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I wanna be a loser, too
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Default This healthy eating is killing me - ER visit

I just spent the better part of the afternoon and evening in the ER. My diverticulitis flaired up. It started last Thursday. I started altering my diet for it. However, today I went to my doctor and she immediately sent me to the ER.

I had a cat scan. My first one. I must say, even with the IV, "hold-in" enema and out and out pain, the cat scan doesn't hurt as much as a mammogram.

I had to stay there for a very long IV drop of some sort of antibiotic. I refused the second one because I wasn't going to sit there for another hour when 45 minutes had passed and they could have started it after the first one finished. They gave me a pill and I came home.

Apparently I can't eat as much high fiber as I was trying to force and do the raw veggies and all. I'm going to have to add them back in slowly and build up to as much as I was wanting to do.

Oh well, tomorrow I get my scripts and broth it for a few days.

I'm really hoping that I don't get called for jury duty. I'm on alert all week. So far it's been check back tomorrow after 5.

No exercise either until next week. I was just starting the WATPs videos. I was really getting into them.

If all this isn't enough, I have to go and have some sort of lesion (sp) on my face looked at. It may be another skin cancer.

Honestly, this is almost enough to make me want to give up on trying to clean up my body.
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I'm so sorry for you! What an awful day. What an awful week! Jury duty?!? On top of everything else. I don't know what to say, except that I feel bad for you and hope that things start going better, and that you start feeling better.
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I wanna be a loser, too
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Thanks, crazy.

It looks like I may be able to get back to my WATP dvds next week. I've had to completely stop any exercise for about a week with this stuff.

I'm still po'd at my dr for their scales. Those things are all over the place and I can't get anyone to listen to me about how the pointer is seldom centered and when it is, the scale has 2-3 lbs on there to make it centered and they won't deduct the 2-3 lbs from anyone's weight.

Oh well, we are thinking of changing doctors anyway.

I'm feeling better. The meds are working but I'm considering going off one of them as of Sunday. I had an hour IV of it on Monday night in the ER. I've been taking it and it makes me sick. I got some anti nausea meds from my doctor but she gave me enough to last until Sunday evening. I called in a refill and haven't heard back from them. Besides, the metallic taste is dreadful.

I will continue the other antibiotic until it is done. I can't have greens or any calcium/iron rich foods with it. I'm missing salad and spinach. I also miss having my Kashi in the mornings. I can't have any dairy. I watched them having cheese and crackers on Survivor the other night. I really want some cheese.

Come to think of it, I miss having some wine as well. However, with this Flagyl (the yucky one), I can't have any alcohol. Won't be able to have any for 72 hours after my last dose. Oh well. I'll be able to have some a week from today!
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I`m so sorry for what is happening to you. I know that diverticulitis can be really painfull, my aunt have it. I hope you get better and back into your regular life soon

Take care

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Hope you feel better soon.
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Yes, resist the wine and flagyl combo!
I'm sorry you are going through this and I hope you feel better soon.
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So sorry about what you're going through, cbmare. I hope you mend quickly.
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