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Default I feel myself slipping.....help!

Hi everyone! I'm a long time lurker here (used to post...now just read!) and need some advice or encouragement or something before I go crazy. Perhaps I just need to vent...who knows. I started this "diet" on January 2 of this year. So far I've lost like 43 pounds...have gone from a size 24 to an 18...I have been so totally into this...haven't strayed....haven't cheated...haven't been to any fast food places (well, maybe a couple of times!
) and for the most part I feel GREAT about my food choices, my weight loss and my total comittment!! So WHY do I feel like straying?? Why am I suddenly losing my grip?? Sometimes I just don't care. It took all that I had over the weekend not to raid the frig!! Something stopped me though...which is good...but what about next time?? Does anyone else know what I'm talking about??
I know that dieting is all about playing head games with myself...but I know if I start eating like I ate before...all of this weight will be back on in no time...I know because I've been here many, many times before. I just don't want to fail......AGAIN.....and have to start back at square one! Any thoughts/suggestions/help will be appriciated!!!! TIA Lisa
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But look how far you've come! Don't give up!

Many of us here count calories to keep ourselves accountable. Have you ever considered doing that if you're not already?
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Since you feel so good about how your doing, maybe your just bored with how your doing it? You could try changing things up a bit. Last time i started eyeing the "good" stuff (term used very loosely) I changed my whole schedule around, dinner for breakfast with new recipes and exercise at different times of day, stuff like that.
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I know exactly how you feel. I started a similar thread back in March. I got some really good advice. But I'm happy to say that I pretty much stopped myself mid-slip, largely in part due to all the support I received from 3FC. Take a look if you like. It's kinda long.

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OK, crabbyinvegas, take a deep breath... easy there...

So, you've lost an average of over 10 pounds per month--wow--That is really good!

But it's also really hard! You must have used a lot of restraint! Are you counting calories, or... ? And also I'd guess you've been exercising. Any idea about your calories in vs. calories out?

The reason I'm asking is that you could just be worn out by how tough it is. Anyone who's been through this knows that losing weight is no picnic. It could be that you are just too HUNGRY at the moment! Tell us what you eat in a typical day--it might help us make some suggestions.

Don't give up--as ThePickle said, sometimes it helps to change things around a little bit. And I'm sure you've read Robin's thread... You're not alone in these feelings for sure.

Hang in there--stick around!

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It's so easy when you've been working on something like weight loss for so long to just give in and tell yourself that you deserve a break, or a treat or something. And doing something like that is fine - even healthy - if it's done once in awhile as a real treat. But be careful of slipping back into that mindset. I'll wind up telling myself that I deserve to eat whatever I want and whatever tastes good (what sense does that make?!) and then before you know it, I've put a few pounds back on. Lately I've been popping a stick of sweet gum to keep my mouth busy when I have those cravings and physically removing myself from the vicinity of food and that seems to be helping. Good luck finding something that works for you
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Default Treat day

I have learned that you need a treat day. One day a week, where you reward yourself for staying on track. Note: do not eat your progress! If your plan limits you too much you will resent staying with it. I just got to a part in Dr Phil's book about negative self speak. He says that even though you are getting thinner that it takes time to actually "mentally" catch up with your body. You are getting smaller and I am sure it is creating attention. Sometimes all that attention is scary and creates some subconsious desire to feel comfortable again (like when you weighed more). I hear all the time how great I look (compared to a few months ago) and what I see in the mirror is still someone that is not happy with what they see. I continually have to tell myself that I am making progress and that every day is a baby step to my goal for a happier, healthier more energetic ME!

Stick with it!!

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