Dr. Phil and 700 Pound Woman

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  • I just saw on Dr. Phil that "all during May" (whatever that means) he will be having on a 700 pound woman who blames gaining 400 pounds on getting a spider bite. Someone had also mentioned this upcoming show/s to me. I thought it sounded interesting and I think I will watch for it. Just thought others of you might like to know about it also.
  • Dr. Phil weight loss

    He has not done much on weight loss recently. I have mixed feeings about his program since I watched the imagery series he suggests will be helpful.My friend bought the entire package at a cost of around $60-$70 dollars and they did not hep her. I wasn't impressed with them either.

    Then there is all the legal stuff about his supplements and bars which resulted in some law suits to my knowledge.

    I will watch in May though .Maybe I will return to being a fan of his. Thanks for the tip.

  • Hi Sheridan

    I've never been a fan either... in fact I have never actually watched an entire program of his. But I thought this one would be worth watching for.
  • I watched faithfully for a while, but then decided to reduce the hours of tv that I watch every day and his show didn't make the cut. The first Weight Loss Challenge had a very large woman named Angela that I thought probably had some sort of endocrine disorder...I always wondered if they had tested her for an underlying conditon before badgering her to "get real".
  • Well I have to admit I don't believe this woman gained 400 pounds because of a spider bite, either. But I can sure see what you mean about his badgering. Last night I watched a bit because it sounded interesting because it was supposed to be about people with the "I Love Me" thinking and constantly seek attention. But what it was really about was a family bickering non-stop. Now I know why I don't watch his program.
  • I'm interested in this episode too. I don't watch his show on a regular basis but occasionaly a topic seems interesting. I'd like to see what the "spider bite" story is
  • The episode is called "Big Burden" and is on Thursday night, 4/27. You can get more info (a little bit, not much) at Dr. Phil's website.
  • I tune in every now and then, and will probably check out tomorrow's episode. I'm most interested in how it will be handled. If she needs her feet held to the fire, I hope he does that. If she's in need of compassion, I hope he offers that. What concerns me is if the session(s) she has with him were/are helpful or exploitative and sensationalized for ratings.

    I'm not happy that Entertainment Tonight is going to be doing a segment about her appearance on Dr. Phil's show. Regardless of why she's 700+ pounds (whether she's blaming a spider bite (oh, pul-ease) or whether she has a medical condition or she's just plain manipulative), I don't like the idea of her story being used as "Entertainment".

    It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  • I agree, Lena. It will undoubtedly be exploited and used to make a buck! I admit I do plan to tune it in, though!! I will be very surprised if it is not sensationalized for ratings.
  • I liked Dr Phil in the beginning, he seemed to not be the "typical" talk show host... however, around the time of his first weight loss special I quit watching because he was too psycho for my likes.

    I worry that this woman will be exploited. I don't buy the spider bite thing, but I don't think she needs to be televised to the world so they can make fun of her. I hope she gets something out of this, something to better her quality of life.
  • I see your point, I think the spider bite is nonsense. but...
    If she didn't want to be there she wouldn't have, I think this woman is crying out for help as her family is. Dr phil is a no-nonsense kinda guy. He says it like it is, no candy-coated poo poor you attitude.His fave saying is "get real"
    I don't however agree that anyone should be making fun of this woman.She needs some major help. I hope like you that she gets something out of being on his show.
    IMHO I think the family needs major therapy as this they have to stop bringing her food! She can't get it herself or was I missing something? They need some guidence on nutrition to help her lose enough weight that she too can have come therapy.
  • I think some of this show will be focusing on her weight but also on her manipulating and controlling her family and how her family reacts to the situation too.

    I'm hoping Dr. Phil will help them but I don't like the idea of the entertainment tonight excerpt. I find that show trashy and full of celebrity gossip - it's a tabloid show that I feel will be exploiting this woman's situation, but then again if she agreed to it
  • Actually, last night I was surfing through the channels and I caught some show on Discovery Health Channel where an overweight man was bitten by a spider and it caused "lymphedema" in his leg. His one leg retained large amounts of lymphatic fluid and became extremely swollen. The one leg weighed over 250 lbs. It was a very interesting segment and I wondered if it is related to what will be on the Dr. Phil show.
  • That is interesting, Tammy.

    I just saw the "preview" of the woman who will be on tomorrow night. From what I have seen in this case, this woman pretty much just sat in her bed and let people bring food to her. But will be interesting to see what the show says.

    Dr. Phil is interviewing an overweight woman right now... she is so unhappy. Makes me just want to reach out and hug her and tell her about 3FC!!!
  • Aye, this episode is coming on right now ~ for us Central Time zoners that is!! I'm definitely tuning in!!!