showing the butt crack with your favorite pair of thongs for the day. I have a sister in a law who's just a tad bit deluded as to what her weight is, and so wears pants as tight as possible, while at the same time, showing off her thongs. It's just very tacky to see this while she's bending over to pick up her son. Frankly, I think it's just a tad too much air conditioning back there....
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Yeah, I don't care what size you are. I don't wanna see ANYONE's crack. I just don't get it. Why would some one WANT to show off their crack or thongs or whatever else is going on down there?
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Hah! Definitely one of MY pet peeves! I think they look awful - and yep, tacky - on skinny people, and worse - yes, I said WORSE - on heavy people!! But they're awful on anybody, regardless of weight. Of course I came of age, as they say, in an era when form-fitting long-sleeved black turtleneck jerseys and tight jeans with big, bell bottoms was pretty sexy. And in summer, long India-cloth "granny dresses" or skirts and jerseys. We actually thought WE were pretty scandalous. But compared to what I see out there now, we were downright prim and proper. NOW, having said all of that, I do think that it's important to have some CLUE about what looks good on your own body! If you're short-waisted, then I would imagine that lowrise pants are a godsend. If, on the other hand, you're long-waisted and wear them, one would have to assume that you CHOOSE to "show off" your butt-crack. Newsflash! It is NOT the most attractive part of the female anatomy...???? Or the MALE anatomy, for that matter...I had a plumber once who was rather overweight, and whose pants slid down in back when he was bending over to work on the pipes...and it was NOT a pretty sight!
Gee. Seems like I'm getting carried away, here, eh? Better get myself out of here...

Take care all, and keep up the great work!

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Heh! This is an amusing thread...

Yes, it depends on weight distribution. I carry my fat on my abdomen--even when I was my thinnest (125, as a 20-something) I had a fat pouch around and below my navel--so lowrise pants were just not a flattering style. Now they are--well, silly. But I have friends who have fat elsewhere and find those pants comfortable.

As for the plumber... I found a catalog that offers T-shirts for working men (and women) that have a long tail in the back, so that the problem is solved. It's the Duluth catalog, if anyone is interested.

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I actually love low-rise pants...if I can find them in my size that is lol.
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I think low rise pants are probably great for very short people with shorter torsos-so the pants are not up to their belly buttons...and for very slim 16 year old girls. No one else.

My pet peeves:

~Low rise jeans with shorter shirts, where I see butt crack, or the "T" top of someone's thong. I want to carry a pair of scissors with me, and just bend down and "cut" the little "T" sticking out of the jeans.

~Low rise jeans on someone with the "apple" figure type with a tight shirt. Yes, low rise jeans may fit apples better...but they also accentuate the belly/love handle fat. Think of the booty looking like the cupcake paper cup, and your love handles/belly in the tight pink baby tee looking like the brightly frosted muffin top explosion over it. It is drawing attention to the one place that apple figure types are flawed-the fat stored/concentrated in the torso area. If you are an apple and love low rise jeans-wear a sweatshirt/regular fit t shirt, or something besides the tight little baby tee.

~Women who have JUST had babies, and their lower abs are not back in shape yet, or they are covered with stretch marks-and they are wearing the low rise with the little baby tee, and you get the glob of loose marked skin hanging out the front. I have had 3 babies...and I wouldn't wear an outfit like that if you paid me...but I see it every day. What amazes me, is the women wearing it have great legs, hair, lips, breasts, or what have you-and instead of focusing and accentuating their good features, they dress to where you are focused on the one flawed area. I don't get it...

Low rise jeans just don't work well with a taller person, unless you are a size 2 and literally have NO butt. They are made for people with no butts-cut like mens jeans. If you have a butt, the jeans are too slim fitting through the hips, etc. and too tight in the rear-lots of low rise jeans will say "slim fit" or "slim through the hips and thighs". They are designed to make you look like a boy, in all honestly. They are not meant for those with curvy hips and thighs. Relaxed fit jeans are made more for women with rounder buns/thighs. They will say "relaxed through hips/thighs" on them.

I love boot cut jeans, and flare leg jeans...but I will be so glad to see the low rise/slim through hips and thighs jeans go bye bye...if I want jeans cut like that, I can go over to the men's department and buy a pair of theirs-essentially the same thing.

Also-in most average height women, the waist is at, or slightly above the belly button. The waist is not 3 inches below the belly button-that is the upper hip by a seamstress/tailor standards. Look in the mirror-the waist is actually much higher. My waist is my best feature, and I am tired of jeans hitting me in the fatter area, and not showing it off.
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I don't know about anyone else, but I find this "new" terminology for jeans completely confusing. I swear half the time I can't find anything BUT low-rise and lower-rise jeans! And then all the bell bottom legs brings me right back to the 70s. And yet, some look good on me, and some don't and I haven't figured any of it out yet!

At least when I was really obese there were fewer choices and less confusion!
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