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PinkyPie 02-27-2007 04:08 PM

Where are all the International Chicks?
I know I can't be the only one... most everyone here is in North America, and there is a group of UK Chicks, but what about those who are in *other* places?

I'm in the Netherlands - originally from the States but here for the last 13 years :) I would love to meet other internationals... maybe you weigh in KG, maybe you do your food weighing in grams, litres?

Let me know if you are here!

Vega Botain 02-27-2007 04:48 PM


I'm from Mexico, and yes I do all measurements in kg, lt, cm, it's a little challenge getting all the portions in the right amounts sometimes hehe. Oh and Mexican food is so good and hard to stay away from! Good part is: fresh products are easy to find and not too expensive!

Nice meeting you!

ZedAus 02-27-2007 06:21 PM

I'm in Western Australia and we measure in kg etc. I found it easier to find a converter for when I enter things in here, as most of the 3FC population is in the US and most of the other people have other ways to convert pounds etc.

Nice to meet you both.


PerthChick 02-27-2007 07:02 PM


I am also from Western Australia and I spend quite a bit of time in the Aussie Chicks thread. You're more than welcome to drop in over there at any time.

I read through a lot of the other threads, but haven't managed to inspire many people to chat to me. P'raps I'm just dull :).


PinkyPie 02-28-2007 02:13 AM

Ah, I didn't realise there was an Aussie Chicks thread too :lol:

I'm so glad you are here, Vega, Zelma and Ani!

Vega - I'm originally from NEW Mexico and I need to get my fix of Mexican food occassionally (the Dutch make it to their own cultural tastes... which is... bland! :lol: ). I have a supply here so I make it myself, but then I really plan for it because it's a challenge to make it slim-body friendly! Luckily, we too have lots of fresh veggies and fruits available here too.

Zelma, Ani - it must be late afternoon evening for you now? Ah, I definitely dream of going to Oz one day. How's your summer been?

What sort of eating plans are you all on?

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