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Default Women's Health Issue: FDA Approves Cervical Cancer Vaccine

I know this is not weight related necessarily, but I think it is important to bring up, since nearly all 3FC'ers are women...

I think this is an important breakthrough in women's health. This vaccine will help prevent HPV, especially the strains that cause cervical cancer. I'm hoping that all women will go to their obgyn and get the vaccine. Here is the article:


I'd also like to say something about annual exams. I know some women don't like the thought of getting their annual Pap tests. I agree, it's not fun at all, but that 30 seconds you are laying on the table with your feet in the stirrups could one day save your life. The pap test is just a diagnostic tool to find out if you may have a deeper problem with your cervix. Putting off your annual Pap only increases your chances of getting cervical cancer. The good thing about cervical cancer (if there IS a good thing) is that it is a slow growing cancer that can be successfully treated when caught early.

I know first hand how important pap tests are. I am in a high risk category for developing cervical cancer, so I have a pap test and/or a colposcopy every three months. That way, if I do develop cancer cells, it will be caught early and treated with more success. I just recently had another biopsy of my cervix done, with everything looking normal. I will go back in October for another test. In the meanwhile, my gyn has put me on a daily regiment of taking folic acid and keeping my immune system healthy.

If you haven't had your annual pelvic exam and pap test, call your doctor and schedule one TODAY!!

Okay, off my now!
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You could call your midwife, too. : )
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