Feeling the difference, but not seeing it.

  • Before you lost the weight, did you guys ever like... I dunno... feel your bodies? Like, rub your thighs and feel how big they are, or feel where your collar bones are and stuff like that?

    Well, before I started losing weight, I always felt my body. Now that I've begun to lost weight, I don't see a difference in the mirror but I can feel the difference... like, when I feel my body. It feels smaller.

    Can anyone relate? Am I just being delusional? lol.
  • I don't think I really felt my body before. If I would have I would have felt all fat and nothing else.

    Now I can tell you I am finding lots and lots of bone. My collarbones, my shoulders are loaded with bones, completely forgot about those. My hips have bones as well. And the back of my thighs have muscle. My husband keeps noticing as well. I think it's finally hitting me that perhaps I really am a lot smaller. In fact I went to hang up some clothing in my closet yesterday and came across two jackets of mine from dressy suits that I have. I've only saved a few of items of clothing from before my journey, everything else I have given away to charity. I popped them on yesterday and I was amazed at the difference. I can fit in almost 2 of me now in them. I can definitely fit in one of me and one of my teenaged daughters in them. I am so glad I kept a few items. This is a great way for me to see just how far I have come. The mirror is still a strange object to me. I don't think I saw just how fat I used to be and I don't think I see just how much smaller I really am now.
  • I have only lost a small amount of weight. But I can feel the difference in my neck and felling my collarbones. Sometime I measure myself if I am disappointed in the scale. I know with exercising 90 minutes, including weights that I am getting smaller and stronger.
  • Oh yeah. I always used the hip bone test as proof I wasn't really fat, after all, if I could push through the fat to bone, it can't be that bad, can it? Oh yeah it can, lol. I notice all my bones and muscles as they start to show, for me those are ALL NSV's!!
  • No, not delusional. Before I started I could never wrap my hand around my wrist (i.e. the fingers wouldn't touch), now they overlap. I love feeling my hip bones...I never knew I had any! I can feel muscle on my legs, big strong muscles from running where only blubber was before. I can actually feel my belly button now without having to pull back flab. I'm reminded each time I sit on a hard surface as my hip bones feel it.
    Sometimes when the mirror or scale doesn't show change, touch does. It kinda keeps me going ya know.
  • I totally agree!! When I look in the mirror I don't think I look any different. However, I do feel a difference in my body. Especially my hips, thighs and definitely in my collarbones, and in the way that clothes fit. From what I've read around the boards this is totally normal, not delusional. It takes a while for our brains/eyes to catch up with our bodies.
  • So, it's not just me. I never felt my body before, but since I began losing weight I definitely am noticing bone where I never noticed before. Like when one of my grandchildren sit on my lap I have to shift them because I don't have all the extra padding I used to have. I was changing clothes one night and lifted my arms. When I got a glimpse in the mirror of these big dips between my neck and my shoulders, they were because of my collarbones sticking out. I don't remember having those before.

  • oh god, i still do that. I pincht he back of my elbows and the fat above my knee caps. And the back of my thighs. Ughhh ..shudder...

    It's weird. People tell me I dont have any fat to me but I feel this loose tissue. When I flex it becomes firmer but its just feels funny to me when its "loose" and jiggly......
  • nope, your not delusional...hips and shoulders are where I notice it the most. I can feel it ...as in i can actually feel my hip bones but I have trouble seeing it too... I really noticed the difference yesterday though...I went dress shopping for a wedding and out of habit I found myself heading to the woman's section and pulling out stretchy dresses sizes 18W and up...and none of them fit. To my amazement when i went down to the department with the regular size clothes and the big dress sale I grabbed about 6 dresses...the largest of which was a size 16 and they all fit in some fashion...they weren't perfect but they all zipped with ease...but even with all of that even today I still have trouble actually seeing the difference...probably cause I see me every day.
  • I was thinking more on this. I went to pick the kids up from day care on Friday, and on the drive in had been thinking about the people who see me MOST, myself, Matt, Debbie my daycare person, and how it's harder for those who see us daily to notice. Her hubby works out of state sometimes for months at a time, and was home on Friday, he says, "Wow! You've lost ALOT of weight"! Debbie was embaressed that she hadn't noticed until I explained she hadn't because she sees me 5 days a week, not counting when we run into each other out shopping etc. And frankly, the weather has been so weird here, I've been wearing alot of oversized hoodies and yoga pants, the hoodies come down over my thighs and the yoga pants are flared, so unless you're looking you wouldn't notice. I still have a hard time seeing parts of myself as they truly truly are, that's why I am SUCH a big fan of advising people to measure themselves, monthly, take pictures, monthly. I personally, do nudes<nothing pervy, just front, side and back shots>, as well as clothed. I use a tank top with shelf bra and yoga pants, the same pair every month, it's not flattering, but I can see all the rolls and skin folds and it helps me truly see the difference as they change and go away.
  • I tend to be able to notice when I lose weight right away because of where I gain it and then lose it. I gain ALL of my weight in my butt, thighs and waist, so when I lose weight it come strait out of those places and since they are concentrated areas rather than spread out all over my body a little bit of weight makes a big difference. I mainly notice how my jeans fit or flat my tummy is in a shirt and those differences are so rewarding! But it is also a two way street so if I have a bad day or two I know it right away and get a a little depressed. Now when I feel a little sad reading all the motivational advice on this site with such wonderful people makes me realize that we all have ups and downs and you can't let the downs stop you from having more ups!
  • Yeah, I feel it right away, too. Especially in my belly. One or two pounds makes a difference in how well my clothes fit. You would think I would be more motivated...
  • well, most of my weight I gain in my waist. (I'm kinda more of an apple than a pear) When I lose weight, I don't notice in the mirror or in feeling bones or anything like that. I notice in the whether or not my jeans are painfully cutting into my stomach. If they are not, I know I have lost weight....

    My problem with clothes is that anything that fits my waist, is too big everywhere else, and anything that fits me everywhere else is too tight in the waist. Thats why I tend to wear elastic waist clothes alot, but I do have 4 or 5 pairs of jeans that are kinda stretchy, probably 5% spandex or something, which, IMO, are great because the jeans that fit me everywhere, also have waistbands with a little give in them.... Spandex is a wonderful thing....
  • Spandex is magic. I also used to love winter when I lived in Alaska, I wore pantyhose, everyday, at first for the insulation under my clothes, but privately, because I love the "magical" properties of pantyhose.