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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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I wanted to throw in that I wasn't really trying to bring up an old argument; I honestly forgot this was old before I hit the "post reply" button, hahaha. Whoops!
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I missed this post the first time around (sometimes the "new posts" page flies with new entries, other days it drags!).

I think that model mannequin looks pretty good! I wouldn't mind looking that good in that get up she has on! It doesn't do me any good to see a dress available in a size 0-16 modeled on a stick figure (literally for a mannequin, not insulting a small size person) if I can't see where the dress might "hang" on a real human woman regardless of size.

I think I'm finally out of the Lane Bryant era of my life (I hope) but I always appreciated their website showing their clothes on a larger woman (it was probably a 14-16, who am I kidding). They at least don't pretend that their website doesn't sell clothes for bigger women.

Speaking of that, I read a magazine snippet yesterday where the model (about 40 years old and probably a size 8) had on a beautiful dress. It actually made me want to buy the dress it looked that good. So then the article said "turn the page to see 2 more models and ideas for accessories". The 2nd model was a younger girl wearing the dress (probably a size 2-4) looking gorgeous and the 3rd model was probably 30 but overweight (probably an 18-20) and this dress did nothing for her. The 3rd model wrecked this dress for me as it was a real depiction of what it looked like in person on someone built like me. If this article had only shown the first model in this dress, it would have been something I tried to find in the store. Now I have no desire to see myself in it as I feel like I already did. And it wasn't pretty.
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I just wonder if the mannequin had been made with rolls or a bulge at her thighs could that posibly be just as offensive, some might say that not all larger frame woman have large stomachs or thighs that touch. I think we r all created differently both mentally and physically so what offends one is embraced by another and that is what makes this world great we r all different . I think the larger size mannequin is great there is no way to make a size 12 mannequin to represent what all 12's look like
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What I find a bit odd about the article was the concern that the size 12 manikin would somehow encourage obesity (when the manikin is clearly not obese, and considering the muscle-definition, possibly not even overweight). Where was the concern that the size 0-2 would promote anorexia? We're going to all think obesity is great, because of a non-obese appearing, size 12 manikin? I'm just offended by the implicit expectation of stupidity and inability for logical thought. I'm going to want to stay 160 lbs overweight, because of a store manikin I'd have to lose nearly 150 lbs to resemble? Sure, ok.

I don't expect to ever look like either model, because..... well, because I have a brain and know I probably will never have perky boobs or a flat stomach. Even with no more loose skin I have now, I can foresee that at my goal weight, my skin is going to be several sizes too big. I'm going to look like a hairless, pink, flying squirrel. Even I don't want to see THAT manikin.
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i'm still shocked this is even a topic? lol. I don't know why it matters what a mannequin looks like, they're simply there to display the clothing and draw your eye to certain items (usually ones with a higher price tag ). No one actually looks like a mannequin, even a size zero, which come in all shapes and sizes!

I've also found it's mostly women that get in an uproar about mannequin sizes. lol. To me it all seems so silly. No piece of plastic should make you take a second look at yourself or another human being. Leave this conversation for the mannequins to have amongst themselves!
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