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Default Can't work out, ack!

I am in the process of moving (just across town, but still) and I'm finding it really hard to get exercise in and eat according to my usual routine (1-2 workout sessions per day and 5-6 small healthy meals). I love my routine, it's working -- but I have SO MUCH TO DO I just can't seem to find the time to prepare meals, shop, and so forth. Also - trying to clear out the kitchen as well, so buying fresh foods and such is just well, I guess maybe I'm lazy but I don't want to make more work than I need to.

I haven't been eating junk or anything, but I've not been eating as well as I would normally. If anything, I am not getting enough food throughout the day as I'm running around. Lunch today was a grilled chicken sandwich from Arbys -- it's been about three months since I've done the fast food thing but trying not to feel bad about it, I needed to eat! lol

I've been scrubbing, lifting, packing, running errands, carting boxes, loading, unloading, etc. etc. Do you think it's ok to just call it good on the exercise bit for now? I workout from home and I don't even have the space to do any sort of exercise, literally. Box explosion going on. Plus, I'm physically exhausted. Whew! lol

I guess I just feel guilty and annoyed. Am I just making excuses, or is it ok to just say hey -- there are times when we won't be able to be perfect, and not being in the routine isn't the same thing as failing the plan.

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Sometimes its hard to give all of one's focus to more than one thing, and when you need to move out of your place, that has got to be the priority. You will only be a few weeks behind at most on reaching your ultimate goal yet you will retain your sanity in the process. You have to be flexible in life or you could get very stressed, which also isn't healthy. I would say when your always in a situation where you find it hard to exercise and eat OP, then you have no choice but to find a way and make it work any way possible. However, when you are in a temporary and understandably stressful and busy situation, I would go easy and just focus on that without getting too far away from the Plan. In other words, just seek to maintain your current weight right now and dont go crazy and re-gain, and when you're all moved in, you immediately pick up where you left off with your weightloss plan. Good luck in your new place.
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I hate having my routine disrupted.

But, the good thing is that this is temporary. Just do what you can, and soon enough you'll be back to your routine.
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