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Default Intermittent Fasting starting to go mainstream

I've struggled with my weight since I was a child, and after decades of trying different things found that a form of IF is the only approach that has been truly sustainable for me. I'm really glad that it's starting to get some mainstream press, or an article in HuffPo at any rate.

I hadn't heard it called the "CEO's diet" before, but I can see how that would work for folks who need to eat a lot of business dinners. My form of IF is OMAD (one meal a day, which I got to by slowly shrinking my eating window) and like the CEOs, one aspect of it that I enjoy is that I can eat out for dinner... and hey, I'm still on plan! =) My husband uses an 8 hour window so he effectively eats lunch and dinner.

The article quotes a professor at the end, "There’s a lot of science behind it, and the science is only increasing.” The apparent benefits are almost mind-boggling (you can google them yourself or drop by our IF/OMAD thread), but I do it because it works, it fits my lifestyle, and maintaining my weight no longer s*cks the way it did when I used to eat 3 "meals" and sometimes "snacks" counting calories.

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The smaller eating window is something I've been recently trying. I was always one who ate breakfast within an hour of waking and then I'd be starving again within an hour or two and wanting to eat again. Then I would feel I was eating too much and not wanting to eat a larger meal so I would graze all day. By waiting to eat now, I find I am eating two regular size meals. At the end of the day, if I roughly calculate the calorie intake, I'm eating far less than when I grazed and I'm more satisfied since I can eat two good meals.

It has taken a little getting used to since I was used to eating so early. I am slowly shrinking the window.
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An interesting article! I started 5:2 at the end of January, and lost 14lbs in 7 weeks, which I found impressive, given that I'd already been losing weight on ordinary calorie counting and carb monitoring.
I'm interested in the health benefits beyond weightloss. In particular related to T2 diabetes, and raised cholesterol ~ I get the HbA1c tests at the end of the month, I'll feed back if the numbers are good!
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Thanks for this post. I've been struggling with binging for years now. I can eat non-stop, and it's not healthy. I've been wanting to try IF for a while now. I've got tomorrow (mostly) off, so I think I'll give it a go!
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Good luck Earthworm.

It has helped me with binge eating.
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try keto
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When it comes to losing weight and body fat, intermittent fasting is just as successful as typical calorie restriction techniques. In comparison to more conventional weight loss strategies like calorie restriction, it might also be simpler to maintain. Every month or with the start of a new season, fast is a 3-day fast.
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