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One specific memory I have is regarding my jeans, they would always wear at the inside seams of my thighs and I thought it was because I did so much horse back riding (every day, sometimes twice a day I would ride), when I commented on this one time it was pointed out (very gently) that it wasn't from all the riding, it was actually from my thighs rubbing together when I walked, I was devastated when I realized she was right!

A younger childhood memory I have was sort of "eating in secret" with my dad. My mom was the healthy one, she made good dinners and didn't keep any junk food in the house. But when my dad took his daily trip to the gas station down the street and I went with him he would buy me soda, candy, chips or other treats. I specifically remember getting reeses peanut butter cups or those bright pink pickled sausages in the big jar at the register. I thought it was so great getting these "treats" but I would still feel bad and not tell my mom everything I ate because I knew she wanted us all to eat so healthy. This still carries over into today, I do my worst eating when no one else is around and I still will hide the wrappers and things under other stuff in the garbage. I'm proud to say it doesn't happen much anymore but I still have a relapse every now and then.

In general my weight wasn't much of an issue because I was never really "obese" until college, I was just a bit "hefty." My dad never commented once on my weight, and my mom didn't really either but she was always supportive and gentle if I happened to comment on my weight. Nowadays I'm trying to be like my mom, she is still a very healthy eater, consuming very little processed foods and at a healthy weight of 130 for her 59 years of age. I hope I can be like her now as well as when I'm her age!

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My sister and I were thin up until college. Even in college, I really wasn't that overweight. I wasn't until I was into my 30's that I started to have an overweight BMI. Despite that, I remember looking at myself in junior high and thinking I was fat. I wore a lot of baggy clothes in high school to try to disguise how "fat" I was. My freshman year of college was one long year of dieting and binging. My roommate was even more obsessed with her weight tha I was with mine and it didn't have a positive effect on me. After that year, I gave up on trying to lose weight

As kids, my mom was a fanatic about my sister and I eating whatever she prepared for dinner. Nobody got special meals. As a result, we were very unfussy eaters and we both ate A LOT. People were always telling my parents what "good eaters" we were. When I ate over at friends houses, I never felt like I got enough to eat and their parents were always shocked at the amount of food I consumed. But it was considered a good; my friends parents would compliment my parents on having raised such "good eaters." Talk about encouraging a portion control problem later in life....

In high school, my friends and I were always trying to lose wieght. I never ate breakfast because I couldn't waste the time on it (the morning hair and makeup routine took a couple of hours). Freshman year, for lunch, we always had one envelope of french fries, a diet soda, and a Twix bar. I remember the lunchroom ladies would really stuff those envelopes full of fries, I think because they knew it was all we were eating.

After that, it got worse. I know there were many days when I did not eat breakfast or lunch. Then, when my sister and I would get home from school, we would inhale massive amounts of junk food. I think ice cream and peanut butter was a favorite treat. Once I think we ate most of a 9x13 sheet cake. We would laugh about being able to eat such huge quantities of food but looking back I realize it is because we were starving. My mom did insist on dinner every night, so I think that was at least semi-healthy (although nothing compared to what I eat now).

Then there were all the crazy diets my freshman year of college. At the end of that year, my mom died and I lost interest in food. For that entire summer, about all I ate every day was a bowl of cereal in morning (at least I was eating breakfast). I was also working really long days lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons--nothing like catching kids jumping from a diving board to get your legs in shape, so I did lose a lot of weight. But looking back I can see that I was completely overwhelmed with grief and how unhealthy my eating habits (or lack thereof) were.

I do give my mom a lot of credit for never suggesting that I needed to lose weight. I don't know why I had such body image issues, but it wasn't from her. She was never anything but supportive. Some of my friends parents hassled them about their weight and it has really damaged their relationships.
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My family had unlimited access to some of the best beef in the world and it showed in our diets. I was eating a full porterhouse as a supper by age 10.

I always ate a lot. I ate more than my slender sister and rail-thin dad. I ate more than my mom. I could put away more food than the three of them by junior high.

I guzzled pop and ate anything. Was never a picky eater.

I was bigger than my other family members and bigger than most of the kids in my classes, etc. However, I wasn't crazy-round-obese, I was able to participate and do well in sports, etc. I was a big guy, but I didn't really give a hoot.

Same in high school. I was still dating the "creme de la creme" in terms of looks and didn't really feel out of place. Same in college. Why would I worry about my size when I was shacking up with a beauty queen and functioning without limitation? No one was staring at me and things were going well. I could have my cake and it eat it, too. And then have seconds.

Then, the worm turned about the time I hit 30.

The funny thing is that I always knew I ate way too much and indiscriminately and I knew that was the reason behind my size and eventual growth.

No deeply-held food issues here. It was more that I just didn't really care about being bigger-than-average until I reached a personal sort of breaking point.

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