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Brit Chick
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I weigh myself every morning before I get dressed. :
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I weigh myself every morning. I just have to remember that it is normal to fluctuate a bit.
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~sexy chicka~
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I usually weigh 2x a week - Saturday and Sunday morning - after going the bathroom (at least once) and before getting dressed. If I can't spend at least 45 minutes between getting up and weighing myself, then I skip that day.

I weigh Saturday AND Sunday to verify it as a true weight loss and not a water/salt/hormone fluctuation. I sometimes weigh during TOM - and sometimes not. If I do weigh in TOM, I don't really count it - just note it as I go along.

As for the type of scale question, I use an analog homedics one from Bonton. I tried 5 different digital scales because I wanted precision and reliablility. I got 1 out of 2, it was precisely UNRELIABLE. Everytime I stepped on it (I tried like 10 times in 10 minutes) - it read a different weight - up to 3-5 pounds different. Didn't matter which digital scale - they were ALL like that.

So I went back to my reliable analog. And I make by bf read the numbers, so I don't have to try to shift to read them. It keeps me honest
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hara hachi bu
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I weigh once a week at my TOPS meeting. I also write the weight down and graph my weekly progress in Excel. Oh, and I always try to eliminate variables by eating breakfast and lunch (but not dinner) and drinking half of my daily water before weighing in, so I know it's always roughly the same each week.

The Hacker's Diet suggests that, if you weigh yourself daily, graph it so you can see the trend and notice the variance and daily fluctuations.

I sometimes step on the scale at home mid-week just to see how I'm doing.
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once in the morning and right before bed (because I almost always weigh 2 lbs more at night)

oh, and if I have a big bad craving then I pop on the scales to remind myself of why I don't need it

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I am have OCD when it comes to my scale I weigh myself every morning after I pee in my birthday suit. I take any jewelry off and I comb my hair getting broken hairs out. Now, I know I know, loose hairs aren't going to affect my weight, but like I said, OCD! Oh, and with the after shower thing - my hair comes down to my mid- to lower-back, and I have a lot of it, so, with that said, I have never weighed myself post-shower.

The key is (or so I have been told) is to just be consistent. If you weigh yourself naked, always do; if you weigh with clothes on, always do; weigh yourself at the same time(s) of day, etc. etc. I like to weigh myself every morning cause, like others have said, it makes me think, "you're going to have to weigh in tomorrow, do you really want to eat all those salty chips?"
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I weigh myself twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. If I have a really bad day, then I'll weigh myself more. Just because I constantly am trying to keep myself in check.
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