Planning for Tuesday March 6

  • b - cottage cheese, kashi

    s - yogurt

    l - half a bagel, cream cheese, turkey, banana

    d - shrimp w/ red peppers and pineapple, rice
  • B: English Muffin, Nonfat Au Lait, Banana
    S: Banana or Apple
    L: 2c Couscous Shrimp Salad
    S: Apple or Banana, Edamame, String Cheese
    D: Probably another salad, not sure yet
  • B~egg white on 50 cal ww tortilla
    S~choice of apple or yogurt or cottage cheese and pineapple
    S~see above snack choices
    D~homemade empanadas (using won ton wrappers instead of pastry to save calories) and rice and beans
    S~the will power to stay away from the girl scout cookies that DD brought home last night!!!
  • B: oatmeal with blueberries
    S. V8
    L. brown rice, baked Thai tofu, steamed veggies
    S. almonds, orange
    D. baked catfish with asparagus
  • B- turkey pepperoni; pineapple; ricotta mixture....
    S- coffee with sugar and irish cream; cheese string and turkey pepperoni
    L- asian salad; 3 low fat hot dogs with mustard
    S- two tomato rice cakes
    D- hmmm not totally sure
    W- 5L
    E- already did 75min
  • B - Oatmeal with chopped apple and cinnamon
    S - Nonfat yogurt with blackberries
    L - Italian Wedding Soup - 2c
    S - Orange and 1 c. lt vanilla soy milk
    S - South Beach High Protein bar (before gym)
    D - Salad w/ grilled chicken, broccoli, roasted red pepper, tomato, carrot, and cucumber with homemade fat free honey dijon dressing, plus a fruit salad of mango, orange, apple, and banana.
    S - 1/2 c. rainbow sherbet
    W - 5L
    E - 55-60 min cardio