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baby steps
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Default Yuk I Look Terrible

I am going training for my job today and reality hit me really hard about 10 mins ago,

I look like a big fat lump, why hadnt i seen it before?
I wanted to look a little nicer than i do for work and i have trawled my wardrobe and have ended up feeling really low
I have a big bulging tummy it hangs down and a wobbley over hanging mid-drift.. I feel like not going

sorry for making anyone else feel rotten!!!
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3 + years maintaining
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First of all good luck to you on the job training. That sounds exciting! I hope it goes real well for you.

As far as looking like a big fat lump, well I'm sure lots of us here have felt that way at one time or another. Lots. A good thing to keep in mind though is that we are our own worst critics, without a doubt. We often see things that others just don't see. We're aware of our flaws and the rest of the world, they're just not as in tune to it as we are. Everybody's into their own flaws, lol.

Along with the start of a new job, this might be a good time to make some other changes as well so that you can start feeling better about yourself. Not sure exactly what your eating is like now, but for instance if you drink lots of sugary soda, try cutting back and elminating that. Instead of snacking on chips and chocolate, try some fruit. Instead of frying chicken, try grilling or roasting. Add some more veggies and take away some of the high carb stuff. Add a 30 minute walk somewhere into your day. Before you know it you've added some healthy habits into your life that is sure to bring on a positive change. Good luck to you!!!
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Yeah, what rockinrobin said!

I think a whole bunch of us here know exactly how that wardrobe problem feels. I once went somewhere in a business suit that was a little too tight, and when I sat down I split out the seam in the back of the pants. That helped me decide that I had to change.

But take heart! You are going to change that! You can!

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Wow!!! Look at you!! You are already making changes. You are going for job training, which means you either got a new job, or a promotion. So congratulations on that front.

Also, you have already dropped 4 pounds!! That means you are making positive changes in your physical life. Congrats!!!! Just keep up the good work. Remember, we didn't get fat over night and just because we want it, we aren't going to lose it overnight. Depressing, I know. But you are on the right track. If you are going to a new job, go ahead an try to make healthy habits. Try to go ahead and stock your drawer with good for you snacks. Also, take lots of water around with you. Alot of times, our drinks of choice are formed by habits. I try to not drink anything but water after 11am. I try to limit my coffee intake to just one cup a day.

Anyways, I may not be the best to give advice...since my numbers aren't really moving down, but don't give up hope. You are already making positive changes. Just keep up the good work and keep coming here for support. Hope you have a great day and good luck at training.

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Come on Spring!
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If I can make a wee suggestion, you might feel better about yourself if you change your user name to something more positive. Just PM me if you want me to do that.
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Hang in there! Keep posting and venting... that's what we are here for.
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Wastin' Away Again!
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Sounds like you're in a slump today! - Don't sweat it hon! - we ALL get that feeling from time to time... even when I'm in "skinny mode" ... sometimes I wake up & it's just a bad day.... hate my hair, my skin, my height, you name it....

Just remember - like your name suggests: YOU ARE WORTH IT! Worth the time & effort it takes to look your best & feel your best.

Chin up, little trooper... we're here for you!
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