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Default Planning for Friday Jan 5

Today was another good day - I did have a couple cookies but it was after donating blood so that is okay in my books. Lets make it 5 days in a row!

B- cran'raspberry protein juice; 2 mini bagel's with light cream cheese and sliced tomato; 3oz scramble egg white (336 cals)
S- apple/pear; yogurt (90 cals)
L- slim fast chocolatey cookie dough meal bar; 1.5 cups salad with some green pepper and cucumber and 1tbsp lwo fat balsamic vinairgrette; slice of cheese (322 cals)
S- fruit soure and tea (130 cals)
D- turkey burger on whole wheat bun with a bit of miracle whip; fried (in light butter) corn/mushrooms/onion/red pepper/green pepper (this is my fav!!) (537 cals)
W- 4-5L
E- 60min on e. bike first thing in am
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I did pretty good today as well. I changed up my meals a bit because I made some "cupcakes" - healthy banana bread made into muffins with fat free cream cheese mixed with splenda as icing... Yum yum. Pretty healthy.

For tomorrow:

1. 2 banana bread muffins
2. egg white omelette /w spinach, mushrooms and onions, 2 slices turkey bacon, .5 cup cottage cheese
3. black beans and brown rice
4. 2 banana bread muffins
5. medium sweet potato, cottage cheese /w 1 cup strawberries
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I have a fancy girl's night out planned for Friday night - I have been looking forward to it for ages. It will be my "treat" night this week, then back on track on Saturday.

B - scrambled egg whites, salsa, spinach leaves, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

S - 4.4 oz fresh blueberries

L - salad from the salad bar downstairs - romaine, tomatoes, probably chicken, carrots, peas, mushrooms, sesame seeds, dressing on the side.

S - tangelo

S - cut up veggies - baby carrots, grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, orange pepper strips

D - Dinner at Seastar restaurant. I'm sure there will be bread, wine and coffee and cream. I plan to have either:

Grilled Peppered Scallops with Tangerine Rice
Diver Scallops are seasoned with cracked peppercorns and grilled over applewood, served on braised spinach with navel orange and honey beurre blanc.

Grilled Portabella with Creamed Spinach
Herb grilled portabella mushroom, atop creamed spinach, and Giuseppe crouton, with oven roasted tomato concasse and balsamic reduction.

California Hamachi Yellowtail Jack
Yellowtail fillet seasoned with roasted chilies, grilled over hardwood, served on a roasted green chili masa cake, with tortilla sauce, avocado puree and salsa fresca.

For dessert, the three of us have already agreed on this!

Molten Chocolate Turtle Cake
Warm oozing chocolate-caramel-pecan cake, with caramel sauce, and whipped cream, and dulce de leche ice cream.
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sakuya3834 - those muffins sound really yummy, do you mind sharing the recipe?

I hope no one minds if i join in and start planning my meals on here as well? well i hope not because im gonna do it anyways

B-fat free tortilla with scrambled egg whites, mushrooms, onions and salsa
S-30g 4%fat cheese and some chopped veggies (brocolli, cauliflower and cherry tomatos)
L-roast chicken sandwich on ww bread w/honey mustard, 1/2 cup thawed mixed frozen fruit
S-jello fat free pudding cup
D-chicken breast cooked on the GFG, 1/2 cup of rice and some mixed veggies
S- mini bag of popcorn
hope to drink about 3L of water and go for a walk (about 3km)
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My banana muffins were:

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (6 tbsp in my powder) (I know there is some controversy about cooking protein powder, but I've seen nothing but debating about it so eh)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 c splenda
3 small bananas
2 tbsp vanilla yogurt
3 tbsp light vanilla soy milk
1 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
cinnamon to taste

Icing: 7 oz ff cream cheese
splenda and cinnamon to taste

I mixed together the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Mashed the bananas and mixed them with wet ingredients in another bowl.

Combined the wet with the dry and made it into individual muffins. It made 7 large ones for me.

350*F for 30 minutes did it for me.

For the icing, beat room temperature cream cheese with splenda and cinnamon to taste. I like to ice them as soon as they come out of the oven so it melts a little and spreads easier.

My husband loved them as well.

For my muffins, the nutritional info was:
Calories: 159
Carbs: 28g
Fat: 1g
Protein: 11g
Fiber: 3g

The nutritional info will vary depending on what protein powder, milk, and yogurt someone would use though, and also the size of the bananas.
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wow, thanks they sound really really good, im going to have to pick up the stuff to make them next time i go to the grocery store!
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This is the thread I was looking for! I had posted my entire week's dinner menu to another thread because I couldn't find this one. Hello, all!

I did pretty well today, too. I'm focusing on vegetables/fruits, lean meats and dairy, getting in at least some whole grains, limiting bread & junk food. But my diet allows anything, so what you see here isn't cheating.

B: oatmeal, banana smoothie (banana and 1% milk blended together)
L: Middle Eastern dish of lentils, spinach, potatoes, onions, cilantro, lemon juice, spices; 1 can Pepsi (yup, the kind with the sugar and caffeine)
S (throughout the workday): 4 lifesavers, 1 creamsaver, water
D: broccoli & cheese sauce (hey, it's only 150 cal for the whole box). Water. Was going to have a baked potato, but I opened it and it had a huge brown rot spot, so I threw it out. Was also going to have a few slices of London broil, but haven't wanted it yet. Maybe because I also had... cheesecake. Like I said, anything's allowed. I'd made it for the holidays and decided to finish it off slowly. This was the last piece.

If I get hungry later, I can always have the London broil or a container of yogurt, but I'm actually rather distressed and not wanting to eat.

I should still get in some exercise. Maybe tonight's the night to break out one of my videos.

Planning for Friday:
B: oatmeal and mango smoothie
L: probably the London broil and some butternut squash soup and an apple
S: the workday usual of Lifesavers (bad office air makes my throat sore) and water
D: tofu stirfry (tofu, onions, peppers, carrots, celery, bok choy, bean sprouts, soy sauce blend) over rice
S: considering baking some oatmeal raisin cookies, if I can find a light recipe that doesn't use artificial sweeteners

That was good! Now I won't dither about what to have and then go get something bad.
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I'm pretty mad at myself today. I ate the food that drug vendors brought in, rather than sticking to my diet. and I know that tomorrow night, my friends will want to go out.

breakfast - yoplait yogurt smoothie
snack - 100 cal sun chips
lunch - campbell's soup at hand chicken & stars
dinner - possibly some naked tenders from buffalo wild wings. but i refuse to drink any beer. i am so angry at myself right now.
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Yesterday went very well. Hoping today goes the same.

That recipe looks great. I think I'll be making those soon.

B-1 C. raisin bran w/ 1/2 C. ff milk
L-turkey wrap with veggies and cream cheese
D-chicken stir fry with peanut sauce and lots of veggies

E-either a turbokick workout or a run.
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Here we go again...
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Originally Posted by eightbitgirl View Post
i am so angry at myself right now.
This is easier said than done, but don't be mad at yourself. The mind is a dangerous thing if you let it run amok like that. It was one slip up - no worries. Keep at it. Pick yourself up and restart. You can do it and you will make today/tomorrow a good day. It's like Stuart Smiley from SNL and his daily affirmations. Hey, there's some truth to it!

My planning:

B - hogged on pb. Eh. 3 tbsp pb + 2 slices whole grain white bread (didn't know this even existed but ok) + 1 cup skim milk + 1/2 tbsp chocolate powder + 1 apple = big breffix of 545 cals.

S - *if* I'm hungry, that pb usually does the trick. 1/4 cup Craisins (130 cals)

L - Lettuce + 2 tbsps dressing + 4 oz gouda cheese. Excluding lettuce and guesstimating cheese, I'd say total cals here 160...

S - banana (100 cals)

Evening walk of 4 miles. Alternating jogging with walking and if I'm in the mood, some sprints.

S - banana (100 cals)

D -2 small sized chicken 'meat'balls (no red meat) + 1 serving of spaghetti + a side salad. This is a total guesstimate, so maybe 500 cals?

Total for the day: 1535. Not bad.
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sunnigummi - that's the kind of bread I use. My bf refuses to eat whole wheat bread (well, any brown bread for that matter) so I'm hoping this one is a little bit healthier than regular white.

haven't been following my planning at all. I must today because I think I used up all of my flex points already (and it's only day 3 of weight watchers )

b - turkey wrap

l - 1/2 chicken sandwhich from zaxby's (not the greatest, but it's leftovers), apple smeared w/ peanut butter

d - have no idea, taking my bf to the doctor so I'm sure it'll be fast food but I'll order a salad or something healthy
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Breakfast - steel cut oats, raisins, fat free natural yoghurt

Snack - red pepper strips

Lunch - red lentil bake, 3 x kiwi fruit, handful roasted no salt cashews

Snack - apple

Dinner - swiss steak w/cabbage

Water - 2 liters+

Exercise - none today
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