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Default Fatter Than Ever (from SF Chronicle)

This was a front page story in today's San Francisco Chronicle.

Despite alarms over childhood obesity, California's kids are packing on the pounds

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I think kids definitely don't get enough exercise and there is far too much junk food around. I am only in my early 30's, but as a kid we only had soda once a week, and snacks were parsed out sparingly by my mother. We rode bikes and roller skates, ran around, swam. [I did not gain a lot of weight until I was in college and my depression kicked in full force.]
Taking the vending machines out of schools is one good step, I think, but parents need to limit computer/TV/video game time and get kids moving, too. I agree with the dude in the article that said kids need to get more exercise.
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So many families are duel working parent families...or families with single parents it is hard for them to have the time to get their kids moving during the week!
A lot of kids go home and have to stay indoors for safety reasons until their parent or parents arrive home. I really feel for the kids and the parents in that situation...it is hard on all of them!!
I remember when we were in school...all the way through high school, that P.E. was required...every day!!! Even if it was raining we had square dancing or basketball in the cafeteria...
Now in CA it is only mandatory to take 1 year of high school p.e.
I have friends who have children in public schools and they very rarely have p.e. periods. Also she states that many kids bring game boy type devices to school and at lunch time and recess they are busy playing those type of games!
So I feel it is a combined effort...schools and parents both have to get kids more active!!
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It's not just California--Mississippi tops all states with the highest obesity rate.


As a country, we're getting bigger and unhealthier. It's insane, but it's our lifestyles. Video games, computers, tv, movies--none of them involve any physical activity (no, typing and pressing game controller buttons doesn't count ). And of course, as we all well know, exercise is only half the battle. When they find a way to package fast, easy meals to make at home without all the extra sodium and calories, we might be in business, since I think it's today's rushed way of life that has us eating out and eating on the go more often than not.
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how will a fat out of shape nation be able to defend herself. Lets start taking care of ourselves people. I watched in sorrow at hurricane Katrina there were so many obese
people. we can win this battle one kitchen at a time.
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